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Charles Prince

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The office for Charles Prince has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Charlie Ang

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Charlie Ang is a keynote speaker, global futurist, innovation strategist, disruption analyst, and transformation expert. Ang is a busy man who is a mentor for Kairos Society, a business partner for cloudBuy plc, co-founder for IdeasCollider!, co-founder and builder and investor for Knowble, co-founder of The Innovators Network, venture capital investor, partner, and GM for Asia for KIATT Venture Capital,... read full bio

Charlie Norris

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Charlie Norris is a lifelong business executive and CEO, where he has made a fortune building companies and selling them for a multiple of his purchase price. His new book, co-written with NBC champion Byron Scott, is titled Slam-Dunk Success. It’s an excellent leadership and management guide for any business. Norris, who has revived several multimillion-dollar corporations, understands that great... read full bio

Charlotte Beers

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Charlotte Beers is an American businesswoman and former Under Secretary of State. She is known for being a pioneer in the advertising industry for female CEOs and has served as a chairman of two top-10 world-wide agencies. Beers was also known for bringing marketing and branding techniques to the U.S. State Department. As a businesswoman, Beers was the first female... read full bio

Charlotte Jones Anderson

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Charlotte Jones Anderson is an American businesswoman who is best known for being the Dallas Cowboys’ Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer in the NFL. Anderson was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and she has earned her B.S. in human biology from Stanford University. She is the daughter of Jerry Jones, who is the owner, president and general manager... read full bio

Charlotte Pearce

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Charlotte Pearce is an entrepreneur who is the CEO and founder of Inkpact, an online platform that connects brands with customers through handwritten notes and gifts. Pearce states that people remember how you make them feel and thinks doing a little can go a long way in building a lasting business relationship, which is in the heart of her business,... read full bio

Chelsea Cooley

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Chelsea Cooley was crowned during the Miss USA 2005 pageant in Baltimore, Maryland. She was the first Miss North Carolina USA to win the Miss USA crown. Chelsea attended the Art Institute of Charlotte and hopes to become a buyer for the fashion industry. Cooley is a self-confessed tomboy. Her hobbies and interests include jet skiing, snorkeling and following... read full bio

Cheryl Cran

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Cheryl Cran is a self confessed positive control freak, bold leadership expert, Gen X/Baby Boomer cusper with three Gen Y kids and is an internationally renowned professional keynote speaker. Her latest book, The Control Freak Revolution examines the positive and negative aspects of controlling tendencies and illustrates how to use positive control to achieve positive results. As an in-demand... read full bio

Cheryl Currid

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Cheryl Currid is an industry analyst and former IT executive. In addition, she is an award-winning journalist. Currid challenges people to learn about the world around them by utilizing technology. She has lectured internationally on topics such as computer science, social networking, and organizational efficiency. She has authored 14 books and over 1,200 articles, journal papers, and columns. Currid is... read full bio

Cheryl Shavers, Ph.D.

Book Cheryl Shavers, Ph.D. for your next event.

Dr. Cheryl Shavers is an inspiring global leader and expert in technology and business. She is a highly sought after speaker for topics regarding technology, business and policy. Dr. Shavers is the first female African-American Undersecretary of Commerce for Technology of the United States government. With over 25 years of experience in engineering and managerial positions at Fortune 500 companies... read full bio

Cheryl Tiegs

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Considered one of the pioneers of celebrity-endorsed apparel and credited with bringing sex appeal to the 100-year-old chain, Tiegs was featured on the cover of Time magazine for a second time in 1984. In 1995, 47-year-old Tiegs made a very visible comeback when she posed for her fourth Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Cheryl Tiegs, former supermodel reentered the fashion business... read full bio

Chip and Pauli Wade

Book Chip and Pauli Wade for your next event.

Chip and Paulie Wade is the husband and wife duo that have come together to create Wade Works, a real estate, production, and architecture and design company. Pauli has earned her B.S. in Management from Georgia Tech and has also earned her Masters of Accountancy from the University of Georgia. Chip earned his degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech... read full bio

Chip Bell

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Chip Bell is a customer service and loyalty expert. Bell helps businesses understand what it takes to create a customer-centered business plan. He is known for his innovations in service, and is ranked in the top 5 keynote speakers in the world on customer service by Global Gurus. Bell has written over 700 columns for business publications and appeared on... read full bio

Chris Bangle

Book Chris Bangle for your next event.

One only needs to look down the street for evidence of Chris Bangle's ingenuity and far-reaching influence. A daring designer whose work has provoked endless discussion, Bangle is best known for his tenure as Chief of Design for the BMW group, where he was responsible for bringing the designs of the BMW, Mini Cooper, and Rolls Royce into the twenty-first... read full bio

Chris Barton

Book Chris Barton for your next event.

Chris Barton is a speaker, and co-founder and former board director of the mobile application Shazam. He went on to sell Shazam to Apple for over 400 million dollars. The mobile application Shazam helps users figure out any song playing with just a click of a button. Of his time there, Barton turned the idea of Shazam into profit. After... read full bio

Chris Clearfield

Book Chris Clearfield for your next event.

Chris Clearfield is a systems expert. From finance to physics to biology, Clearfield has studied exactly why things fail and how to mitigate failure. Clearfield is the founder of System Logic, which works to solve complex challenges with independent research. This risk-analyzer has worked in New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong for Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm. His writing... read full bio

Chris Helder

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Chris Helder is a leading expert on communication and influence. He has written two books: The Ultimate Book of Influence, which has been published in five languages, and Useful Belief, a groundbreaking book in the areas of motivation and performance. One of the greatest speakers on the subject of communication, leadership and influence, Chris has delivered over 2,000 presentations across... read full bio

Chris Kelly

Book Chris Kelly for your next event.

Chris Kelly is an entrepreneur, politician, lawyer and activist. Kelly graduated from Bellarmine College Preparatory and earned his B.A. from Georgetown University. Since then he’s gone on to earn his master’s from Yale University and his law degree from Harvard Law School. Kelly’s earliest work includes being on the staff of Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign. He went on to... read full bio

Chris Kemp

Book Chris Kemp for your next event.

Chris Kemp is an American information technology executive who is the founder and CEO of Astra, a company that launches space services. Kemp has previously studied computer engineering at the University of Alabama where he founded Netran, which was an online grocery shopping service. During his time working for Netran, Kemp served as both the CEO and President before selling... read full bio

Chris Kuenne

Book Chris Kuenne for your next event.

Chris Kuenne is a best-selling business author, founder and managing director for Rosemark, and a lecturer for Princeton University. Kuenne has previously earned his B.A. in History from Princeton University and went on to earn his M.B.A. with honors from Harvard University. Kuenne began his career working for Johnson & Johnson before going on to be partner for First Manhattan... read full bio

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