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Cassie and Maggie

Book Cassie and Maggie for your next event.

Cassie and Maggie MacDonald are two sisters from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, who perform folk, celtic, roots, and traditional music. The MacDonald sisters are known for performing original and traditional Celtic music that has been said to entrance their audience members. Apart from singing, Cassie plays the fiddle while Maggie performs the piano. Cassie is also an award-winning highland and... read full bio


Book Castlecomer for your next event.

Castlecomer, a band made up of five members who have known each other since grade school and through family connections, plays alternative pop music, ready for dance parties and crowd sing-a-longs. Castlecomer found their original success through the release of Fire Alarm, which garnered over 800,000 streams on Spotify in less than 7 months. Castlecomer followed up this single release... read full bio

Cat Power

Book Cat Power for your next event.

Cat Power is a singer-songwriter, musician and occasional actress and model. Critics have noted the constant evolution of Cat Power's sound, with a ""mix of punk, folk and blues"" on her earliest albums, and elements of soul and other genres more prevalent in her later material. Her latest album, Sun, incorporated electronica, in a self-proclaimed move from the ""really slow... read full bio

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Book Catfish and the Bottlemen for your next event.

Alternative punk music is performed by the band known as Catfish and the Bottlemen, who are based in the United Kingdom. The band got its start playing in parking lots after the concerts of other musicians, but they finally broke through when they were featured on BBC Radio 6 Music. The band's name became widely known as a result of... read full bio

Catherine MacLellan

Book Catherine MacLellan for your next event.

Catherine MacLellan is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter from Summerside, Prince Edward Island. She is the daughter of Canadian songwriter Gene MacLellan and began her career singing with The New Drifts before going on to pursue a solo career. MacLellan began her solo career after the release of her debut studio album, “Dark Dream Midnight” and she went on to release... read full bio

Catie Curtis

Book Catie Curtis for your next event.

Katie Curtis is a folk-pop performer who sings and writes her music. She started her career releasing cassettes but advanced to CD's shortly after. Her self titled album was named Album of the Year at that year's Gay and Lesbian American Music Awards. To date, she has released thirteen full-length albums. Her songs have been featured in Dawson's Creek,... read full bio

Cautious Clay

Book Cautious Clay for your next event.

"Cautious Clay is a New York-based performer. With smooth delivery and a clear vision, Cautious Clay creates an alternative R&B sound. Inspired by his experiences, relationships, and more, Cautious Clay creates sounds that relate to audiences across the nation. As an up-and-coming artist, he has yet to make a name for himself in mainstream media. However, Cautious Clay has been... read full bio


Book Cavetown for your next event.

For the singer-songwriter Cavetown, the process of creating music often entails uncovering and expressing his deepest buried emotions and thoughts. The Cambridge-based singer and producer has demonstrated the disarming power of that outpouring since self-releasing his debut single, steadily gaining a devoted fanbase and touring the world with his incredibly tight-knit live show. With the release of his most intricately completed... read full bio

Celtic Thunder

Book Celtic Thunder for your next event.

Celtic Thunder, a group of exceptionally talented young male singers from Ireland and Scotland, performs an eclectic mix of songs ranging from the traditional “Mountains of Mourne” to international hits such as “Brothers in Arms”, as well as original compositions. Celtic Thunder is known for its unique style with songs ranging from a soloist to ensemble focus. At one point,... read full bio

Cereus Bright

Book Cereus Bright for your next event.

Cereus Bright, according to The Music Bed, is not for the flimsy folk enthusiast. The depth and purity of what the duo delivers stands out in a superficial sea of melodic trends and gimmicks. Such a rich set of songs has proved them worthy of numerous film-synchs and hours of recreational listening on repeat. The band is comprised of Tyler... read full bio

Certainly So

Book Certainly So for your next event.

The formation of Certainly So started with two young Alabama musicians who felt they wanted a larger sound when they recorded acoustic demos, so they contacted their Mississippi-born rhythm section. The demos were sent to Nashville from up north and once Porter and Corder learned what Gray and Wilson were up to, it was impossible for them to refuse. Producer/engineer Toby Hulbert was introduced... read full bio

Chad VanGaalen

Book Chad VanGaalen for your next event.

Chad VanGaalen, best known for the song “Peace on the Rise”, is a multi-instrumentalist from Calgary, Alberta. Chad’s first big-ish release was “Infiniheart” back in 2004 on the Canadian indie label Flemish Eye. This was a series of songs that he recorded himself inside his own bedroom – a true DIY project. Eventually, he was picked up by the label... read full bio

Chaos Chaos

Book Chaos Chaos for your next event.

Chaos Chaos is an American indie synthpop band that consists of two sisters, Chloe Saavedra and Asya Saavedra. Chaos Chaos formed in Seattle, Washington, under the name Smoosh, which they performed under for around 12 years before changing their name to Chaos Chaos. Under the name Smoosh, the duo released an EP and three studio albums. Since changing the name... read full bio

Charli XCX

Book Charli XCX for your next event.

Charli XCX is a pop star from Stevenage, England, who began her music career at the age of 14. Charli XCX gained the attention of Pitchfork Media and then two years later she released the long awaited album, True Romance. Also, Charli XCX was the writer of the hit song “I Love It” by Icona Pop. She won two SESAC... read full bio

Charlie Cunningham

Book Charlie Cunningham for your next event.

Charlie's life revolved heavily around the guitar and piano while he was growing up in a little village outside of London. He left for Seville and ended up remaining there for two years after a few years of gigging and establishing himself in Oxford. Here, he investigated the many approaches to the guitar and created a novel technique that served... read full bio

Charlie Puth

Book Charlie Puth for your next event.

Charlie Puth is a singer-songwriter and record producer. He first gained popularity through YouTube, and received international recognition for writing and singing on Wiz Khalifa's single ""See You Again"", taken from the Furious 7 soundtrack. The song became a huge commercial success, topping the charts in 26 countries, and was certified 7x platinum. Puth's debut single, ""Marvin Gaye"", featuring guest... read full bio

Charlotte Diamond

Book Charlotte Diamond for your next event.

Charlotte Diamond has had a life-long interest in music. She sang with local folk groups, including performing intro sets for Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton. When her own children came along, she began singing and writing songs for them and also developed a preschool music program in her community. This led to performances for her children's parent-participation preschool, which mushroomed... read full bio

Che Apalache

Book Che Apalache for your next event.

Che Apalache is an Argentinian-American string band based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The group is a mixture of genres such as bluegrass, Americana, and Latin and consists of members Joe Troop, Pau Barjau, Martin Bobrik, and Franco Martino. The group was formed by Joe Troop who moved to Argentina to teach bluegrass music. He formed the group after putting together... read full bio


Book CHERUB for your next event.

Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber make up the electric due CHERUB. These Nashville natives combine funk and electronic to create their unique style. Their single ""Doses and Mimosas"", off their album Year of the Caprese, made it to No. 43 on the charts and earned 4.5 million hits on YouTube. Cherub’s music is a fresh electrified take on risque pop... read full bio


Book Chieftains for your next event.

The Chieftains are a Grammy-winning Irish musical group founded in 1962, best known for being one of the first bands to make Irish traditional music popular around the world. The group has won six Grammy Awards and have been nominated eighteen times. They have also won an Emmy and a Genie and contributed a couple of tracks, including their highly-praised... read full bio

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