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Cola Boyy

Book Cola Boyy for your next event.

Cola Boyy whose real name is Matthew Urango, is a multi-instrumentalist and singer from Oxnard, California. Urango’s family is a racial mixture of white, black, Hispanic, and Native Americans which is why he blends rock, funk, soul, and Latin all into one sound. He’s been featured in outlets such as, The Fader, i-D, Noisey, Clash, Dazed Digital, Huck Magazine, and... read full bio

Columbus Short

Book Columbus Short for your next event.

The office for Columbus Short has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.


Book Committed for your next event.

This all-male group was founded in 2003 by four high school students at Forest Lake Academy. The group stayed together as they progressed to Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama (birthplace of a cappella greats Take 6). Committed is a versatile a cappella act who infuses R&B, Pop, Gospel/Soul, Jazz and Doo-wop.... read full bio

Cook, Dixon & Young (Formerly Of Three Mo' Tenors)

Book Cook, Dixon & Young (Formerly Of Three Mo' Tenors) for your next event.

COOK, DIXON & YOUNG is an entertaining, theatrically staged concert for all the family. Versatility is the highlight of the evening! These tenors hit those Cs in opera, belt out Broadway, bend and scat notes in jazz and stir your soul with haunting gospel and spirituals! With each new style, theyre completely at home! Let us introduce your ears, heart... read full bio

Cory Henry

Book Cory Henry for your next event.

Cory Henry is an American R&B and soul musician, singer-songwriter, musician, pianist, organist, and music producer from Brooklyn, New York. He rose to fame being a member of Snarky Puppy and since then, has left the group to pursue a solo career. Henry had a passion for music since a young age and he learned how to play both the... read full bio

Curtis Harding

Book Curtis Harding for your next event.

Curtis Harding could best be described as a student of the gritty, sweat-dripping, hip-swinging blues that wafted through the air of the American sixties. The offspring of a mother who sang gospel, and a retired veteran, he traveled all over the country as a child, singing alongside his parents, learning that music was in fact the great communicator, and that... read full bio


Book Cymande for your next event.

Six of the original members of the band Cymande, which last performed together a few decades ago, have just come back together to create music for the general public. Their unique musical style, which draws significantly from deep funk, jazz, African music, soul, rock, and calypso, has earned them a reputation for being extremely diverse. The band had been playing... read full bio


Book Daley for your next event.

Daley was introduced to the world on the Gorillaz single “Doncamatic”. Since, his soulful voice and signature black framed glasses and curly ginger Mohawk have crept into the music scene. His best work is a combination of old world soul influenced by his early days performing on the stages of Britain’s urban underground, as witnessed in his mixtape Those Who... read full bio

Dalton Domino

Book Dalton Domino for your next event.

Dalton Domino’s musical style is a gritty blend of fast, energetic southern rock with a hint of everything from Americana, Red Dirt, and Texas Country to Delta Blues and Soul. He grew up surrounded by music, with the hymnal singing from his Grandmother, the 1950’s Sun Records his Grandfather would play, and the heavy metal his step father often listened... read full bio

Damian Lemar Hudson

Book Damian Lemar Hudson for your next event.

Singer/ rapper/ producer/ pianist Damian Lamar Hudson made waves when he collaborated with Logic on the track “Black Spiderman”, which promotes racial equality among all people. Although he’s young, Damian has been creating music for nearly a decade. Born in Georgia and now based out of Los Angeles, Damian first met Logic in 2010, when they recorded the track “Drift... read full bio

Danger Mouse

Book Danger Mouse for your next event.

Danger Mouse is a musician, songwriter, and producer. He started to gain popularity when he released a CD called The Grey Album which combined the vocals from The White Album by The Beatles, and The Black Album by Jay-Z. He is half of Gnarls Barkley along with CeeLo Green. He has produced many best selling albums including Demon Days by... read full bio

Daniel Caesar

Book Daniel Caesar for your next event.

RnB and soul musician Daniel Caesar is a Grammy Award-winning artist. Caesar gained notoriety when his debut albums received a lot of positive reviews. His musical performances, which are influenced by religion and love, move people. His debut album, "Freudian," peaked at number six on the US RnB charts and was certified gold by the MC. It was a worldwide... read full bio

Darlene Love

Book Darlene Love for your next event.

Darlene Love's thunderbolt voice is as embedded in the history of Rock-and-Roll as Eric Clapton's guitar or Bob Dylan's lyrics." *New York Times. The press has also said "Darlene Love and Tina Turner are two of the hardest-working women in show business. From her first number one recording, Hes A Rebel", through her string of label hits including "Da Doo... read full bio

Darrell McFadden & The Disciples

Book Darrell McFadden & The Disciples for your next event.

Darrell McFadden And The Disciples, known as one of the hardest working Groups/Bands in the land (Called DMD by their fans) have a fresh but classic sound that stays close to traditional quartet roots while exploring contemporary musical styles. Jazzing up quartet has been in the groups lifeblood from the start.... read full bio

Desi Valentine

Book Desi Valentine for your next event.

Born and raised in London, now based out of Los Angeles, Desi Valentine is a soul/ R&B/ funk singer-songwriter. He has an EP out, titled Final Warning, and is also the lead vocalist on a homage album for Stax Records, titled ODP. Most recently, he released his successful debut album, Last Kiss. Desi is loved by fans around the world... read full bio


Book Dexys for your next event.

Dexys, often known as the Dexys Midnight Runners, is a 7-piece band English soul pop band. While the band has experiences major lineup changes over the years, with the only core member being Kevin Rowland, the band continues to create soul-inspired pop for the masses. Two of the band’s most noteworthy tracks are “Geno” and “Come On Eileen.” The... read full bio

Dominique Fils-Aime

Book Dominique Fils-Aime for your next event.

Dominique Fils-Aime is a Canadian singer who was born and raised in Montreal. She rose to fame after competing in the third seasons of the television reality competition series “La Voix” and made it to the semi-final round. Since then, Dominique has gone on to release her debut studio album, “Nameless”, which was a mixture of blues and jazz music.... read full bio

Donald Lawrence

Book Donald Lawrence for your next event.

The Grammy Award-winning producer, composer and recording artist Donald Lawrence has set the standard for excellence in the gospel music field over the last two decades. Donald Lawrence produced the live Grammy-nominated debuts. Lawrence signed a contract with the Island Records imprint Island Inspirational. Though a live recording did take place for release the album never materialized. The momentum continued... read full bio

Donnie McClurkin

Book Donnie McClurkin for your next event.

His world had been characterized by violence, alcoholism, and abuse; young Donnie McClurkin thought that promises were made to be broken. Often forced into the role of peacemaker, he did his best to keep his life together. Finding a safe haven in his church, Gospel Tabernacle Assemblies of God, he made a commitment to Christ at age nine. Throughout his... read full bio

Doyle Lawson

Book Doyle Lawson for your next event.

Doyle Lawson is an American bluegrass and Southern gospel musician from Sullivan County, Tennessee. He is best known for being the mandolin player, producer, vocalist, and leader of the 6-man group, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. While growing up, Lawson would listen to the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday nights, which is when he found his passion for bluegrass music. When... read full bio

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