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Greg Mortenson

Book Greg Mortenson for your next event.

Greg Mortenson is most famous for his humanitarian work in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, promoting education and building schools, specifically for girls. He is also a professional speaker, writer, and is a former mountaineer. After a 70 day, failed attempt to climb the worlds second highest mountain, K2, Mortenson became lost while descending the mountain. Instead of arriving in Askole,... read full bio

Marie Da Silva

Book Marie Da Silva for your next event.

Malawi-born 2008 CNN Hero award-winner Marie Da Silva lost 14 family members, including her father and two brothers, to AIDS. From halfway around the world as a nanny, she provides a place where the orphans can prosper - The Jacaranda School. Here more than 300 children, most of whom are AIDS orphans, receive porridge every morning and education, free of... read full bio

Valorie Burton

Book Valorie Burton for your next event.

She is the author of Listen to Your Life, Whats Really Holding You Back and Rich Minds, Rich Rewards. She coaches entrepreneurs who have created multi-million dollar businesses as well as executives, emerging entrepreneurs and professionals in 23 states, Canada and three European countries. Her greatest fulfillment comes when her clients, readers and audience members take action and make meaningful... read full bio

Fernando Bermudez

Book Fernando Bermudez for your next event.

FERNANDO BERMUDEZ served more than 18 years in New York State maximum-security prisons following his wrongful conviction of murder in the shooting death of Raymond Blount until proven innocent with assistance from pro bono attorneys from Washington, D.C., New Jersey and New York. Mr. Bermudez's case presents a rare instance of New York case law in which a judge... read full bio

Matilda Raffa Cuomo

Book Matilda Raffa Cuomo for your next event.

Matilda Raffa Cuomo’s life has been dedicated to service. She has been a respected and distinguished advocate on behalf of women, children and families. As the former First Lady of New York State, she diligently worked as a volunteer with state and elected officials and community leaders, to establish programs to prevent child abuse, strengthen families, promote adoptions for foster... read full bio

Cathrine Ann

Book Cathrine Ann for your next event.

Cathrine Ann was homeless, unemployed, penniless, and on probation with no formal education, but she was determined to turn her life around. At age 40, instead of continuing on the path of hopeless despair, she chose to take a massive risk. It was then that Cathrine Ann combined her street smarts, raw ambition and a lot of creativity to launch... read full bio

Lee Stetson

Book Lee Stetson for your next event.

Lee Stetson is well known for his portrayals of Americas foremost naturalist and conservationist, John Muir. Lee Stetson's plays include several one-person shows based on the life of the naturalist John Muir, including one based on both Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt. These productions, with Lee Stetson in the title role, have been presented in Yosemite National Park since 1983... read full bio

Sandi Simcha DuBowski

Book Sandi Simcha DuBowski for your next event.

Sandi DuBowski is the director of the critically acclaimed documentary Trembling Before G-d. In his film, DuBowski intimately explores the ongoing struggle between the forces of sexuality, tradition, and religion focusing on the relationship between homosexuality and the Jewish faith. The powerful film has garnered awards such as The Mayor's Prize for the Jewish Experience at the Jerusalem Film Festival,... read full bio

Edward DeJesus

Book Edward DeJesus for your next event.

Edwards powerful messages have always captured the attention of cities, states, national foundations, the youth service community, and hundreds of thousands of young adults throughout the United States of America. Edward DeJesus is a recognized authority on youth engagement, a premier speaker on the topic. Often referred to as Mr. Youth Cultural Competence (YCC), Edward has delivered this message to... read full bio

Rob Follows

Book Rob Follows for your next event.

Rob Follows is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and adventurer who has found a way to integrate his three life passions. He is Founding Partner of STS Capital Partners, an international boutique investment banking firm focused on helping successful entrepreneurs and CEOs in the major strategic decisions that help them move from successful achievements to true significance; Founder of Altruvest Charitable... read full bio

Kimberly Aiken

Book Kimberly Aiken for your next event.

Kimberly Clarice Aiken was Miss America 1994. Aiken was 18 years old when she won the coveted title, and was only the third woman of African descent to get the crown. Aiken used the plight of the homeless as her platform. Her year of service as Miss America helped generate public awareness about homelessness and brought a better public understanding... read full bio

Nathaniel J. Williams

Book Nathaniel J. Williams for your next event.

Self-help sometimes sounds like a catchphrase. For Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams Dr. Nat to his friends and fans its a calling. The author of six books (including the recent The Affordability Factor), host of his own weekly talk show in Philadelphia, an in-demand inspirational speaker, has lived a story like no other, and his commitment to... read full bio

Jerdine Nolen

Book Jerdine Nolen for your next event.

Stories help us examine and shape the world we live in. Stories give us hopeful answers and insights to questions no one person can answer on their own -- stories help us share our lives. This is what I love about being a writer. Jerdine Nolen received a B.A. in special education from Northeastern Illinois University and an M.Ed. in... read full bio

Barbara Gordon

Book Barbara Gordon for your next event.

Barbara Gordon is the author of the best selling autobiography, I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can and a novel, Defects of the Heart. Her last book, Jennifer Fever, was a provocative look at a middle aged man who turns in his spouse of many years for a newer, much younger, sexier model. Other nonfiction works include Older Men, Younger... read full bio

Ann M. Martin

Book Ann M. Martin for your next event.

Ann M. Martin is the author of the popular teen series of books Baby Sitters Club. The wildly popular book series has sold over 125 million copies in print. The successful writer gets the ideas for her books from many different places. Some are based on personal experiences, while others are based on childhood memories and feelings. Since ending the... read full bio

Kate Davis

Book Kate Davis for your next event.

A speaker, writer, mother, comedian and actress, Kate Davis has the unique ability to find humour in any situation and to offer creative solutions to defuse the frustrations in the home and workplace. Kates generous insight and outspoken character, provides a powerful combination to help organizations empower their staff with effective tools for managing stress and sustaining motivation. An engaging... read full bio

Denise Brown

Book Denise Brown for your next event.

Former model Denise Brown is now an activist who ardently speaks out against domestic violence; Ms. Brown has worked tirelessly to help pass a variety of legislative solutions for domestic violence, and she has traveled across the U.S. to speak on the issue. After her sister Nicole was tragically murdered and Nicole’s ex-husband O.J. Simpson was famously charged with her... read full bio

Dr. Jeanne King

Book Dr. Jeanne King for your next event.

Psychologist, author and leading expert in family violence and legal domestic abuse, Dr. Jeanne King helps people break the cycle of abuse before it spirals out of control. In turning her own nightmare into a mission, she has devoted her life to being the voice for all those who have been silenced by abuse and by our legal system. King... read full bio

Bruce Degen

Book Bruce Degen for your next event.

Bruce Degen has written and illustrated numerous award-winning books for children, among them Shirley's Wonderful Baby, Daddy Is a Doodlebug, and Jamberry. He has illustrated the highly acclaimed The Magic School Bus series by Joanna Cole, the ever-popular Jesse Bear books by Nancy White Carlstrom, and Jane Yolen's Commander Toad series. In addition to his career in children's books, he... read full bio

Mike Rucker

Book Mike Rucker for your next event.

Mike Rucker is a former American football player who played in the NFL for eight seasons. Rucker’s football career began at the University of Nebraska. During his time on the Cornhuskers football team he was apart of the national championship teams of 1995 and 1997. Rucker finished his college career with 40 stops and was the fourth all-time tackler. During... read full bio

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