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Bucky Dent

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Bucky Dent played twelve years in Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals. He had a lifetime batting average of .247 with 40 home runs, 169 doubles, 23 triples, 451 runs scored and 423 RBI’s in his major league career. He was a member of the two time New York... read full bio

Bucky Covington

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Former American Idol contestant, Bucky Covington is among the most remarkable of entertainers—a man known and loved as much for his engaging personality as for his formidable talent. His talent has shone through on three hit singles that have helped push his debut album toward gold status; his undeniable likability and his ability to wear his stardom as comfortably as... read full bio

Buck Showalter

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Most people know Buck Showalter from his time managing the Baltimore Orioles. Despite having a lackluster playing career, Buck Showalter was appointed in 1985 as manager of the single-A minor league Oneonta Tigers because of his aptitude for the mental aspect of baseball. He took over as manager of the Fort Lauderdale Yankees in 1987. Showalter was a member of the... read full bio

Buck Meek

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The lineup has stayed the same since Buck's self-titled full-length album: Austin Vaughn on drums, Mat Davidson on bass, and Adam Brisbin on guitar (Pedal steel, bass on Buck Meek and second album Two Saviors). Ken Woodward (bass) joined them in the year or so before this recording. Dylan Meek, Buck's brother, joined them for the session, providing keyboard and... read full bio

Buck Brannaman

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As one of the world's foremost equestrian handlers, Buck Brannaman has worked with horses and their owners for more than 30 years. His methods, which are based on traditional ideas from the California vaquero tradition, involve working with the horse's nature and utilizing knowledge of how horses think and communicate to teach the animal to accept people and interact with... read full bio

Bubby Brister

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Bubby Brister is a former American football quarterback in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, Denver Broncos, and Minnesota Vikings. He played quarterback at Tulane and Northeast Louisiana University and was taken in the third round of the 1986 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was given the nickname ""Bubby"" one of his five... read full bio

Bubble Tea and Cigarettes

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Kat & Andi, who are presently located in Los Angeles and were formed in New York City, published their debut album, "There's Nothing But Pleasure," to widespread praise worldwide. Within a week after the album's release, their first printing of 1000 vinyls sold out, and their tracks have been streamed more than 5 million times on various platforms. They sold... read full bio

Bubba Watson

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Growing up in a little village outside of Pensacola, Florida, Bubba Watson dreamed of being a champion golfer. With twelve wins on the PGA Tour, including two Masters, he has more than realized that dream. He is a devout man who enjoys hanging out with his friends, his wife Angie, and their two kids, Dakota and Caleb. Along with being a part... read full bio

Bubba Wallace

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Bubba Wallace is an American professional stock car racing driver who is known for being one of the most successful African American drivers in the history of NASCAR. Wallace was born in Mobile, Alabama, and he began racing in the Bandolero and Legends car racing series as well as local late model events when he was only 9 years old.... read full bio

Bubba Paris

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Bubba Paris is a former offensive lineman. He was a member of three 49ers teams that won the Super Bowl. Paris played college football at the University of Michigan, where he was named All-Big Ten, All-American and was also a Academic All-American. Paris currently works as a motivational speaker throughout the United States. ... read full bio

Bubba Franks

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Bubba Franks is a former American professional football tight end who played in the NFL. Franks was born in Riverside, California, and he began his career playing football in high school where he was an all-state tight end. Franks then began playing college football at the University of Miami where he set a record for most touchdowns by a tight... read full bio


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K-pop phenomenon BTS, A.K.A. Bangtan Boys, was listed at No. 5 on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity List, ranking the country’s most powerful and influential celebrities. The seven-piece boy band’s most loved hits are “No More Dream”, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “I Need U”, “Dope”, “House of Cards”, and “Spring Day”. Prominent throughout social media, BTS has been named the most... read full bio


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Bryan Cancel Santiago, better known as Brytiago, is a singer-songwriter from Puerto Rico. He was taught by himself at a young age everything he needed to know about music to make himself a star, from singing and writing music. His unique sound quickly followed suit. His first single “Hay Algo En Ti” released in the summer of 2014 and made... read full bio


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Bryte is an Accra-born rapper and vocalist based in London. His distinct combination of afro-electronic, rap, and experimental club sounds from the UK, Ghana, and beyond has earned him a cult following. His flexibility can be observed in the five languages he raps in, as well as in his inventive and hook-heavy lyrics that bounce around a variety of tempos and... read full bio

Bryson Tiller

Book Bryson Tiller for your next event.

Bryson Tiller is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and rapper from Kentucky. His breakthrough single “Don’t” was originally released on his SoundCloud page and received over 35 million streams. Bryson has worked with Timbaland and Drake, which led to multiple record label deals. After signing with RCA, Bryson released his debut album T R A P S O U L. The Album... read full bio

Bryon Motley

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Byron Motley is an American singer-songwriter, filmmaker, lecturer, author, and photographer. As a musician, Motley has released jazz style albums, which include “Jazz & Cocktails” and “Me.” Motley has performed alongside artists which include Barry Manilow, Celine Dion, Dionne Warwick, John Legend, Common, Barbra Streisand, Melissa Etheridge, Mary J. Blige, and has also performed on Broadway. One of Motley’s most... read full bio

Brynn Marie

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Growing up, Brynn Marie was in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania, a small town known for its coal mining. At the age of 13, Brynn began singing with her father and brother in a praise and worship band at church. From then on, she has traveled the globe with her songs. A young woman from a tiny town with huge hopes packed her... read full bio

Brynn Cartelli

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Brynn Cartelli is an American pop singer-songwriter who rose to fame after she won the 14th season of the American television competition series, “The Voice.” Cartelli was only 15 years old when she won the show, making her the youngest person to win thus far. She went on to win a cash prize and a signing with Republic Records. Cartelli... read full bio


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Hip-hop recording artist Brynley Plumb, who also performs under the names Bryn and BRYNBP, is someone whose music has been endorsed by the rap blog and YouTube channel UnsignedStarsUK. Plumb also acts under the names Bryn and BRYNBP. The song "M.O.N.E.Y." that she released in 2017 is mostly responsible for her widespread recognition. She began posting to the internet for... read full bio

Bryce Young

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Bryce Christopher Young, born on July 25, 2001, is an American football quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he later moved to Pasadena, California, where he spent most of his teenage years. Young attended Cathedral High School in Los Angeles, but it was his transfer to Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California, that put him... read full bio

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