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Cledus T. Judd

Book Cledus T. Judd for your next event.

Barry Poole, who is better known as Cledus T. Judd, is an American country music artist singer-songwriter known for his parodies of country music songs. Judd has been compared to “Weird Al” Yankovic because of his unique outlet and singles. Some of Judd’s most popular songs include “Every Light In The House Is Blown”, “It’s A Great Day To Be... read full bio

Clint Holmes

Book Clint Holmes for your next event.

Clint Holmes is more than a singer. Like a painter with a blank canvas, Clint Holmes makes every performance an original. His powerful voice and magnetic stage presence embrace the upbeat side of life. When Clint Holmes is on stage, anything can happen. And it usually does. Clint Holmes CD, “Edges,” explores Clint Holmes multiple creative sides as singer... read full bio

Cocoa Brown

Book Cocoa Brown for your next event.

Brown is undoubtedly one of the most talented comics and performers of her generation. She practices her craft with such passion and soul-searching veracity, when she claims a stage the ensuing act is nothing short of a force of a nature. Cocoa Brown audaciously draws from painful reminiscences and hard-knocked lessons, bravely weaving humorous tales that uplift, upend, and upgrade... read full bio

Cody Hustak

Book Cody Hustak for your next event.

Cody Hustak is an American comedian known for winning the title of Funniest Person In Austin. Cody was born in Omaha, Nebraska and got his start in comedy at an early age eventually landing a spot and winning the Funniest Person in Austin contest. Leading him to appear at festivals such as the Montreal JFL Festival, Moontower Comedy... read full bio

Cody Ko

Book Cody Ko for your next event.

Cody Kolodziejzyk, or Cody Ko, is a comedian, podcaster, rapper, and YouTuber who is incredibly well-known for his hilarious observations on online culture, people, and trends. Cody started out as a software engineer but eventually made the switch to the entertainment industry by showing his humorous skills on Vine, where he gained a significant following. He made a smooth move to YouTube once Vine closed down in 2017... read full bio

Cokey Falkow

Book Cokey Falkow for your next event.

One of South Africa's more daring stand-up comedians, Cokey Falkow gained recognition after beginning his career in the late 90's. He developed a cult following by making appearances at a broad range of venues and other international comedy festivals. As a result, Cokey went on three national one-man tours, for which he won praise from critics at the Grahamstown National... read full bio

Cole Escola

Book Cole Escola for your next event.

Cole Escola is an American comedian, singer and actor who is best known for playing Matthew on the television series “Difficult People” and Shawn in the television series “Mozart in the Jungle”. He made his acting debut in an episode of “Law & Order”. Since then, his television credits have gone on to include “Jeffrey & Cole Casserole”, “Jack in... read full bio

Colin Jost

Book Colin Jost for your next event.

Jost, who joined Saturday Night Live (SNL) as a writer in 2005 at the age of 22, shortly after receiving his Harvard degree, then rose to the position of writing supervisor from 2009 to 2012 before taking over as co-head writer from that year till the present. Rob Klein, another co-head writer for SNL, and he frequently work together. Producer... read full bio

Colin Kane

Book Colin Kane for your next event.

Colin Kane is a comedian, actor and writer, mainly known for his in-your-face style of insult comedy and off-the-cuff crowd work. Kane was recognized as one of the New York Post's King of Zings" alongside Jay Leno and Ricky Gervais. That year, comedian Dennis Miller called Colin Kane the "next really big comedian. Kane made his film debut in a... read full bio

Colin Mochrie

Book Colin Mochrie for your next event.

Colin Mochrie got his start in Vancouver's Studio 58 theatre school and with Toronto's Second City, and has acted in various small roles in movies and on television. Colin is best known for being a long time regular on both the British and American versions of the TV show, Whose Line Is It Anyway He has been nominated for five... read full bio

Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood

Book Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood for your next event.

Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, stars of the Emmy nominated Whose Line Is It Anyway, have teamed up to present shows on improvisational comedy. Using their quick comedy skills, Colin and Brad take contributions from the audience to create comedic and original scenes, just like a live version of their television series Whose Line! They have most recently taken to... read full bio

Colin Quinn

Book Colin Quinn for your next event.

A true New Yorker, Colin Quinn has always made his mark as the comic scene tough guy. Quinn made his television debut as co-host of MTV's hit game show, “Remote Control”. He soon landed a spot on the legendary late-night show, Saturday Night Live, where he entertained audiences for six seasons with unforgettable characters such as Lenny the Lion, Joe... read full bio

College Humor Live Tour

Book College Humor Live Tour for your next event. is going LIVE with The Official CollegeHumor Live Tour! CollegeHumor has established itself as the leading website for the younger comedy loving population, with over 10 million readers per month. Now the website stars including Jake and Amir along with Streeter and Jeff are joining the country's top comedians as part of the most talked about comedy tour. Check... read full bio

Colton Dunn

Book Colton Dunn for your next event.

Colton Dunn is an American writer, actor, comedian and producer who is best known for playing Garrett on the television series “Superstore” and for being a writer, co-producer and acting on “Key and Peele”. Dunn was born in Normal, Illinois, and he moved to St. Paul, Minnesota as a toddler. While in high school in St. Paul, Dunn joined an... read full bio

Comedy Bang! Bang!

Book Comedy Bang! Bang! for your next event.

Comedy Bang! Bang! Is a weekly comedy audio podcast which started off as a radio show and is hosted by Scott Aukerman. The show has also become a television series which was created and hosted by Scott Aukerman as well. Comedy Bang! Bang! was formerly known as Comedy Death-Ray Radio and was also a stage show of the same name... read full bio

Comedy Daredevils

Book Comedy Daredevils for your next event.

Comedy Daredevils is a comedic stunt and magic show led by magicians Ryan Stock and AmberLynn. The duo combine magic with stunts and during the show you’ll see them use items such as crossbows, knives and chainsaws to perform death-defying stunts. The duo have been featured on television series such as “America’s Got Talent”, “America’s Got Talent: Champions”, “The Tonight... read full bio

Conan O'Brien

Book Conan O'Brien for your next event.

Conan O’Brien has established himself on the late night host. O’Brien is “one of TV’s hottest properties” according to People magazine’s poll. His distinct brand of comedy landed Conan on “Entertainment Weekly” magazine’s list of the “50 Funniest People Alive.” For years O’Brien hosted “Late Night” and was consistently nominated for Emmy Awards for Best Writing in a Comedy or... read full bio

Corey Holcomb

Book Corey Holcomb for your next event.

If they're serving beverages, Corey Holcomb will perform stand-up comedy at a funeral. And he'll murder. Corey is a native of Chicago's inner city, and his unusual perspective on what it means to be "ghetto" and what it takes to be a player makes him one of the comedy world's most engrossing and alluring acts. He never fails to warm... read full bio

Corey Rodrigues

Book Corey Rodrigues for your next event.

Corey Rodrigues is a comedian who makes jokes out of his and others every day life situations through his point of view. Rodrigues has been performing comedy since he was a kid and would leave his family members crying from laughing so hard while impersonating different people with his ability to have several different voices. He would even be able... read full bio

Corey Ryan Forrester

Book Corey Ryan Forrester for your next event.

Corey Ryan Forrester is an American comedian who knew he was going to be a comedian since he was in second grade. Once Forrester turned 16 he started to perform at local open mic nights and went on perform in bars and comedy clubs nightly while working side jobs during the day. Most recently, Forrester tours with Trae Crowder and... read full bio

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