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Bliss Broyard

Book Bliss Broyard for your next event.

Bliss Broyard is the daughter of literary critic Anatole Broyard. Anatole Broyards mixed racial lineage was made apparent to the world after his death. Inspired by her fathers mysterious past, Bliss authored an investigative memoir about her fathers life. The book is titled One Drop: My Fathers Hidden Life, A Story of Race and Family Secrets. Prior to publishing One... read full bio

Brittany Fowler-Lamp

Book Brittany Fowler-Lamp for your next event.

Brittany Fowler-Lamp is a digital content strategist. Specializing in influencer marketing, social media strategy, and branding, Fowler-Lamp has contributed to a variety of brands. Acting as a driving force and main point of contact for brand strategy and PR, this content specialist has worked for companies like DITA EYEWEAR, Beach House PR + SOCIAL, L*Speace Swimwear, and Kiere Media, LLC.... read full bio

Bruce Sterling

Book Bruce Sterling for your next event.

Bruce Sterling is an author, journalist, editor, and design critic. Identifying as a futurist, Sterling often focuses his work around science fiction. He has authored ten science fiction novels and several nonfiction works, including The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier. Sterling has contributed to a variety of publications, often covering topics such as politics, globalization, technology,... read full bio

Brother Sundance

Book Brother Sundance for your next event.

Rylan Talerico, professionally known as Brother Sundance, is an American record producer, singer-songwriter, and musician. Talerico was born and raised in Florida and he started playing the drums at age 2 after being influenced by his father. Growing up, he started performing as the frontman and guitarist for the punk band Wallace, and also taught guitar, drums, and bass at... read full bio

Baylee Littrell

Book Baylee Littrell for your next event.

Baylee Littrell is an up-and-coming country artist. He is the son of Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell. Recently, Baylee has started his musical career after the release of his debut single, “Don’t Knock It”. Since then, Littrell has released two more singles, “Boxes” and “We Run This Beach”. This had led to Littrell opening up for his father’s band, Backstreet Boys... read full bio

Badland Sons

Book Badland Sons for your next event.

Badland Sons is an up-and-coming country and rock ‘n roll band from Nashville. The band consists of three men, Brandon Ray, Luke Buishas and Ryan Tant. The band has just recently started performing and has yet to release music but have been gaining buzz locally in Nashville. The group has even gained support from Bobby Bones.... read full bio

Bella Electric Strings

Book Bella Electric Strings for your next event.

Bella Electric Strings is an all-female classical band that has performs solos and unique arrangements. Over the course of their careers, the Bella Electric Strings have performed alongside names such as Beyoncé, Shakira, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, and have even performed on “America’s Got Talent”. Bella Electric Strings perform on Yamaha instruments and they have comprised sections for Deep Purple... read full bio


Book Beacon for your next event.

Beacon is an American electronic duo from Brooklyn, New York that consists of members Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett. The duo met while studying at Pratt Institute and they began releasing music through Bandcamp. Their first release was their EP, “No Body” which was released through the label Moodgadget. Since then, Beacon has released two more EPs and three... read full bio


Book BAILEN for your next event.

BAILEN is an indie-pop group from NYC, formed by twin brothers, their sister, and a friend. They have starred on London’s West End (Daniel in Close To You), performed all across Europe and the US, and toured Taiwan with Mando-Pop star Yen-J. BAILEN often plays shows at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, where they completed an unprecedented 40-show residency culminating... read full bio

Brent Crews

Book Brent Crews for your next event.

Brent Crews is one of the youngest racers in history at the age of 13, and yet he owns three World Titles and twelve National Championships. Aside from being a championships kart racer with his Nitro Kart, Brent also races his Factory QRC Outlaw Kart on dirt. It’s easy to see that motorsports are his life and you can see... read full bio

Benny Sings

Book Benny Sings for your next event.

Benny Sings, born Tim Van Berkestijn, is an Amsterdam-native whose music can be described as pop and rock. The singer songwriter adopted the name Benny Sings after jointing a Dutch hip hop group called Abstract Dialect. While the band dissolved, the name stuck around. While he’s been playing music since the late 90s, his professional career really took off in... read full bio

Bear Grillz

Book Bear Grillz for your next event.

Bear Grillz is a DJ and electronic dance musician from Denver, Colorado. While spending the majority of his career beneath a bear costume, he finally revealed who he was on The Jerry Springer Show – a human by the name of RJ. He is perhaps best known for remixing the song “Pinball” by artist Astronaut and EYES, which was subsequently... read full bio


Book Benda for your next event.

Benda (or Niv Ben-David), a Miami native, is an up-and-coming EDM musician and DJ who’s sound is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. With collaborations like Borgore, Courtney Drummey, Cry4tre, HE$H, Kimo, Sullivan King, Tisoki, Blupill, Mikey Rotten, Puku, Ren The Third, wifisfuneral, it’s hard to pin-point exactly what this eclectic artist’s sound really is. Benda’s songs frequently cross genres, mixing... read full bio

Between Friends

Book Between Friends for your next event.

Between Friends is an alternative-indie duo consisting of brother and sister Brandon and Savannah Hudson. The two of them have always had a passion for music and that was very clear to their family when Brandon taught himself how to play guitar when he was very young and Savannah began singing and dancing the moment she started walking. Now, the... read full bio

Bessie Turner

Book Bessie Turner for your next event.

Bessie Turner is an indie star from Eye, Suffolk where she first started strumming away at the guitar at the age of 11. Seven years later, she was performing her own original songs around her hometown. Producer George Perks and Benjamin Ward caught wind of her indie act and began helping her record music at The Crypt Studios in London.... read full bio


Book Beoga for your next event.

Beoga has become an international sensation with their blend of indie and Celtic Irish folk. It’s traditional music that is fully accessibly for today’s audiences. The band is surely attention-grabbing. Working with Jonny Coffer (a Grammy-nominated producer), Irish artists Ryan McMullan and Foy Vance, the band churned out an impress setlist. In 2005, they dropped their debut album “A Lovely... read full bio

Beauty School Dropout

Book Beauty School Dropout for your next event.

Beauty School Dropout (singer Cole Hutzler, drummer Mike Rose, and bassist Brent Burdett) is the name of a Los Angeles-based alternative band that’s fresh on the scene with their 2020 release of “Last Time”, “Die For You”, “Make It Through the Night”, and “Chicago Freestyle”. The next year, the followed up the success of these singles with the EP “BOYS... read full bio


Book Banners for your next event.

Banners, or Michael Joseph Nelson, is a Liverpool-native indie rock musician. After moving to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2015 to pursue his musical career seriously, he got in touch with Stephen Kozmeniuk and began perfecting his craft. That year, he released the song “Ghosts” albeit under the stage name Raines. It wasn’t long before he adopted the name Banners and... read full bio

Baby Dave

Book Baby Dave for your next event.

Baby Dave (AKA Isaac Holman) is an up-and-coming indie artist who kicked off 2021 with four absolutely killer singles: “Too Shy for Tennis”, “Washing Machine”, “Clarence’s Dead Dad”, and “Gen Z Baby.” In 2022, Baby Dave released 29 to much critical acclaim. All tracks were featured on his studio album debut “Monkey Brain”, an emotional DIY project reflecting on mental... read full bio


Book Biscits for your next event.

Biscits (Luke Wright Jones) is an electronic musician who first broke in with the track “Lotus” in 2016. His story isn’t like most DJ’s and producers: in 2015, Biscits’ plane at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas burst into flames, giving him a near-death experience that absolutely changed his life. He decided that life is too short, so he... read full bio

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