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Grupo Siggno

Book Grupo Siggno for your next event.

Grupo Siggno are a regional Mexican band, who play tejano music. The group includes band members Jesse Turner (lead vocals, accordion), Joey Flores (background vocals, bajo sexton), Joseph Charles Scott (electric bass), Fabian Navarete (drums), David Roasas (congas, percussion), and Sergio Tabares (MC). Siggno’s debut studio album is titled Al Principio, which produced the hit single “Pero Hablame”. They titled... read full bio


Book Sessa for your next event.

Sessa has been a mainstay of both the American and Brazilian music scenes for a very long time. Sessa's debut album, Grandeza, was released and he is most known for his work with NY guitar great Yonatan Gat and for co-founding the Sao Paulo psych-funk band Garotas Suecas. The New Yorker called Sessa "a songwriter carved from Veloso's mold and... read full bio


Book Aleman for your next event.

Erick Ral Alemán Ramrez was born on February 20, 1990, but he is best known by his stage name Alemán, a monikor he employs when he raps. Erick Ral Alemán Ramrez was born on February 20, 1990. Cabo San Lucas is where Alemán spent his childhood and his entire life. His debut album under his own name, Pase de abordar,... read full bio

8 Kalacas

Book 8 Kalacas for your next event.

8 Kalacas appeared out of Orange County. The word "skacore" was finally created by their explosive fusion of hardcore and ska with Latin influences. The band has released two full-length albums (Self-Titled & Kill the Radio), one EP and numerous compilations. Their third studio album was released in the fall via Oracle Records. The band is inspired by the concepts of hate, love, injustice and life.... read full bio


Book DannyLux for your next event.

Dannylux, a stage name for Daniel Balderrama, was born and reared in Palm Springs, California. When he was 6 years old, his father brought home a guitar that had seen better days, sparking the start of his love for music. Daniel wants to create music that is calming and uplifts your mood. DannyLux's big break came last year when he... read full bio

Los Aptos

Book Los Aptos for your next event.

In a span of time that is shorter than three years, Los Aptos frontman Juan Ortega, now 18 years old, has gone from learning to play the guitar on YouTube to posting versions of his favorite Mexican regional music on Instagram to starting his own band. The popularity of the band's online covers of Sad Sierreo songs has already propelled... read full bio

Mariah Angeliq

Book Mariah Angeliq for your next event.

Mariah Angeliq, born Mariah Angelique Pérez, is an American singer known for her unique blend of reggaeton and RnB. Born on August 7, 1999, in Miami, Florida, to a Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother, she was named after two of her biggest musical inspirations, Mariah Carey and Aaliyah. Growing up, Spanish was her first language, but she quickly picked... read full bio

Nanpa Básico

Book Nanpa Básico for your next event.

Nanpa Básico is a rising star in the Latin American music scene. Hailing from Medellín, Colombia, Nanpa Básico has gained a reputation as one of the most promising artists in the underground Latin hip-hop and rap scene. Born in 1994, Nanpa Básico, whose real name is Juan David Castaño Montoya, began his music career in 2014 with the release of his... read full bio


Book Guitarricadelafuente for your next event.

Alvaro Lafuente belongs to a generation that had easy access to a wealth of knowledge while growing up. The Benicàssim, Spain-based singer claims that it is difficult to firmly hold onto anything because of the internet's many allusions and inspirations. Therefore, for Lafuente—who goes by the stage name Guitarricadelafuente—reconstructing a home and identity that he can actually make sense of involves looking... read full bio

Tiago PZK

Book Tiago PZK for your next event.

Tiago PZK, a Monte Grande native who became well-known in Argentina's burgeoning early-2020s rap scene, developed his rap abilities in that nation's dominant freestyle circuit before deciding to start composing his own music. Tiago rose to stardom with his breakthrough single "Sola," leveraging his vocal agility to snag the world's attention with singles like "Además de M (Remix)," "No Me... read full bio


Book blackwinterwells for your next event.

