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Andrew Mellen, "The Most Organized Man in America"

Book Andrew Mellen,

UNSTUFF YOUR LIFE! GET AND STAY ORGANIZED FOR GOOD Andrew's signature presentation, applicable and adaptable for all audiences. Fun and informative, fast-paced and humorous, this presentation focuses on the fundamentals of getting and staying organized including Andrew's Organizational Triangle®. Every presentation includes a lively Q&A with the audience. YOU'RE ALREADY LATE! SECRETS FOR BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT Forget multi-tasking and other gimmicks-there are no... read full bio

Andy Hickman

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Andy Hickman is a highly sought after motivational speaker who has worked with many Fortune 500 companies in America. He is a National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional. Prior to his time as a speaker, Hickman owned and operated three businesses simultaneously. It’s his past business experience that gives him first-hand insight on what it takes to succeed. Through his... read full bio

Angela Gardner

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BS in Business Management Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer Certified DISC Consultant 20 years in retail sales 15 years in leadership 10 years in healthcare As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Angela can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John's proven leadership methods. Working together, she will... read full bio

Ann Bancroft

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Ann's presentations are filled with stunning slides and film from the most remote regions on Earth. Ann was the first woman to travel across the ice to the North Pole in 1986 with 7 men and 49 male dogs. She returned to the Arctic region in 2006 and offers a fascinating retrospective of the region and its changes. Ann is... read full bio

Anne Bonney

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Anne is an energetic and engaging speaker, leadership trainer and weight loss coach and creator of Floor It: Power Principles to Accelerate your life and Naked Confidence: Mindset and Habit Transformation for Weight Loss.  After 20 years in highly successful leadership positions in the corporate setting, Anne founded Different Shoe Enterprises and now uses her experience, education, and expertise to help people strengthen... read full bio

Anne M. Mahlum

Book Anne M. Mahlum for your next event.

The office for Anne M. Mahlum has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Annie Duke

Book Annie Duke for your next event.

Professional poker player Annie Duke holds a World Series of Poker gold bracelet, and was formerly the leading money winner among women in WSOP history. She has won the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions and the National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Also an author, Duke has written several instructional books for poker players, including Decide to Play Great Poker... read full bio

Anthony Ervin

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Anthony Ervin is an Olympic Gold Medalist and motivational speaker. He is also the author of the memoir Chasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian, in which he chronicles Olympic journey. When he was nineteen, he won his first Gold and Silver medals at the Sydney Summer Olympics. Going into the 4x100-meter freestyle relay against the Americans, who never lost this... read full bio

Anthony ONeal

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Anthony ONeal is a national best-selling author, Ramsey Personality, and motivational speaker. He is best known for his book ‘Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College’ and is set to release his second book, ‘Debt-Free Degree’. ONeal has been featured in outlets such as TBN, Fox News, CNN, and The Dave Ramsey Show. He has... read full bio

Aron Ralston

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In April 2003, Aron Ralston set out for a hike in a remote area of the Utah Canyons. An experienced mountain climber, Ralston planned a trip that, for him, was so easy he didn't tell anyone where he was going or pack enough provisions that would last more than a day. An 800 pound boulder dislodged, sending him crashing down... read full bio

Aron Ralston

Book Aron Ralston for your next event.

Aron Ralston is an American outdoorsman, engineer and motivational speaker. He survived a canyoneering accident, during which he amputated his own right forearm with a dull multi-tool in order dislodged himself from a boulder, underneath which he had been trapped for five days and seven hours. After he freed himself, he had to rappel down a 65 foot sheer cliff... read full bio

Art Holst

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Art Holst is a motivational speaker whose career includes being a top salesman in building materials, infantry captain and officiator for the National Football League for fifteen years. A legend in the speaking industry, Art Holst's broad background provides the foundation for his messages spiced with inspiration, humor, and poetry. For twelve years, he worked as Administrator of the Forest... read full bio

Art Mortell

Book Art Mortell for your next event.

Art Mortell is a motivational speaker and author that has written the book, An Adventure Into Your Mind, and many more. He has spoken for huge corporations such as, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Coldwell Bank, Merrill Lynch, and Wells Fargo. Mortells work has gone on to influence best-selling authors John Maxwell and Tom Hopkins, who both mentioned Mortell in their books.... read full bio

Art Turock

Book Art Turock for your next event.

Art Turock is an authority in the field of breakthrough performance." His ideas have been published in Success Magazine, USA Today, Reader's Digest, The One Minute Manager series, Association Management, and Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work. A master at turning theoretical concepts into hard-hitting practicality, he has presented to hundreds of major professional associations and Fortune 500 companies.... read full bio

Arthur Carmazzi

Book Arthur Carmazzi for your next event.

Arthur Carmazzis past is a huge part of what he is today, a respected and well-known author, motivational speaker and founder of the Directive Communication Methodology, a psychology based work place training and enhancement discipline. He is also the designer of one of the worlds most advanced Laptop/Tablet bags, architect of his unique Avalon Resort built into the cliffs in... read full bio

Barbara Brandon-Croft

Book Barbara Brandon-Croft for your next event.

Barbara Brandon-Croft is an American comic strip illustrator and cartoonist who is best known for creating the comic strip, Where Im Coming From, which was first found in the Detroit Free Press. Barbara is the daughter of the creator of the comic strip Luther. This struck her love of becoming a cartoonist and she went on to study at the... read full bio

Barry Maher

Book Barry Maher for your next event.

Barry Maher is a motivational speaker and author, best known for his book, Filling the Glass. He has been featured on outlets like, The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and more. Of his many clients over the years, some include, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, the Department of Homeland Security,... read full bio

Barry Posner

Book Barry Posner for your next event.

Barry Posner is a leadership expert whos been named one of the Top 50 Leadership Coaches in America. He co-authored the award-winning, best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge, which has become the leadership training industry standard. Mr. Posner currently teaches leadership at the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University where hes received several teaching honors. Hes also taught at Hong... read full bio

Barry Switzer

Book Barry Switzer for your next event.

Barry Switzer is a former Football player and coach. He was the head coach at the University of Oklahoma for 16 years and head coach for the Dallas Cowboys for 4 years. During the last sixteen years as Head Coach of the U of O, he compiled an overall record of 157-29-4, including 12 Big Eight Conference championships and three... read full bio

Bear Grylls

Book Bear Grylls for your next event.

Bear Grylls has become known around the world as one of the most recognized faces of survival and outdoor adventure. Bears rise to acclaim started with three years as a soldier in the British Special Forces, serving with 21 SAS. It was here that he perfected many of the skills that his fans all over the world enjoy watching him... read full bio

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