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Cory James Mitchell Band

Book Cory James Mitchell Band for your next event.

Cory James Mitchell Band is a southern rock ‘n’ roll band based out of Sarnia Ontario that is led by Cory James Mitchell on vocals and guitar and also consists of members Mason Stewart on guitar, Griffin on guitar, Kellan Lindsay on bass and Jacob Burton on drums. Cory James Mitchell Band has caught attention in the Canadian music scene... read full bio

Cory Wong

Book Cory Wong for your next event.

Cory Wong is an American musician, guitarist, songwriter and producer who performs music that is a mixture of jazz, pop, rock, R&B, and funk. Wong was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, and he is currently based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wong had a passion for music at a young age and began taking piano lessons when he was 9 years... read full bio

Cousin Curtiss

Book Cousin Curtiss for your next event.

With a complete band on hand and years of live touring and recording expertise behind him, Cousin Curtiss brings to the stage a blazing dynamic seldom seen by a solo act. As a result, the concert performance becomes legendary. Through his Grammy-winning Rootstomp music, Cousin Curtiss has shared his contagious optimism and unending smile both within the United States and beyond.... read full bio

Croce Plays Croce

Book Croce Plays Croce for your next event.

Croce Plays Croce is a show dedicated to the late great Jim Croce – the man behind such timeless classics as “Time in a Bottle”, “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim”, “Operator”, and “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” – performed by A.J. Croce. As you probably guessed it, A..J. doesn’t just share a namesake (and a striking resemblance) of the famous... read full bio

Crys Matthews

Book Crys Matthews for your next event.

Crys Matthews, a native of Nashville and a bard of truth, is one of the most prominent musicians advancing social justice today. Matthews, a multi-award-winning songwriter and composer, combines Americana, folk, blues and bluegrass into a daring, intricate performance rooted in classic melodies and interrupted with genuine, creative words. She was created for this moment. She uplifts our spirits in these... read full bio

Crystal Shawanda

Book Crystal Shawanda for your next event.

Country music has strong roots for Crystal Shawanda. She was a natural-born country person, connected to the land and the true stories of common people. Native Americans' lives revolve around music. It is their dance, their history, and a tool for both remembering and forgetting. It is a method to both honor life and lament death. On the Wikwemikong Native Reservation... read full bio

Curtis Harding

Book Curtis Harding for your next event.

Curtis Harding could best be described as a student of the gritty, sweat-dripping, hip-swinging blues that wafted through the air of the American sixties. The offspring of a mother who sang gospel, and a retired veteran, he traveled all over the country as a child, singing alongside his parents, learning that music was in fact the great communicator, and that... read full bio

Curtis Salgado

Book Curtis Salgado for your next event.

Curtis Salgado was the inspiration behind John Belushi's creation of the Blues Brothers characters in the late 1970s. They met and became friends while Belushi was in Eugene, Oregon filming the movie Animal House. The Blues Brother's debut album Briefcase Full of Blues is dedicated to Salgado and Cab Calloway's character in The Blues Brothers film is named after Curtis.... read full bio

Cyril Neville

Book Cyril Neville for your next event.

Cyril Neville, the Grammy Award-winning Neville brother from New Orleans, has been referred to be a poet, philosopher and one of the greatest southern soul vocalists of all time. He released his first solo record, "Gossip," in 1970. It featured backing vocals from brother Art's new band, The Meters, and the song "Tell Me What's On Your Mind." The Meters (Art... read full bio

Dalton Domino

Book Dalton Domino for your next event.

Dalton Domino’s musical style is a gritty blend of fast, energetic southern rock with a hint of everything from Americana, Red Dirt, and Texas Country to Delta Blues and Soul. He grew up surrounded by music, with the hymnal singing from his Grandmother, the 1950’s Sun Records his Grandfather would play, and the heavy metal his step father often listened... read full bio

Dan Sartain

Book Dan Sartain for your next event.

Dan Sartain is an American Musician whos southern infused rock and roll won him a spot under the wing of Jack White (of White Stripes fame). After releasing two self-produced albums he opened for The White Stripes and The Hives. The single, Walk Among the Cobras Pt.1, from his fifth studio album can be heard in the video game The... read full bio

Danko Jones

Book Danko Jones for your next event.

Danko Jones is a Canadian rock trio from Toronto, Ontario, that consists of members Dank Jones on vocals and guitar, John Calabrese on bass, and Rich Knox on drums. After Danko Jones was formed, they went on to play locally for two years around Canada as well as in the United States. In this time they opened for bands such... read full bio

Darin and Brooke Aldridge

Book Darin and Brooke Aldridge for your next event.

The dynamic and harmonious musical combination of Darin and Brooke Aldridge has revolutionized the bluegrass and acoustic music scenes with their enthralling performances and moving narratives. Darin and Brooke are natives of the North Carolina mountains, and their musical journey is rooted in history and imbued with a contemporary flair that appeals to listeners of all ages. Their sound is defined... read full bio

Dark Water

Book Dark Water for your next event.

Kristian Bush, a member of Sugarland, is the founder of the rock band Dark Water, which plays in the jam band genre. Benji Shanks, who plays guitar, and Brandon Bush, who is Kristian Bush's brother, make up the other two members of the rock band's trio lineup. Brandon was a part of the band Train at one point and has... read full bio

Daryl Davis

Book Daryl Davis for your next event.

Daryl Davis is dedicated to assisting others in sparking constructive change by using dialogue to establish connections.  He has spoken with KKK and White supremacist leaders in person for almost 40 years in an effort to learn how they can hate someone they don't even know. His first contact with racism occurred when he was ten years old and participating... read full bio

David Broza

Book David Broza for your next event.

David Broza is an Israeli singer-songwriter who is known for blending together modern pop and Spanish music. His genre is a mixture of pop rock, folk rock, and blues, and Broza sings and plays the guitar. Broza was born in Haifa, Israel, and he grew up in England and Spain before going on to study in Madrid. While in Madrid,... read full bio

David Lindley

Book David Lindley for your next event.

David Lindley is a multi-instrumentalist that is best known for his works with Jackson Browne and other rock musicians. He has also played for the band Kaleidoscope and also in his own band, El Rayo-X that embodied the sounds of world music. David Lindley has worked with artists in many other genres of music, including Dolly Parton and Curtis Mayfield.... read full bio

David Wilcox

Book David Wilcox for your next event.

David Wilcox is a Canadian rock musician from Montreal, Quebec. At only six years old, Wilcox had a fascination with Elvis Presley whom he draws influence from, and went on to begin learning how to play the guitar and later had his first live show when he was 14 years old. Wilcox first began playing in the band Great Speckled... read full bio

Davy Knowles

Book Davy Knowles for your next event.

Davy Knowles has a distinct approach whether he plays the mandolin, electric guitar, acoustic, or national steel. Davy's profile has only grown since he first appeared on the scene with his band Back Door Slam's highly regarded CD "Roll Away." The legendary Peter Frampton produced his sophomore album, "Coming Up For Air." On later tours, Davy shared the stage and provided... read full bio

Deap Vally

Book Deap Vally for your next event.

Deap Vally is the rock-centered musical duo of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards. Both members of Deap Vally have a background in music, having played in other bands prior, but they happened to met in a crochet class in L.A. They started creating music together and were signed with Ark Recordings; they released their first single entitled “Gonna Make My... read full bio

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