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Bill Evans Band

Book Bill Evans Band for your next event.

Bill Evans is a legendary sax player from Illinois. At an early age, he was exposed to music, given that his dad was a musical prodigy who could play the classical piano. Bill took to wind instruments quite quickly. Starting out playing the classical clarinet, he went on to study the saxophone with Vince Micko. Bill went on to study... read full bio

Blade Brown

Book Blade Brown for your next event.

Blade Brown, also known as Jonathan Wrate, is an English rapper and songwriter. Blade was first explosed to hip hop music as a kid, thanks to his father. It was the 80s and 90s hip hop, as well as reggae that first piqued his interest. He started taking rap music more seriously when he was 17. In 2004, he released... read full bio

Black Sherif

Book Black Sherif for your next event.

Black Sherif, also known as Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, is a rapper and songwriter from Konongo, Ghana. He made quite the international buzz with the release of “Kwaku the Traveller”, a song that hit number 1 on both the Nigerian and Ghanaian Apple Music charts. The song is doing incredible numbers on streaming services as well. For example, it... read full bio


Book BLU J for your next event.

BLU J is releasing killer tracks left and right and they are certainly feeling the love from their adoring fanbase – a fanbase that continues to grow just as music is released on a regular basis. While the electronic EDM duo is immensely talented, it’s totally okay if you haven’t heard of them. The two of them are keeping a... read full bio

Blood Cultures

Book Blood Cultures for your next event.

Blood Cultures is a New Jersey-based experimental indie rock pop band. The band consists of several different anonymous musicians. It started out as just one person and now it’s four masked figures who insist that anonymity is vital for their identity and their brand. The band plays with sounds consisting of psychedelic pop, electropop, and chillwave music with tropical elements.... read full bio

Bleu Clair

Book Bleu Clair for your next event.

Bleu Clair produces music that can be described as bass, techno, house, and EDM. His first single “Désir” came out in 2014, which put Bleu Clair on every EDM fan’s radar. Now, five EP’s and about a dozen singles later, Bleu Clair has become an international sensation. Originally from Indonesia, this EDM superstar has collaborated with some EDM’s biggest names,... read full bio

Bleep Bloop

Book Bleep Bloop for your next event.

California-native Bleep Bloop is a very hard-working EDM star that really innovates the electronic dance music. In 2014, he dropped his very first singles: “10 Watt Lazers”, “Denial”, and “Crushed”. A year later, he released “Gun Chatta”, as well as a series of songs he recorded with G Jones, like “Kodos”, “Minds”, “Plastic Flower People”, “Real”, and “Mind – Lunice... read full bio

Blanco White

Book Blanco White for your next event.

Josh Edwards – a London-native – started Blanco White as a solo project back in 2014 with the goal of blending Latin American music with Andalusian music. He studied Andean instruments like the charango while spending time in Bolivia and learned to master his guitar playing while living in Spain. His goal was always to craft just the right kind... read full bio


Book Bommer for your next event.

Saint Louis-native Zack Bommer operates simply as his last name while he takes the world by storm with his Electronic, EDM, and RnB-style music. He is a very dedicated artist with years of practice and, at only 25, is a dubstep legend. Bommer has already worked with several major labels: Smog, Subquake Audio, Prime Audio, GMB Records, and Octane Audio.... read full bio


Book BRUER for your next event.

Bruer (AKA Will Mayer) is captivating audiences with his dance music and free-form sound. When he was 18, he moved to Los Angeles and got enveloped in the local electronic music scene. He grew up with different kinds of dance music: happy hardcore, trance, and hardstyle. There was something about it that captivated him so he made it his life... read full bio


Book Bru-C for your next event.

Bru-C, also known as Josh Bruce, an MC and rapper that hails from Long Eaton, Derbyshire, England (but is based in Nottingham). Earlier in his career, he was featured on the Don’t flop Entertainment YouTube channel, engaging in rap battles, becoming one of the only rappers on the roster to go massively big. Bru-C would go on to sell out... read full bio

Brooke Annibale

Book Brooke Annibale for your next event.

Brooke Annibale isn’t just strictly one genre. The American singer-songwriter creates a more complex alternative-folk sound that bleeds together beautiful and thoughtful songwriting with dark, dreamy, and enticing landscapes. The beloved singer-songwriter is adored by, not just her massive international fanbase, but with massive industry supervisors and publications like Under The Radar, American Songwriter, Stereogum, NPR/World Café, and many others.... read full bio


Book Brondo for your next event.

Brondo (AKA Thomas O’Connell) is an American drum and bass jungle DJ who first made waves in 2018 with the singles “Ape S***” and “Happy”, both very successful tracks. He followed this up with twenty-two singles and two albums: “Bass Jungle” in 2019 and “Concrete Jungle” in 2022. Both albums were immensely successful. The song “Chasing Paper” is has received... read full bio

Brian Destiny

Book Brian Destiny for your next event.

Brian Destiny is the solo act of Fat White Family’s Nathan Saoudi, a project he’s been working on since 2019. He made his debut in February of 2022 with the EP “Brian’s Got Talent”. The EP features tracks like “Is It Gonna Be Love” and “What If I Told You That” and features as lot of indie synth sounds. Brian... read full bio

Born Dirty

Book Born Dirty for your next event.

Born Dirty (Mike Abadie) is a British-French-Israeli DJ and EDM record producer who hit the scene in the summer of 2015 when he released “Don’t Stop Get It” featuring Kid Sister. His diverse upbringing has clear influences on his sound. Born Dirty’s sound has been described as incorporating elements from French hip-hop, music from the England rave scene, and the... read full bio

Broadway Rox

Book Broadway Rox for your next event.

Broadway Rox is a live production that commemorates the biggest hits from more than twenty leading Broadway musicals. Accompanied by thrilling video projections and dynamic five-piece band, this group of six Broadway stars and music artists has audiences dancing all night long. Fans of Glee and Smash will be captivated by mash-ups of the most popular Broadway songs as ROX... read full bio


Book BitterSweet for your next event.

Millions of people have heard Bitter:Sweet's music through their debut album "The Mating Game", as one of their many MySpace friends, or in their favorite motion pictures and television series. The Los Angeles-based baroque trip-hop duo Bitter:Sweet was founded by singer Shana Halligan and producer Kiran Shahani (the latter of whom is also a founding member of Supreme Beings of... read full bio

Break Of Reality

Book Break Of Reality for your next event.

For their "genuine skill" and capacity to "rock out like they mean it," Break of Reality has received praise by many outlets, such as Time Out New York. They have been praised for having a sound that possesses excitement, inventiveness, and an irrefutable intensity that bigger, heavier bands can only dream of. Cello rock group Break of Reality was founded... read full bio

Booze and Glory

Book Booze and Glory for your next event.

London-based Polish-British street punk band Booze and Glory was founded in 2009. The members of Booze and Glory, Mark (vocals), Liam (guitar), Bartez (bass), and Mario, established the band in London in 2009. (drums). Originally from Poland, Mark, Bartez, and Mario were well-known in the Oi! scene there. The band's "Always on the Wrong Side" debut album was published in... read full bio


Book Belief for your next event.

Prior to Belief, Bryan Hollon had already established himself as a multi-instrumentalist and producer who had been nominated for the Mercury Prize. Stella Mozgawa, the drummer for Warpaint, has provided percussion to albums by Kurt Vile, Cate le Bon, Courtney Barnett, Sharon Van Etten, and Kim Gordon, among others. Her list of credits is as significant. However, as the improvisational... read full bio

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