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Laith Al-Saadi

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Michigan native Laith Al-Saadi, long considered a brilliant blues guitarist and singer, gathered a band of legends for his latest effort, Real. - recorded at the historic Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, California. Produced by Jeffrey Weber, the project was recorded live to two tracks, with no mixing, editing, overdubbing, auto-tuning, limiting and compression. Laith is the real... read full bio

Lake Street Dive

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Lake Street Dive has perfected a multitude of genres, bringing together strong vocals, guitar, trumped, bass, and drums in a compilation of brilliance. Lake Street Dive performs jazz, indie pop, blues, folk, and Motown, writing their own music and often covering other artists work. The band has performed internationally, playing over 300 gigs in more than 175 cities. Influenced by... read full bio

Langhorne Slim

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Langhorne Slim began his music career in the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College, part of the SUNY program. While touring with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and appearing at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, Langhorne Slim began to gain public attention. After releasing some solo tunes, his song, Electric Love Letter, hit number five on the Rolling Stone editors top... read full bio

Larkin Poe

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Sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell lead the roots rock band Larkin Poe, with Kelly McCarty on bass and Kevin McGowan on drums. Loved by fans for their strong southern harmonies, heavy electric guitar riffs, and slide guitar; they are often referred to as the little sisters of the Allman Brothers. When they performed at the Glastonbury Festival, they were voted... read full bio

Laura Marling

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Laura Marling is a folk singer-songwriter and musician from Eversley, Hampshire, England. Her debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim, her second album I Speak Because I Can, and her fourth album Once I Was An Eagle were all nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2008, 2010, and 2013, respectively. She won Best Female Solo Artist at the 2011 Brit... read full bio

Lee DeWyze

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As the forerunner throughout most of American Idol season nine, Lee DeWyze became a favorite personality and entertainer. His shy demeanor and beautiful personality has brought him many fans from around the globe. Although DeWyze appeared humble and shy on the American Idol stage, he isnt a stranger to performing. He has been singing and playing guitar since he was... read full bio

Leftover Salmon

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Leftover Salmon is a genre-bending band from Boulder, Colorado. Their unique blend of bluegrass, rock, country, and Cajun/Zydeco, which the band calls Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass, has found favor with the jam band scene. The band formed by accident when a local band, the Salmon Heads, asked some members of the Left Hand String Band to fill some missing spots... read full bio

Legal Tender

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Legal Tender is a musical duo consisting of long-time local Steamboat musicians Jeff Swoyer and Tom Schwall, who have been playing a mix of popular rock and country classics since 1986. Their 200+ song repertoire covers everything from Simon and Garfunkel's The Boxer" and Mark Cohn's "True Companion", to Talking Heads' "Psychokiller" and the Gin Blossoms' "Hey Jealousy", with a... read full bio

Leo Kottke

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Leo Kottke is an American acoustic guitarist, who is recognized for his innovative finger-picking style, which draws on influences from blues, jazz, and folk music, and his syncopated, polyphonic melodies. He has overcome many personal obstacles, including partial loss of hearing and a nearly career-ending bout with tendon damage in his right hand, to arise as an acclaimed master of... read full bio

Les Hay Babies

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Les Hay Babies, an indie-folk trio of best friends from New Brunswick, that craft colorful music. Using the guitar, banjo, and ukulele, the girls enthrall audiences with their authentic sounds. Les Hay Babies have hit stages with artists like Motorleague, The Novaks, Canailles, Lisa LeBlanc, and more. They have toured Europe, hitting countries like France, Switzerland, and Germany, performing a... read full bio

Lewis Watson

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London-based singer/songwriter Lewis Watson got his start in music while still a teenager by quietly uploading cover versions of his favorite songs to a sleepy YouTube account. The singer's spare acoustic guitar complemented his booming and slightly soulful voice on covers of tunes by the Knife, Bombay Bicycle Club, Bon Iver, and others, and before long he was uploading his... read full bio

Lianne La Havas

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Lianne La Havas is a London-born singer, songwriter, and guitarist. With her electric guitar strung high, and her beautiful, smoky, vibrato-rich croon of a voice enunciating every word, she seems to be confiding in you directly, with no filter in betweena strange (and rare) mix of fragility ... and impregnable, ensnaring confidence, raved the UKs Sunday Times about... read full bio

Liberty Voices

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The Liberty Voices is a world famous, eight-part a cappella group that sings Americana, Folk and Patriotic Songs. They have performed for five United States Presidents and have toured the country, been featured on national television and various parades. They perform at national as well as international conventions. The Liberty Voices have been called America's PREMIER a cappella stylists... and... read full bio


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The Limeliters are a folk music group formed by Lou Gottlieb (bass), Alex Hassilev (baritone), and Glenn Yarbrough (tenor). The group was active from 1959 until 1965, when they disbanded. After a hiatus of sixteen years Yarbrough, Hassilev, and Gottlieb reunited and began performing as The Limeliters again. The Limeliters are still active and performing, but Hassilev,... read full bio

Lindsay Ell

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Lindsay Ell is a Canadian country music singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Calgary, Alberta. Her music incorporates elements of rock, blues, and pop within the country genre. She is signed to the U.S. Label Stoney Creek Records, a sister label of Broken Bow Records. Rolling Stone, Billboard and Guitar World have praised Ell's big league potential proclaiming her as one... read full bio

Lindsay Lou

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Lindsay Lou is a folk, bluegrass, and Americana roots artist. She is the lead of the band Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys. Some of their most famous songs include, The Power, Here Between, Show Me A Brick Wall, and My Side of the Mountain. Some influences from the band include The Michigan Music Scene, Jazz singers, and Bluegrass greats. They... read full bio


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Elizabeth Corrin Maurus, known to the music world as Lissie, got her start as many up and coming artists did: on MySpace. Her big break came when Lenny Kravitz discovered her through a friend, who tipped him off about her MySpace page, and he invited her to open for his Love Revolution Tour. Lissie fell in love with music early... read full bio

Liz Brasher

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Currently making music from Atlanta, Georgia, Liz Brasher is a singer and songwriter proud to be from the South. Her music is injected with an unmistakably soulful sound, heartfelt contralto vocals, and a pleasant hint of Southern-style twang; she artfully combines genres such as jazz, pop, blues, country, Americana, and gospel into a friendly yet fierce style that is uniquely... read full bio

Liz Cooper & The Stampede

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Liz Cooper & The Stampede came together as a band after working at a country club in Nashville. Liz Cooper was alone in Nashville until she met Ky Baker and Grant Prettyman, and upon finding a common interest, they formed Liz Cooper & The Stampede. Their first EP, Live at the Silent Planet, was a folk-rock success. Now, Liz... read full bio


Book Lobo for your next event.

Roland Kent LaVoie, better known by the stage name Lobo, is an American singer-songwriter who was successful in the early 1970s, scoring several U.S. Top 10 hits, including Me and You and a Dog Named Boo", "I'd Love You to Want Me" and "Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend". By 1971, LaVoie had started calling himself Lobo (Spanish for... read full bio

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