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Brent Crews

Book Brent Crews for your next event.

Brent Crews is one of the youngest racers in history at the age of 13, and yet he owns three World Titles and twelve National Championships. Aside from being a championships kart racer with his Nitro Kart, Brent also races his Factory QRC Outlaw Kart on dirt. It’s easy to see that motorsports are his life and you can see... read full bio

Benny Sings

Book Benny Sings for your next event.

Benny Sings, born Tim Van Berkestijn, is an Amsterdam-native whose music can be described as pop and rock. The singer songwriter adopted the name Benny Sings after jointing a Dutch hip hop group called Abstract Dialect. While the band dissolved, the name stuck around. While he’s been playing music since the late 90s, his professional career really took off in... read full bio

Bear Grillz

Book Bear Grillz for your next event.

Bear Grillz is a DJ and electronic dance musician from Denver, Colorado. While spending the majority of his career beneath a bear costume, he finally revealed who he was on The Jerry Springer Show – a human by the name of RJ. He is perhaps best known for remixing the song “Pinball” by artist Astronaut and EYES, which was subsequently... read full bio


Book Benda for your next event.

Benda (or Niv Ben-David), a Miami native, is an up-and-coming EDM musician and DJ who’s sound is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. With collaborations like Borgore, Courtney Drummey, Cry4tre, HE$H, Kimo, Sullivan King, Tisoki, Blupill, Mikey Rotten, Puku, Ren The Third, wifisfuneral, it’s hard to pin-point exactly what this eclectic artist’s sound really is. Benda’s songs frequently cross genres, mixing... read full bio

Between Friends

Book Between Friends for your next event.

Between Friends is an alternative-indie duo consisting of brother and sister Brandon and Savannah Hudson. The two of them have always had a passion for music and that was very clear to their family when Brandon taught himself how to play guitar when he was very young and Savannah began singing and dancing the moment she started walking. Now, the... read full bio

Bessie Turner

Book Bessie Turner for your next event.

Bessie Turner is an indie star from Eye, Suffolk where she first started strumming away at the guitar at the age of 11. Seven years later, she was performing her own original songs around her hometown. Producer George Perks and Benjamin Ward caught wind of her indie act and began helping her record music at The Crypt Studios in London.... read full bio


Book Beoga for your next event.

Beoga has become an international sensation with their blend of indie and Celtic Irish folk. It’s traditional music that is fully accessibly for today’s audiences. The band is surely attention-grabbing. Working with Jonny Coffer (a Grammy-nominated producer), Irish artists Ryan McMullan and Foy Vance, the band churned out an impress setlist. In 2005, they dropped their debut album “A Lovely... read full bio

Beauty School Dropout

Book Beauty School Dropout for your next event.

Beauty School Dropout (singer Cole Hutzler, drummer Mike Rose, and bassist Brent Burdett) is the name of a Los Angeles-based alternative band that’s fresh on the scene with their 2020 release of “Last Time”, “Die For You”, “Make It Through the Night”, and “Chicago Freestyle”. The next year, the followed up the success of these singles with the EP “BOYS... read full bio


Book Banners for your next event.

Banners, or Michael Joseph Nelson, is a Liverpool-native indie rock musician. After moving to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2015 to pursue his musical career seriously, he got in touch with Stephen Kozmeniuk and began perfecting his craft. That year, he released the song “Ghosts” albeit under the stage name Raines. It wasn’t long before he adopted the name Banners and... read full bio

Baby Dave

Book Baby Dave for your next event.

Baby Dave (AKA Isaac Holman) is an up-and-coming indie artist who kicked off 2021 with four absolutely killer singles: “Too Shy for Tennis”, “Washing Machine”, “Clarence’s Dead Dad”, and “Gen Z Baby.” In 2022, Baby Dave released 29 to much critical acclaim. All tracks were featured on his studio album debut “Monkey Brain”, an emotional DIY project reflecting on mental... read full bio


Book Biscits for your next event.

