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Book Fridayy for your next event.

Francis Leblanc, professionally known as Fridayy, is a rising talent in the music industry. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Fridayy has always had a passion for music, starting to play instruments like the piano, bass, and guitar at the age of 6. His father, a pastor, played a significant role in nurturing his love for music and exposed him to... read full bio

Frida Gustavsson

Book Frida Gustavsson for your next event.

Swedish actress Frida Gustavsson got her start as a model at the age of 10, when she was discovered in an IKEA. She garnered up a reasonably big amount of success as a model, walking shows for massive names like Luis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and many more. Frida has also been featured on magazines such as... read full bio


Book Friction for your next event.

Friction, otherwise known as Ed Keeley, is a Brighton-based DJ and drum and bass producer and musician. While he is a massive talent and a very popular name, he also owns his own record labels: Elevate Records and Shogun Audio. He’s been signed to various labels throughout his career, on top of his own: Valve Recordings, True Playaz, Renegade Hardware,... read full bio

Freya Ridings

Book Freya Ridings for your next event.

Freya Ridings is an English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who rose to fame with the release of her single “Lost Without You,” which became a charting hit in the UK. Ridings was born in London, England, and her music is a mixture of pop, folk and soul. Ridings is the daughter of musician Richard Ridings and through her father, she learned... read full bio

Freya Beer

Book Freya Beer for your next event.

Freya Beer is a West London-based singer-songwriter who has been hailed as "a raw and fascinating new talent" d riven by alternative fashion, music and literature. Through a gothic soul and a spirit that dares to dream in the dark, Freya distills her various influences. Beast, Freya's debut album, received excellent reviews and widespread praise after its release. With her independently released debut... read full bio

Freya Allan

Book Freya Allan for your next event.

Freya Allan is a young up-and-coming actress. She has previously been a part of the young company for Ballet Lorent’s Rapunzel at the Oxford Playhouse. From there, she has made her acting debut in the short film “Christmas Tree”. Since then, she has been in two more short films, “Captain Fierce” and “Bluebird”. Allan has made her television debut playing... read full bio

Freya Air Aspinall

Book Freya Air Aspinall for your next event.

The office for Freya Air Aspinall has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.


Book Frex for your next event.

Frex, a Los Angeles-based singer known for her songs "Kill For You" and "Come Around," among countless others, writes songs in a transparent and approachable style that simultaneously attracts listeners to the subjects she addresses. The debut of "Out The Blue" and the White Sun EP, which marked a turning point in her artistic career, caused a stir. After honing her... read full bio


Book Freude for your next event.

Clemens "Cley" Freude, a young singer-songwriter from Vienna, discovered his vocation in 2019 while serving in the Salzburg government. When it was over, he started a stable employment as an emergency medical technician since he found the profession to be so appealing. Up until he went to an emergency call at the Salzburg railway station, where he found the corpse... read full bio

Fresh Horses

Book Fresh Horses for your next event.

Fresh Horses is a high-energy tribute band to one of the greatest country musicians, Garth Brooks. The tribute band is led by Les Smith, who not only sounds just like Brooks, but looks like him as well. During the tribute show you’ll hear hit singles such as “Standing Outside the Fire”, “Midnight Cinderella”, “Rodeo”, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, “Two Pina... read full bio


Book Frente for your next event.

Frente were one of Australia's hottest bands in the early 1990s, with their distinctive brand of indie pop propelling them onto an international platform, supporting the likes of Counting Crows and Alanis Morissette - they even featured on 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien'. Following the success of two EPs, 'Whirled' and 'Clunk,' Frente (the core duo of Angie Hart and Simon... read full bio


Book Frenship for your next event.

Frenship is a duo based out of Los Angeles, who is progressively rising up from the infinite masses of eager artists. They gained popularity on Soundcloud after sharing some remixes of original songs. Their track Morrisson was named after one of the members hometown in Colorado- also the birthplace of the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater. Frenship's next release, Nowhere, shares... read full bio

Frenkie de Jong

Book Frenkie de Jong for your next event.

Frenkie de Jong is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as midfielder for the Spanish club Barcelona as well as for the Netherlands national team. Frenkie was born in Gorinchem, Netherlands, and he began his career playing with Willem II for his whole youth career. He went on to make his professional debut with Willem II and then went on... read full bio

French the Kid

Book French the Kid for your next event.

French the Kid is a rapper and producer born and raised in Essex, England. It didn’t take long for him to take the U.K. rap scene by storm. Growing up, his mom inspired him with her wide array of music. People clung to his unique sound and how different he was from other rappers around his age. Songs like “BMW”,... read full bio

French Police

Book French Police for your next event.

French Police is a band founded by guitarist and singer Brian Flores, who formed the group in Chicago. Their unique sound has helped them develop a devoted and underground audience by fusing introspection with raw energy. Their three albums, "French Police," "Haunted Castle," and "BLEU," have demonstrated their creative development and helped them forge an identity. French Police has performed... read full bio

French Montana

Book French Montana  for your next event.

French Montana is a Moroccan American rapper who emerged from the New York mixtape underground to become a pop-savvy hip-hop artist. He developed an independent empire with his Cocaine City label. He gained popularity for his high-profile collaborations and a few chart songs, like as "Unforgettable" from his platinum-certified sophomore LP, Jungle Rules, starting with his first album, Excuse My French.... read full bio

French 79

Book French 79 for your next event.

French 79 is an up-and-coming electronic artist from France. After releasing music, French 79 felt he was releasing music that was limited to just France, but he quickly released his music reached an international level that quickly elevated his career. He rose to prominence with the release of the single “Between the Buttons” which was released off of his debut... read full bio

Freeze Frame

Book Freeze Frame for your next event.

Freeze Frame is a highly entertaining 80s tribute show, complete with costumes and all the classic hits. They play some of the decade’s biggest rock anthems and dance hits, fully dressed for the part and wearing full 80s flair in formal attire or for whatever the occasion. Their shows are incredibly high energy and they’ve become something of a national... read full bio

Freeman McNeil

Book Freeman McNeil for your next event.

Freeman McNeil is an American former professional football player who spent the entirety of his career playing for the New York Jets of the NFL. McNeil was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and he began his career playing football in high school where he helped lead his school to the Los Angeles City football title. From there, McNeil went on to... read full bio

Freeman Hrabowski

Book Freeman Hrabowski for your next event.

Freeman Hrabowski, also known as Freeman A. Hrabowski III is a mathematician, educator, and advocate. He is also co-author of several books. His research, leadership, expertise and vision are integral in universities, schools, and community groups in the country. He has been President of the University of Maryland for nearly 30 years and has transformed the commuter college into an... read full bio

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