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Britt Hysen

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Britt Hysen is the creator of MiLLENiAL Magazine, a millennial-inspired magazine and blog that reflects a millennial mindset. Hysens blogs and articles are driven by globally-connected, entrepreneurial, socially conscious, and experience-driven individuals. Hysen set herself apart in the journalistic world by reporting on the youth of the world. Some of her reports cover Burning Man, Occupy, and Wall Street. When... read full bio

Britt Michaelian

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Britt Michaelian is well versed in many fields. She is an artist, art therapist, author, consultant, marketing strategist, keynote speaker, social media correspondent, podcaster, and more. One of her top duties, however, is as a mother (and wife). Michaelian uses her skills regularly to help a unique group of people implement strategy to improve their businesses. Most recently, Michaelian has... read full bio

Brittany Fowler-Lamp

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Brittany Fowler-Lamp is a digital content strategist. Specializing in influencer marketing, social media strategy, and branding, Fowler-Lamp has contributed to a variety of brands. Acting as a driving force and main point of contact for brand strategy and PR, this content specialist has worked for companies like DITA EYEWEAR, Beach House PR + SOCIAL, L*Speace Swimwear, and Kiere Media, LLC.... read full bio

Bryan Seely

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Bryan Seely is an international keynote speaker, world-famous hacker, Cybersecurity expert, author and former U.S. Marine. Seely became one of the most famous hackers in 2014 when he became the only person to ever wiretap the United States Secret Service and FBI. Shockingly he told the two agencies before he was caught, and instead of being sent to maximum security... read full bio


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Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau is an esports player who plays League of Legends as a Top Laner for team Fnatic. Bwipo was born in Bruges, Belgium, and he began his career playing League of Legends when he was only 13 years old. Bwipo began playing League of Legends just for fun with his older brother, Raphael Rau, as well as some... read full bio

Camille Francois

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Camille Francois has been a fellow in New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative and her research focuses on cyber peace and the intersection of human rights, cybersecurity and cyber operations. Francois has severed as the Research and Analysis Director at Graphika and has previously been the Principal Researcher at Jigsaw. She has also advised governments and parliamentary committees on policy issues related... read full bio

Carlos Gil

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Carlos Gil is an expert in B2B and B2C social media marketing. As a start-up founder, brand marketing executive, and public speaker, Gil gives notable speeches at venues worldwide about successful brand strategies. Prior to his work as the Global Head of Social Media for BMC Software, Gil was the Social Media Manager for Winn-Dixie and Head of Digital Marketing... read full bio

Casey Neistat

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Casey Owen Neistat is a film director, producer and creator of popular YouTube videos. Casey, who got his start working as a dish washer, is a self-taught filmmaker and discovered his passion for making movies with a friend. Neistat attained commercial success with the HBO series The Neistat Brothers and indie film Daddy Longlegs. With ten years of experience in... read full bio

Caspar Lee

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Caspar Lee is a British-South African YouTube personality, actor, and entrepreneur from Knysna, South Africa. Lee gained fame through YouTube where he currently has nearly 8 million subscribers and nearly 900 million video views. Lee is known for his videos where he comically interviews celebrities such as Liam Payne, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, and more. Lee was born in London,... read full bio

Charli D'Amelio

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Charli D’Amelio is an American social media personality and dancer who gained fame through the video-sharing app TikTok, where she began posting various dance videos to different popular songs. D’Amelio was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, and she is the daughter of Marc and Heidi D’Amelio and is the sister of Dixie D’Amelio. She began dancing at only 3 years old... read full bio

Chella Man

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Chella Man is a deaf, genderqueer artist, model, and activist. Chella has gained significant attention after his personal documentation of Chella’s experience in gender transition. Chella has gained over 225 thousand subscribers and has gained over 2.5 million views on the documentation of his one year mark. Growing up deaf, genderqueer, Chinese and Jewish, Chella found that he didn’t have... read full bio

Chris Hughes

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The office for Chris Hughes has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Christopher Penn

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Christopher Penn is the Vice President of Markting at a public relations firm called Shift Communications. He is also the co-founder of PodCamp New Media Community Conference. AND he is the co-host of the marketing Over Coffee Podcast. This busy man is very skilled at internet marketing and he is the lead subject matter expert and professor of Advanced Social... read full bio

Cliff Ravenscraft

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Cliff Ravenscraft is the founder of GSPN.TV, or the Generally Speaking Production Network. Ravenscraft has produced over 3,200 podcast episodes since creating his production network, focusing on topics such as family, faith, fitness, and technology. Ravenscraft has helped a variety of individuals and organizations launch successful podcasting ventures through his own personal coaching and consulting firm at and with... read full bio

Colleen Ballinger

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Colleen Ballinger is a comedian, actress, and singer. She also has a well-known YouTube personality called ‘Miranda Sings’, a creative alter ego. Ballinger has created three different YouTube channels for herself, ‘PsychoSoprano’, ‘Colleen Vlogs’, and ‘Miranda Sings’. Her channels have millions of subscribers; ‘Miranda Sings’ alone has 8 million subscribers. Apart from YouTube, Ballinger has appeared as an actress on... read full bio

Collins Key

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Collins Key has achieved what no other magician has ever done- let alone at 17 years of age. Not only did he change the game in the way magic is presented on America’s Got Talent and set a new standard for amazement, but he was the very first magician to make it to the final round in eight seasons. As... read full bio


Book Crowder for your next event.

James Crowder, better known as just Crowder, is an American Call of Duty esports player who is currently the head coach for the team Atlanta FaZe. Crowder began playing Call of Duty playing for the team aDversity and since then has gone on to play for teams such as vVv Gaming, FaZe Clan, FaZe Red, Denial Esports, Orbit eSport, Luminosity... read full bio

Dan and Phil

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Dan Howell and Phil Lester better known, as Dan and Phil are video bloggers, YouTubers, and radio personalities. They are better know as the hosts of the BBC Radio 1 show also known as The Dan and Phil Show, and The Radio 1 Request Show with Dan and Phil. Dan and Phil have hosted the Brit Awards, They participated in... read full bio

Danielle Lucia Schaffer

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Danielle Lucia Schaffer is the voice of the blog City Girl Gone Mom. Schaffer hopes to inspire, entertain, and educate any mothers or mothers to be that need a good laugh and some parenting tips. Schaffer is a mother of four from New York City that is currently living in San Diego. Not only does she love sharing her life... read full bio

Darrin Cates

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It can be difficult to find real experts in the world of new media and online marketing. Finding a captivating speaker is even more elusive. The rarest of all is finding someone who is both. Darrin is an electrifying and invigorating speaker that communicates important business concepts involving new media in a manner that is easy to comprehend. With Darrin's... read full bio

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