Biscits (Luke Wright Jones) is an electronic musician who first broke in with the track “Lotus” in 2016. His story isn’t like most DJ’s and producers: in 2015, Biscits’ plane at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas burst into flames, giving him a near-death experience that absolutely changed his life. He decided that life is too short, so he... read full bio

Bird On the Wire: The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Book Bird On the Wire: The Songs of Leonard Cohen for your next event.

The legendary Leonard Cohen was a legendary folk singer whose songs are still very much enjoyed to this day. While we’ll never get to experience a live performance from Leonard, there are many artists who appreciate his contributions to music and celebrate his sound with their own covers. One of these bands is Bird on the Wall, a Leonard Cohen... read full bio

Billy Ray Brown

Book Billy Ray Brown for your next event.

Billy Ray Brown is a world-famous former professional golfer. After winning he 1982 NCAA Championship amateur win, he played throughout the 80s and 90s during the PGA Tours, when he took home three tour wins. The first was the Canon Greater Harford Open tournament in July of 1991. The second was in May of 1992 and that was the GTE... read full bio

Bikini Trill

Book Bikini Trill for your next event.

Bikini Trill is a Los Angeles-native band consisting of singer Lauren 'LJ' Johnson, Kourosh 'Roach' Poursalehi on bass, and Tony Stern on guitar. They made their SXSW debut in 2017, which helped grab them a bunch of attention and grow their adoring fanbase. Bikini Trill then went on their very first tour across the nation, opening for bands like The... read full bio

BigFlo and Oli

Book BigFlo and Oli for your next event.

BigFlo and Oli are a rap duo from Toulouse, France consisting of brothers Florian "Bigflo" Ordoñez and Olivio "Oli" Ordoñez. Since they were young, they’ve received a lot of musical training, studying trumpet, drums, and piano while attending the conservatoire de Toulouse. The brothers got super into rap after hearing the song “J’voulais” by Sully Sefil. Thus, Florian adopted the... read full bio

Black Sherif

Book Black Sherif for your next event.

Black Sherif, also known as Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, is a rapper and songwriter from Konongo, Ghana. He made quite the international buzz with the release of “Kwaku the Traveller”, a song that hit number 1 on both the Nigerian and Ghanaian Apple Music charts. The song is doing incredible numbers on streaming services as well. For example, it... read full bio

Bon Entendeur

Book Bon Entendeur for your next event.

Bon Entendeur started when three friends -- Nicolas Boisseleau, Arnaud Bonet and Pierre Della Monica – decided to start spending their time creating a unique blend of electronic, disco, lond music, and classical, just to name a few. Their songs were put on SoundCloud on a monthly basis and now, you can hear them almost anywhere. Just check out their... read full bio

Bruce Vilanch

Book Bruce Vilanch for your next event.

Bruce Vilanch has had quite the career, starting as an entertainment reporter and working his way up to one of the most prolific and celebrated comedy writers out there. There’s a good chance you’ve heard that name and a great chance you’ve seen his face, whether you put two and two together or not. As one of the most sought-after... read full bio

Britnee Kellogg

Book Britnee Kellogg for your next event.

When Britnee was nine years old, she went to a Johnny Cash & June Carter-Cash concert and fell in love with country music. Britnee was instantly smitten and believed she had discovered her calling. Since then, each day has moved her one step closer to realizing her ambition. The likes of Blake Shelton, Eric Paslay, Lee Brice, Kane Brown, Little Big... read full bio


Book Belles for your next event.

Belles mixes together the traditional themes of country music and turns them on their heads from the perspectives of feminism and badassery with vocals as magnificent as the dirt of her native Nebraska. Through her melodies, she pierces your heart with her inherent charm and charisma. Belles' songs reflect tales of familial relationships, heartbreak and adversity with a variety of deeper meanings.... read full bio

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