Headquartered in Hamilton, Canada, Madeline Winter doesn't identify herself as a conduit for the numerous musical identities and sounds assumed, you can hear the sharp dynamic differences between electronic rage-pop, hip-hop, emo, shoegaze and occasionally simply pure beat-centric futuristic music on the first listen. Blackwinterwells, a hyper-accelerated lone writer, producer and performer for the digital generation, is Madeline's loudest energy. Madeline is a shapeshifter... read full bio


Book Quevedo for your next event.

Quevedo, also known as Pedro Luis Dominguez Quevedo, is a gifted Spanish rapper and vocalist who made his music debut in 2022 with the publication of "Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52." With four number-one songs in his first two years, Quevedo built a name for himself in the Spanish music scene. Six additional singles made it into the top 10, while... read full bio

Ralphie Choo

Book Ralphie Choo for your next event.

Ralphie Choo is the stage name of Madrid-based songwriter and producer Juan Casado, who makes glitchy, genre-defying music. The singer, whose name is a Simpsons character, made a splash on the music business when he dropped his two standout debut singles, "Town Boyz" and "Cari." Since then, he has continued to produce music that draws inspiration from a wide range... read full bio

Rosa Pistola

Book Rosa Pistola for your next event.

With a wide range of artistic endeavors, Rosa Pistola (Laura Puentes), a Colombian who has spent the last 15 years living and working in Mexico, is a cultural architect whose influence on the reggaeton genre beyond comprehension of Latin culture. Bringing feminine energy to a culture that is dominated by men, drawing inspiration from her experiences in Colombia and Mexico,... read full bio


Book Sabino for your next event.

Sabino's breakthrough came from a string of singles he put out that were lighthearted and humorous interpretations of Mexican identity in everyday life, and they were all extremely different from the trendy urban sound. He established himself as a vital MC for today's society with the release of his debut album, I wanted to make rock, at the end of... read full bio

Mariachi el Bronx

Book Mariachi el Bronx for your next event.

Mariachi el Bronx is not a mariachi band. They are a fusion of classic mariachi sound with current synth and electric sounds, and in their more recent years, they have incorporated a hardcore punk sound into their musical style. The band consists of Matt Caughthran, Joby J. Ford, Jorma Vik, Brad Magers, Ken Horne, Vincent Hidalgo and Ray Suen. Their... read full bio


Book Tierra for your next event.

Tierra has been named “Best R&B Vocal Group” by four leading magazines including Billboard. They started their career in East Los Angeles with a blend of rock, pop, jazz, R&B and salsa. The result was a Latin R&B rhythm which produced classics like “Together”, “Gonna Find Her”, “Memories” and “Zoot Suit Boogie”. The band’s quarter century commitment shows a dedication... read full bio

Issac Delgado

Book Issac Delgado for your next event.

Issac Delgado is a famous Cuban musician best known for his contributions to modern-day salsa. Issac is a Latin Grammy nominee known for his exciting live performance style. He has withheld a long successful career, labeled El Chevere de la Salsa. Issac has been in multiple bands but was awarded the coveted EGREM (Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales) Prize... read full bio

Los Angeles De Charly

Book Los Angeles De Charly for your next event.

Los Angeles de Charly are a Mexican musical group led by their namesake vocalist Carlos Charly" Bec_es. The group formed in 1999 after Charly Bec_es and fellow vocalist Guillermo "Memo" Palafox left the popular group Los Angeles Azules. Like Los Angeles Azules, they are leading exponents of the romantic Mexican cumbia."... read full bio

El Chicano

Book El Chicano for your next event.

El Chicano is among the most successful of the L.A. Latino Rock recording artists. Their seven albums include classics such as Viva Tirado, Celebration, Revolucion and Cinco. Tell Her Shes Lovely, was another Top 40 hit on, El Chicano, which went Gold for the group. Over a 40-year span, the group has garnered five Gold records and was voted... read full bio

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