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Book Wet for your next event.

"The indie pop/electronic group Wet, which is comprised of Kelly Zutrau, Marty Sulkow and Joe Valle, has been making music in various outfits since meeting as students in New York City. What began as a long-distance collaboration between Providence, New York, and Los Angeles led to string of shows and self-releases in the summer of 2012. A year later, they... read full bio

Westside Boogie

Book Westside Boogie for your next event.

Few hip-hop artists have the ability to command a space as purposefully out-of-the-ordinary as Anthony Dixson, a Compton native and Long Beach native whose stage name, Boogie, foreshadows his inherent talent for writing music that is rooted in simultaneously depressing and joyfully uplifting realities. Boogie's kind of rap is as much a credo of the streets as it is a... read full bio


Book Westlife for your next event.

Westlife is an Irish boy band from Sligo and Dublin, Ireland, and currently consists of members Shane Filan, Markus Feehily, Kian Egan and Nicky Byrne. Members Egan, Feehily, and Filan were all schoolmates in school and they began performing on stage together in school which is when they formed Westlife. After they decided to form together and pursue a musical... read full bio

Western Underground

Book Western Underground for your next event.

Western Underground is a band formed by former world champion bareback rider Chris LeDoux. During his long career in the bareback riding sport, Chris LeDoux threw all of his efforts towards a music career. LeDoux found a unique group of talented musicians and finally formed the band, Western Underground. For 16 years, the band became the sound and music for... read full bio


Book Westerman for your next event.

Westerman is a pop singer-songwriter from London, England. Over the course of his career he has released two EPs, “Call and Response” and “ARK”. He gained attention after the release of his single “Confirmation” which featured him on Stereogum’s Artists to Watch. Westerman made his debut at a high school talent show where one of his original songs was well... read full bio


Book Westend for your next event.

Westend is an up-and-coming electronic musician who has been previously need a must-watch artist in the tech-house music industry. Westend is from New York City and he found his love for electronic music and production while studying at Robert Moog’s alma mater. Throughout the course of his career thus far, Westend has released music through labels which include Box of... read full bio

Wesley Schultz

Book Wesley Schultz for your next event.

Wesley Schultz is an American guitarist and vocalist who is best known for being the guitarist and lead vocalist for the folk-rock band The Lumineers. Schultz was raised in Ramsey, New Jersey, and he later studied at the University of Richmond. Later on in life, Schultz began performing with Jeremiah Fraites and together they began touring under various names before... read full bio

Wesley Joseph

Book Wesley Joseph for your next event.

Wesley Joseph, a multidisciplinary artist, compares songwriting to filmmaking because he visualizes scenes and colors, creates the perfect tone and creates the right emotional arc. Joseph's two greatest passions are music and filmmaking. He began creating DIY videos to amuse himself and his pals while growing up in a tiny town in the UK, but film came first. But when he relocated to... read full bio

Wes Quave and Friends Live

Book Wes Quave and Friends Live for your next event.

Wes Quave Live presents one of the hottest corporate and private event entertainment groups in the United States. The Wes Quave Live group performs with the biggest names in the music industry. They perform sets all over the world, playing in notable cities like Las Vegas and Honolulu, and in countries like China, Australia, Mexico, and Japan. Wes Quave Live... read full bio

Wes Quave

Book Wes Quave for your next event.

Wes Quave is an American singer-songwriter, producer, dance and entertainer from New Orleans, Louisiana. While growing up, Quave was influenced by music such as jazz and R&B. His parents were both musicians who introduced Quave to music at a young age. He went on to begin singing and dancing at his local church and after graduating from high school, Quave... read full bio

Wes Period

Book Wes Period for your next event.

Wes Period is an American rapper, producer, and artist from La Habra, California. Period began his career working with various artists which included Tommy Genesis and Ye Ali. Period went on to be discovered by Justin Tranter through Instagram and from there, Period released his debut EP, “Friendly Fire.” Period’s music is a mixture of pop, punk and rap. After... read full bio

Wendy Liebman

Book Wendy Liebman for your next event.

Wendy Liebman is a stand up comedian who has been working on her craft for over 25 years. Wendys entertainment career began very early. She started performing in the basement of her house, alongside her sister and neighborhood friend, performing classic plays like Rumpelstiltskin. Wendy attended Wellesley College, where she graduated with a degree in psychology, and went into working... read full bio

Wendy Gunkel

Book Wendy Gunkel for your next event.

Wendy Wells Gunkel grew up in both Texas and Arizona. She received her first actin opportunity during her senior year of high school in 1980. She began working on the hit television series Little House on the Prairie. After she lest Arizona, Wendy Gunkel enlisted into the United States Navy. She served in the Navy for a 6-year term and... read full bio

Welshly Arms

Book Welshly Arms for your next event.

Welshy Arms is a rock/blues group that has released an EP, titled Welcome, and a self-titled studio album. Their songs have been heard in trailers for the blockbuster films The D Train, starring Jack Black, and the Quentin Tarantino-directed The Hateful Eight. Welshy Arms’ music has also been used in the national TV and radio campaign for the Cleveland Indians,... read full bio


Book Welles for your next event.

Arkansas rock singer, Welles has a powerfully emotive voice that comes only once in a generation. Popular music blog Lockeland Springsteen deemed Welles “Nashville’s Next Rock Deity”. He has performed at world-renowned events including Bonnaroo, Governor’s Ball, and SXSW.... read full bio


Book Well-Strung for your next event.

One of the hottest groups touring the country today, Well-Strung, a New York City based string quartet, derives their unique blend of vocals and strings by fusing classical music with the pop music of today. Members Edmund Bagnell, Chris Marchant, Daniel Shevlin, and Trevor Wadleigh have been touring across the US and internationally, sharing their unique take on old and... read full bio


Book Weiss for your next event.

Richard Dinsdale, better known as his stage name Weiss, is a music producer, Dj and artist from the UK. He is known for releasing house music and while growing up, he found influence in a wide variety of artists and bands which include Motown, Metallica and Phil Collins. He began his musical career working as an apprentice to James... read full bio

Weird Al Yankovic

Book Weird Al Yankovic for your next event.

Over the course of his career, launched on the Dr. Demento radio show, Weird Al Yankovic has parodied everyone from one-hit wonders like Toni Basil (whose hit “Mickey” helped inspire Weird Al’s “Ricky”) to long-lived groups like Queen (“Another One Bites the Dust” became “Another One Rides the Bus” in Weird Al’s hands) to superstars like Michael Jackson. In fact,... read full bio


Book Weezer for your next event.

Weezer is an alternative rock band, who has released thirteen full-length albums, six EPs, a DVD, and a two-disc set, deluxe remastered edition of their debut album. Besides these official releases, they are notable for having released dozens of otherwise unreleased material onto the internet from their official website, and having hundreds of songs which have never been heard by... read full bio


Book Ween for your next event.

Known as a strange musical duo who specializes in both parody and originality, Ween is predominantly a part of the rock genre, though they are influenced by a wide variety of genres. Their highly satirical work is unfiltered, and the duo is not afraid of being savage. The artistic names of the two members and childhood friends are Dean... read full bio

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