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Zarna Garg

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Brown women everywhere have the freedom to laugh at anything and everyone they choose, including the sacred cows: brown men and their mothers, according to Zarna Garg, one in a billion and an Indian immigrant mom stand-up comedian. She performs frequently at New York City's venerable Comedy Cellar and Carolines on Broadway, has appeared in Vegas and the illustrious Kennedy... read full bio

Zara Larsson

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Zara Larsson is a Swedish pop singer known for winning Sweden's Got Talent at the young age of 10. Following her win, she released her debut EP, Introducing. The album and its single “Uncover” were certified six times Platinum in Sweden, and topping the charts in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Zara has since signed with Epic Records and launched her... read full bio


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Zara creates immersive audio experiences by utilizing deep atmospheric rhythms that are inspired by the interplay between sound, energy, and emotion. Her dreamy, psychedelic soundscapes, created through layers of intricate deep techno, DnB, and bass, are what define her sets and mixes. She is well-known in local and worldwide electronic music circuits and communities for her propensity to elicit emotive characteristics... read full bio

Zapp Band

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Zapp is an ‘80s soul/funk band, initially formed by The Troutman Brothers: Roger, Larry, Terry, and Lester. Their eponymous debut album achieved Platinum certification and emerged on the Top 20 of the Billboard Top 200, spawning the groovy hit single “More Bounce to the Ounce”. The Zapp Band continued to captivate the world with their music, while Roger pioneered methods... read full bio


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Canadian electronic music performer Zanski hails from Ontario and is renowned for fusing heavy social commentary with pounding EDM beats. Although electronica music is frequently associated with happy occasions, Zanski's music offers a novel perspective on the genre by addressing weighty subjects like social anxiety and mental health. Upon Frigid Water, his most recent album, is a must-listen for anyone... read full bio

Zane Williams

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Zane Williams sings about real life from a Christian perspective with a striking ability to convey feelings through song. Ranging from the stirring lyrics of Hurry Home, to the goofily comedic Worst Case Scenario, his songs run a wide gamut of emotions. Zane's music draws on a variety of influences to achieve a unique style that sets him apart from... read full bio

Zane Lowe

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Alexander Zane Reid Lowe most commonly known as Zane Lowe is an award winning DJ, record producer and television Presenter. Before he was a radio DJ, Zane was part of the hip-hop group called urban Disturbance. He is currently a member of Break Co-op. Break Co-op have released two albums “Roofers” and “The Sound Inside.” Zane... read full bio

Zandi Holup

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Talented singer-songwriter Zandi Holup gained notoriety lately when she inked an exclusive global publishing agreement with Arthouse Entertainment and Turntable Music, in association with Universal Music Publishing. Holup, a Pennsylvania native, started developing her craft at a young age, starting to write songs when she was 12 years old. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2018, where she co-wrote the No.... read full bio


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ZAND, also known as Zander Sweeney, is an alternative pop sensation whose distinctive sound and provocative lyrics have swept the music industry by storm. ZAND has attracted the interest of listeners and business experts alike with their self-described genre of "ugly pop," demonstrating their prowess as a vocalist, composer, and producer. Slut Money, Bald Bitch, and Freak were among the self-produced... read full bio

Zakk Sabbath

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The Black Sabbath tribute band Zakk Sabbath, which consists of Zakk Wylde on guitar and vocals (Black Label Society, Pantera, etc.), Robert "Blasko" Nicholson on bass (Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Rob Zombie), and Joey Castillo on drums (ex-Danzig, ex-Queens Of The Stone Age), has announced their Tour Forever / Forever Tour. In between Wylde's numerous performances over the past five or so years,... read full bio

Zaki Ibrahim

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Ibrahim was born in British Columbia to a South African father and a British mother. She spent her youth as what she calls a "citizen of the globe," residing at various points in Canada, South Africa, the UK and France. Her father was one of the founders of the prominent local radio station Bush Radio in South Africa and a trailblazing radio host. The conventional wisdom... read full bio


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Rising rap talent Zakhar is renowned for his distinctive sound and alluring lyricism. Zakhar, who is from the suburbs of Moscow, developed a passion for hip-hop and rap music as a child. In his early teens, he started writing and making music, polishing his craft and creating his unique sound. Genuine narrative and unadulterated emotion are hallmarks of Zakhar's music. His... read full bio

Zak Mirz

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Zak is an American of first generation. Zak was only 1 years old when tragedy struck, and his father passed away. As a result of this, Zak resorted to magic as an escape from reality, and he discovered that it was something he could share with others. Today, Zak is a professional magician who takes his stage show on the... read full bio

Zak Abel

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Zak David Zilesnick, popularly known as Zak Abel, is an accomplished English-Moroccan musician, singer, and songwriter. Born on March 1, 1995, in London, Zak grew up in Hendon with his mother, Rachel, and attended the Jewish state school Matilda Marks, and University College School, from where he graduated in 2013. Before embarking on his music career, Zak was an English Cadet... read full bio

Zainab Johnson

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Zainab Johnson is an American comedian and actress who rose to fame after being a semi-finalist on the television competition series “Last Comic Standing.” Johnson was born in Harlem, New York, and she later went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in mathematics. She originally wanted to be a teacher but instead moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career... read full bio


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It's getting more and harder for artists to stand apart from their colleagues in today's oversaturated music scene. Zaia, an Atlanta-born singer and rapper, is one musician who has succeeded in doing this. Zaia released his EP RESET after joining Not Fit For Society / Arista Records. The album's five songs demonstrated his taste in unusual instrumentation and his... read full bio

Zack Villere

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Young alternative RnB musician Zack Villere has been making waves in the music world. His distinctive sound is influenced by musicians like Tyler the Creator, and he writes relevant lyrics and self-produced rhythms for his original songs. Villere's music is scratchy and low-fi, but it has a lively, infectious energy that is difficult to ignore. Villere began using FL Studio to... read full bio

Zack Fox

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Zach Fox is an Atlanta, Georgia-based stand-up comedian, rapper, writer, actor, illustrator and internet celebrity. Kenny Beats, Flying Lotus and Thundercat have all worked with him. Fox began his career by tweeting jokes under the handle "Bootymath" and gaining tens of thousands of followers. Later, he discarded the nickname and began pursuing music, eventually joining the Awful Records collective. His fame grew as... read full bio

Zachary Knowles

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Magnolia, Texas is a tiny town where Zachary Knowles was raised. After posting a number of covers on SoundCloud while still in high school, he finally published an EP of his own music called "feelings" on all streaming services not long after beginning his freshman year of college. Knowles joined the New York City-based FADER Label. Since then, Knowles has released... read full bio

Zachary Cale

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Zachary Cale is a songwriter and musician from Enon, Louisiana. Inspired by his upbringing and later travels to New York City, Cale produces his own unique brand of blues. His influences are drawn from American guitar, country music, and folk rock. Cale performs not only solo but also with a full electric band. His guitar playing is complex and awes... read full bio

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