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Dusty Slay

Book Dusty Slay for your next event.

Dusty Slay is an American stand-up comedian from Nashville, Tennessee. He’s best known for his baritone voice and his talks of his days in the trailer park, being a redneck, and how he deals with being a blackout drunk. Slay has performed on huge late night television shows including, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, on “Last... read full bio

Earl Okin

Book Earl Okin for your next event.

Earl Okin not only received a standing ovation but also starred in the North Sea's legendary after-hours 'jam' session, and the organizers of the festival were able to secure his place as a result of his unexpected popularity at the world-famous North Sea Jazz Festival. Earl went back to Birdland and St. Peter's, which is known as the "Jazz Church,"... read full bio


Book Earthquake for your next event.

Nathaniel Stroman, better known as Earthquake", is one of today's most talented African-American comedians, actors, and voice artists. Naturally gifted, Earthquake has been described as upfront, straight to the point, and without limitations. His persona shines brightly in any crowd. After many years of success at city comedy venues, Earthquake broke into the television and film industries. Earthquake performed a... read full bio

Ed Bassmaster

Book Ed Bassmaster for your next event.

Edwin Rodriguez, better known as his stage name Ed Bassmaster, is an American YouTuber who posts comedy videos that has earned over 762 million views since it’s creation. Currently, Bassmaster has nearly 2.5 million subscribers and his videos often feature him acting in various characters, shows him pranking various random people and putting them in awkward situations. His popularity has... read full bio

Ed Byrne

Book Ed Byrne for your next event.

With successful tours, sold-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and in the West End, Ed has seen enormous success both critically and popularly in the UK and Ireland. In addition, he has a solid worldwide reputation. He frequently appears in front of crowds in Paris, Las Vegas, Sydney and Montreal's Just For Laughs. In addition, he presents programs from BBC Radio 4... read full bio

Ed Helms

Book Ed Helms for your next event.

“Vulnerability is huge. I love to see that in characters. It's something I feel like a lot of my comedic heroes have always done.” Ed Helms is an actor, comedian, singer and musician. He later starred in the Emmy Award–winning NBC sitcom The Office and was a lead in the blockbuster film The Hangover. Helms landed a spot on Jon... read full bio

Eddie Barbanell

Book Eddie Barbanell for your next event.

Eddie Barbanell is an American actor, comedian, and speaker, best known for his roles in films like Billy in “The Ringer”, Coach Eddie in “Hall Pass”, and in the film “Dumb and Dumber To”. He has also played Bradley in a few episodes of the Comedy Central series “Workaholics”. Barbanell has Down syndrome, which he doesn’t allow him to overpower... read full bio

Eddie Brill

Book Eddie Brill for your next event.

Eddie Brill is a well-respected and very funny stand-up comedian here in the USA and abroad. He has been a regular on the comedy scene in England now going on three decades. Eddie has also worked regularly in Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, France, Holland and Hong Kong. For the past thirteen years and counting, Eddies has worked on the Late... read full bio

Eddie Griffin

Book Eddie Griffin for your next event.

Eddie Griffin is an American comedian and actor best known for playing Eddie on the series Malcom & Eddie as well as for playing Tiberius Jefferson T.J. Hicks in the films Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. Griffin studied at Kansas State University but after a few years quit college to pursue comedy in New York City.... read full bio

Eddie Izzard

Book Eddie Izzard for your next event.

Eddie Izzard is one of Britain’s best stand-up comedians. He is also an actor and voice-over artist for several projects. His comedy style takes the form of rambling, whimsical monologue and self-referential pantomime. Izzard's works include amazing stand-up sets like Unrepeatable, Definite Article, Glorious, Dress to Kill, Circle, Sexie and Stripped. He had a starring role in the television series... read full bio

Eddie Murphy

Book Eddie Murphy for your next event.

"Eddie Murphy is an absolute legend in the industry of comedy, whether it be for his standup or his acting. Though he suffered a difficult childhood, and after his father died and his mother grew ill, he and his siblings lived in foster care for a year. He attributes his time in foster care to be a key factor in... read full bio

Ego Nwodim

Book Ego Nwodim for your next event.

Ego Nwodim is an American actress and comedian who is currently a featured player on the series “Saturday Night Live”. She studied at the University of Southern California where she graduated with a biology degree before moving on to take classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre so she could pursue comedy. During her time there she had a one-woman... read full bio

Elayne Boosler

Book Elayne Boosler for your next event.

Elayne Boosler is an American comedian, writer, and actress from Brooklyn, New York. Boosler started her career as a doorman at The Improvisation comedy club in New York City. While working there, she met Andy Kaufman who convinced Boosler to start working as a stand-up comedian. Boosler later went on to become the first woman to get her own one-hour... read full bio

Eli Castro

Book Eli Castro for your next event.

Eli Castro is a comedian, actor, writer and attorney who combines his Puerto Rican heritage with American culture to create a unique comedy routine for his shows. Outlets such as The Chicago Sun-Times, TimeOut, and the Orlando Sentinel have reviewed him. Castro has also been featured on Telemundo, Univision, The View, FOX, and WGN-TV. Castro has performed at colleges and... read full bio

Eliot Glazer

Book Eliot Glazer for your next event.

Eliot Glazer is an American comedian and writer who is best known for being an executive story editor for series “New Girl” and for playing Eliot Wexler alongside his real life sibling Ilana Glazer in the series “Broad City”. Other series that Glazer has written for include, “Teachers”, “Best Week Ever” and “Younger”. He has also contributed for series such... read full bio

Eliza Skinner

Book Eliza Skinner for your next event.

Eliza Skinner is a standup comedian and staff writer for the popular satire and comedy website “Funny or Die”. Skinner was named by Patten Oswald as his favorite up and coming comedian and she has been growing her fan base though comedy festivals in the US and Canada. She regularly performs with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in LA and... read full bio

Ellen Cleghorne

Book Ellen Cleghorne for your next event.

Ellen Cleghorne is an American actress and comedian who has previously been a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” in the 1990’s. Cleghorne was born in Brooklyn, New York, and she began her career as a comedian performing at various comedy clubs in New York before catching her big break competing in the Johnnie Walker Comedy Search. During this time,... read full bio

Ellen DeGeneres

Book Ellen DeGeneres for your next event.

Ellen DeGeneres is one of America's most well known comedians, also serving as a prominent gay and lesbian role model. Ellen DeGeneres is a big hit with her talk show, Ellen. Ellen has won an Emmy, nearly a dozen Daytime Emmy Awards, and numerous People's Choice Awards. Ellen is the voice of Dori in Finding Nemo. She has also received... read full bio

Ellie Taylor

Book Ellie Taylor for your next event.

Ellie Taylor is an English comedian, actor, television presenter and media personality. She gained attention after being discovered on the television series “Show Me the Funny”. She later went on to perform her debut show ‘Elliementery’ at the Laughing Horse. Since then, she has had three more live tours, ‘Infidelliety’, ‘This Guy’ and ‘Don’t Got This’. Taylor has also had... read full bio

Elon Gold

Book Elon Gold for your next event.

Growing up in the Bronx, Elon Gold emerged into a naturally gifted stand-up comic, sketch performer, actor, and writer. Having discovered at a very young age that he had an uncanny ability to do impressions, Gold went from mimicking his teachers to mastering truly unique voices like Charles Grodin and Howard Stern. Gold's impression-infused routine led to his first television... read full bio

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