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Dave Mosby

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Dave Mosby leads entrepreneurs to accelerate their access to capital and other resources their businesses need in order to grow, investors to make more confident investment decisions, and innovation centers to commercialize their innovations. He has pioneered B to B products and services for both creators and consumers of information technology platforms that range from very large scale mainframes, access... read full bio

Dave Ulrich

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Dave Ulrich is an American professor, speaker, author, management coach and consultant who has been the professor of business at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. He is also known for his work as the co-founder of The RBL Group, which is a consulting firm that works on helping organizations and leaders deliver more value. Ulrich was born... read full bio

David Bach

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David L. Bach is an American financial author, television personality, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. David Bach is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people learn about money. One of the most popular and prolific financial authors of our time, he has helped millions of people navigate the world of personal finance to get back on track and take control of their... read full bio

David Baron

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Rabbi David Barons engaging look at leadership, Moses on Management, draws on the practical wisdom of one of the most innovative managers the Western world has ever known. In fifty inspiring and practical lessons, Rabbi Baron brings the experiences of Moses to bear on the universal issues faced by todays managers and offers concrete solutions for success. Moses on Management... read full bio

David Bloom

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Dr. David Bloom is the Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. This notable professor has published over 400 articles, book chapters, and books throughout his career. His concepts have been featured in TIME magazine’s ‘Ten Ideas That Will Change the World,’ and his research covers links among health status, population dynamics,... read full bio

David Brensilber

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David Brensilber is SVP of Business Development at, Inc. David joined, where his main responsibilities include developing and managing strategic relationships for David was formerly Vice President of Business Affairs at Yahoo! HotJobs, during which time it was acquired by Yahoo! Prior to that, he was a consultant to EDGAR Online. David was Associate General Counsel of... read full bio

David Cote

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David Cote is the former chairman and CEO of Honeywell. As a long-term success at a Fortune 100 conglomerate, Cote utilizes his experience to optimize business strategy. Cote has worked with GE and Honeywell, notably increasing Honeywell’s capital to over 100 billion dollars. Cote focuses on a combination of long-term and quarterly strategies for business growth. He is the author... read full bio

David Davies

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David Davies is the former executive director of the Football Association in England. Davies is also known for being a contributor to BBC News and has gone on to be a consultant for sport organizations and other organizations around the world. He has most recently been a consultant for Portland Communications. Davies began his career working as a journalist before... read full bio

David Delong

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Dr. David DeLong is a leading expert on: Diagnosing threats to productivity created by lost knowledge, Design & implementation of knowledge retention solutions, Strategies for regenerating lost knowledge, Leading & managing organizational change, Overcoming barriers to building a high performance culture. Dr. DeLong is a research fellow at the MIT AgeLab where he conducts ongoing research into the challenges posed... read full bio

David Gram

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David Gram is the former venture partner at LEGO Ventures, a former senior innovation director at LEGO’s Future Lab, and co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels. Gram has worked in the start-up and innovation areas of business for several years now. Through this work, Gram uses design thinking and development to lead units and projects to grow fully. Gram believes that businesses... read full bio

David Griffin

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David Griffin is an American professional basketball executive who is currently the Executive Vice President of Basketball Operation for the New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA. Griffin is from Phoenix, Arizona, and he earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Arizona State University. While studying at Arizona State, Griffin took an internship with the Phoenix Suns where he worked... read full bio

David Kamp

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For the last 20 years, David Kamp has created a thriving dual career in proper" journalism and humor writinglike Calvin Trillin's, only far less respected and lucrative. As a contributing writer for Vanity Fair magazine, Kamp has delved deeply into cultural Americana, his subjects ranging from Johnny Cash to John Hughes to Alice Waters to Tom Wolfe to Norman Rockwell.He... read full bio

David Kidder

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David Kidder is an entrepreneur, author, and angel investor who is currently the co-founder and CEO of Bionic. Bionic works with the world’s largest enterprises to help them with new growth and compete with other companies based on tools, methods, models, and talent of venture capital and entrepreneurship. Kidder graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BA in Industrial... read full bio

David L. Smith

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David L. Smith is a noted historian of the Early Modern period of British history, particularly political, constitutional, legal and religious history in the Stuart period. He is the author or co-author of eight books, and the editor or co-editor of four others. In 1991 he won the Royal Historical Society's Alexander Prize, and Cambridge University's Thirlwall Prize for historical... read full bio

David Magliano

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David Magliano is the Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer for Informa Tech, which is a market leading provider of business-to-business information services for the information and communication technology community. Magliano has earned his M.A. with Hons in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. He began his career working jobs with include an account director, communications planner, board account director,... read full bio

David Martin

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David Martin is the founder and chairman of M-CAM Inc., has been a batten fellow for the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia, has been founder of The Global Innovation Commons, and a managing partner for the Purple Bridge Funds. Through his work over the years, Martin has been known for being a leader in... read full bio

David Meerman Scott

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Our always-on, Web-driven world has new rules for competing and growing business. Advance planning is out agile is IN! Those who embrace new ways will be far more successful than those who stay who stay stuck and afraid to change. No one knows more about using the new Real-Time tools and strategies to spread ideas, influence minds and build... read full bio

David Meltzer

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David Meltzer is the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, a consultant and business coach, speaker, an author, and humanitarian. Meltzer found success early in life becoming a millionaire in his early 20’s after finding his way in the business world. He went on to begin speaking all over the world and found success in several different projects but quickly went... read full bio

David Miller

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As former mayor of Canada's largest and most diverse city, David Miller knows what it takes to make an organization run smoothly. During his two terms as mayor, Miller's mandate was to make Toronto a world-class city: one of prosperity, livability and opportunity. One of his biggest accomplishments was securing the New Deal for Cities for senior orders of government.... read full bio

David P. Norton

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David P. Norton is both the director and founder of several organizations specializing in systems and processes to improve the execution of business strategy. He has founded and built a series of professional service firms during the course of his career, each focused on leading edge issues of management, from information technology and knowledge management to the discipline of strategy... read full bio

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