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Fernando Bermudez

Book Fernando Bermudez for your next event.

After Fernando Bermudez was wrongfully convicted of murder in the shooting death of Raymond Blount in 1991, he spent more than 18 years in maximum security prisons in New York State. After being cleared in late 2009 thanks to the assistance of pro bono lawyers in New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and New York, Mr. Bermudez became the first male Latino... read full bio

Four Bitchin' Babes

Book Four Bitchin' Babes for your next event.

The original Girls Night Out" group that started it all celebrates 25 years of fan favorites, with their signature heavenly harmonies and classic killer comedy! The Babes bring their elegant wit, sophisticated (never blue) stand-up humor, and enough bling to hypnotize the first five rows of any theatre, creating an evening of wildly fun and raucous delight of songs that... read full bio

Forester Sisters

Book Forester Sisters for your next event.

Forester Sisters performances impressed the songwriters began providing them with original songs. The group officially signed with the label and began setting new standards in country music. Their first single, (That's What You Do) When You're In Love," reached the Top Ten. The next one, "I Fell In Love Again Last Night," went all the way to number one. The... read full bio

Frankie J

Book Frankie J for your next event.

Frankie J is a Mexican American pop singer. He has had several hits in the US, including Dont Wanna Try and Obsession. His album The One debuted at #3 on the Billboard album charts. Frankie J. comes from a musical background. Frankie J grew up listening to both traditional Latin music as well as R&B. He started writing his own... read full bio

Ferguson Fergie Jenkins

Book Ferguson Fergie Jenkins for your next event.

Fergie Jenkins is a former Baseball pitcher. He was a three-time All-Star and National League Cy Young Award winner. Jenkins became the first Canadian to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was also inducted onto Canada's Walk of Fame the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. During a 19-year career, he spent the majority of that time with... read full bio

Frank Layden

Book Frank Layden for your next event.

Frank Layden is a retired basketball coach. Layden is also a former head coach and player of his alma mater Niagara University's basketball team. Layden coached Niagara to its first NCAA tournament appearance. He was hired to be the General Manager of the then New Orleans Jazz, and became the head coach of the Jazz. He coached the Jazz for... read full bio

Felix Doc Blanchard

Book Felix Doc Blanchard for your next event.

Doc Blanchard is best known as the college football player who became the first ever junior to win the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award and was the first ever football player to win the James E. Sullivan Award. He played football for the United States Military Academy at West Point. ... read full bio

Frank Shorter

Book Frank Shorter for your next event.

Frank Shorter is a former long-distance runner who won the gold medal in the marathon at the Summer Olympics. He won his first U.S. national titles in the 5000-meter and 10,000-meter events. Shorter won the U.S. national cross-country championships four times. Shorter was a four-time winner of the Fukuoka Marathon, generally recognized as the most prestigious marathon in the world... read full bio

Frank Dux

Book Frank Dux for your next event.

Frank Dux is the innovator of a motivational system known as DUX FASST. He is no stranger to challenge and controversy and is best known as the hero in the movie Bloodsport, portrayed by Jean Claude Van Damme. What makes him a compelling and relevant speaker today are the events that led up to the making of that still popular... read full bio

Former Ladies Of The Supremes

Book Former Ladies Of The Supremes for your next event.

The Supremes is the world's all time favorite female group. They had eight individual members and each of the ladies contributed to the group's recording and performing success. The Former Ladies of The Supremes should not be confused with the tribute and sound a-like acts of today. The Former Ladies of The Supremes (F.L.O.S.) feature two genuine members of... read full bio

Front Line Assembly

Book Front Line Assembly for your next event.

Front Line Assembly is an industrial and electronic band that has explored the boundaries of industrial music over last twenty years. Lead by prolific electronic musician Bill Leeb, they have continued to push out stellar music that drifts seamlessly from underground industrial to electronic techno and back again. Leeb reflects on naming the band, saying, The only way people can... read full bio

Fabulous Beekman Boys

Book Fabulous Beekman Boys for your next event.

Brent Ridge and his partner, Josh Kilmer-Purcell were typical stressed out New Yorkers who dreamed of a simple life in the country at a cozy weekend home. But the house they purchased in Sharon Springs, N.Y., in 2006, came with an entire farm and since then, life has been anything but relaxed. Ridge, a former doctor and vice... read full bio

Fates Warning

Book Fates Warning for your next event.

"The legendary metal band Fates Warning began in the early 1980's playing a traditional style of heavy metal. However, they quickly began to adopt a more technically proficient style influenced by Rush and are considered by many to be the first true prog-metal band. While the band has subsequently moved in more melodic and ambient directions, they have remained a vibrant... read full bio

Further Seems Forever

Book Further Seems Forever for your next event.

Further Seems Forever (often abbreviated FSF) is a rock band based in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States that formed after the breakup of the well established hardcore outfit, Strongarm, in 1998. FSF has often been labeled a “Christian band” due to their long association with Tooth & Nail Records and performances at festivals such as Cornerstone, yet members maintain that... read full bio

Flynnville Train

Book Flynnville Train for your next event.

Flynnville Train is a five-piece band from the Muncie, Ind., area, that draws on country, hard rock and blues inspirations. Brian Flynn takes vocals; he and his brother Brent form the core of the band. Tim Beeler plays bass, Tommy Bales is on drums and Tombstone Slim is on guitar and background vocals. The Flynn Brothers were encouraged early in... read full bio

Felix Da Housecat

Book Felix Da Housecat for your next event.

Felix da Housecat, as his clever name suggests, brings a fresh, electro and techno twist to Chicago house music. Felixs venture into house music started at a young age, and he released his first single, Phantasy girl, in 1987 under the direction of his acid house mentor, DJ Pierre. Since then, Felix has released a number of singles, albums,... read full bio

Fast Times

Book Fast Times for your next event.

Boasting wild hair, keytars, and all the stick twirls you can handle, their visual appeal can only be matched by their relentless musical output on stage. It is a complete 80's extravaganza of non-stop high energy, full costumes and top-notch performance. This is THE TOTALLY RAD 80's Experience!!! This is just the beginning of what Fast Times brings to the table.... read full bio

Frank Spadon

Book Frank Spadon for your next event.

On stage, this first-generation Canadian born comic pokes fun of his life and pulls from his own experiences from growing up with his Italian/Catholic born parents, being the last of four children, the only son, a husband and to his latest endeavor, a father. Frank starred in his one-man show “Frank Spadone-The Best for Now” where he performed to sold... read full bio


Book FLULA BORG for your next event.

Named one of Variety's ""10 Comics To Watch,"" Flula is a German DJ with over 70 million YouTube views, a devout online following, and sponsorships from a number of popular online culture outlets. Starting as a chart topping DJ in Germany before moving to Los Angeles CA, Flula boasts a diverse spectrum of talent as a musician, actor, comedian,... read full bio

Francis Cronin

Book Francis Cronin for your next event.

Frank Cronin is an Irish born and raised comedian, actor, writer, producer and ex-Irish army officer who first achieved national acclaim for his humorous adventure sketch videos on his YouTube channel 'GlowPunk.' Frank won the 'People's Choice Award' at the WAFF Awards in Ireland, in addition to an 'Honorary Headcase Award.' He was also nominated for an 'Outsider - Person... read full bio

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