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Charles Duhigg

Book Charles Duhigg for your next event.

Charles Duhigg is an American author, and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist. He is author of books, “The Power of Habit” and “Smarter Faster Better” which has become a New York Times Best Seller. Duhigg was previously a reporter at New York Times where he wrote “The iEconomy”, which went on to win a Pulitzer Prize. He currently writes articles for The... read full bio

Chin-Ning Chu

Book Chin-Ning Chu for your next event.

Chin-Ning Chu is a Chinese American business consultant, and a bestselling business management author in Asia and the Pacific Rim. Ms. Chin-Ning Chu, internationally renowned speaker and bestselling author of worldwide bestsellers, The Asian Mind Game, Thick Face, Black Heart, and The Art of War for Women died of cancer on December 10, 2009 in Taiwan.... read full bio

Chris Hogan

Book Chris Hogan for your next event.

Chris Hogan is a motivational speaker, best-selling author, and a personal finance expert. He is best known for speaking on subjects such as investing, retirement, and wealth. Hogan has published two books, ‘Everyday Millionaries’ and ‘Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age; It’s a Financial Number’, the latter of which was a number one national best-seller. Hogan is also known for... read full bio

Chris Kutarna

Book Chris Kutarna for your next event.

Dr. Chris Kutarna is a best-selling author, and co-author of best-selling, internationally acclaimed book, “Age of Discovery: Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance”. Kutarna speaks about political change, predicting trends, transforming our world, and societal structure. He is a two-time Governor General’s Medalist from Canada, and is a Fellow of the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford... read full bio

Chris Rodell

Book Chris Rodell for your next event.

An talented novelist and journalist, Chris Rodell is renowned for his compelling narrative and astute insights on a variety of facets of life. Rodell is a native of Western Pennsylvania, and his love of communication and writing has fueled a successful career. Chris Rodell is a prolific author who has written a number of works that demonstrate his distinct viewpoint and... read full bio

Christina Crawford

Book Christina Crawford for your next event.

Christina Crawford is best known as the author of Mommie Dearest, an expos of alleged child abuse by her mother, actress Joan Crawford. She played Joan Borman Kane" on the TV soap opera The Secret Storm in New York from 1968 until 1969. When Christina went on sick leave in October 1968, Joan Crawford was the temporary replacement in the... read full bio

Christine Porath

Book Christine Porath for your next event.

At the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, Christine Porath is a well-respected lecturer who is well-known for her expertise in workplace dynamics and civility. She has significantly impacted our understanding of organizational behavior and the effects of interpersonal relationships in work environments as the author of "Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace" and co-author of "The Cost... read full bio

Cleo Wade

Book Cleo Wade for your next event.

The work of poet and New York Times bestselling author Cleo Wade addresses the power, beauty and practice of love both inside ourselves and across our communities. Her works include What the Road Said, Where to Begin: A Small Book on Your Power to Create Big Change and Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life. Wade's artistic philosophy is based on... read full bio

Clint Pulver

Book Clint Pulver for your next event.

Author, musician, keynote speaker and workforce specialist Clint Pulver also writes and performs. Clients adore working with him since he is also amusing, lively and enjoyable. Since he began playing professionally more than 20 years ago, he has performed for numerous musicians and in places including the Vivint Arena, Stadium of Fire and Kodak Theater in Hollywood. He established the Green Man Group,... read full bio

Cokie Roberts

Book Cokie Roberts for your next event.

Cokie Roberts' bout with breast cancer only reiterated what she already knew. “I had learned the life lesson that life is short and do the things that are important long before I had cancer,” Roberts told Richmond (Va.) Magazine after her diagnosis in 2002. ""I knew work is not important, family is, long before I had cancer”. Along with being... read full bio

Cole Brown

Book Cole Brown for your next event.

Cole Brown is a political commentator, writer, and author of the acclaimed book, Greyboy: Finding Blackness in a White World. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Cole spent his formative years in predominately white private schools and neighborhoods. However, his childhood summers were spent ping-ponging between relatives in Ethiopia and the Midwest, giving him a unique perspective on race and class... read full bio

Cole Imperi

Book Cole Imperi for your next event.

Cole Imperi is one of the nation's foremost authorities on death, dying, and grieving. She is a thanatologist, chaplain, deathworker, author and businesswoman. Imperi is the founder of the School of American Thanatology, which enrolls students from 20 different nations and is a triple-certified thanatologist—someone who studies death and dying. She established Thanabotany, Deathwork (including Death Championing) and created Shadowloss, Shadowlight and Dremains, among... read full bio

Cory Doctorow

Book Cory Doctorow for your next event.

Cory Doctorow is an author of science fiction, technology activist, journalist, and blogger. He is the co-editor of Boing Boing, a popular online blog. Doctorow has authored science fiction adult and young adult books, including Radicalized, Walkaway, In Real Life, Homeland, and Rapture of the Nerds. Doctorow has also authored the nonfiction business book Information Doesn’t Want to be Free.... read full bio


Book Da for your next event.

Da Chen is a New York Times author from China, his books include, Brothers, Chinas Son, Sounds of the River, Sword, My Last Empress: A Novel, Wandering Warrior, and Colors of the Mountain. His book Brothers, has been awards for best book by The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, and Publishers Weekly. Chen graduated from Beijing Language and... read full bio

Dan Lier

Book Dan Lier for your next event.

Dan is a best-selling author and motivational keynote speaker, specializing in Sales, Leadership, and Productivity. Having been a two-time national champion as a college basketball player, Dan transferred his winning ways to the business world, becoming the country's top sales performer. With his engaging and entertaining style, Dan delivers customized keynote talks that provide attendees with actionable insights to improve their... read full bio

Daniel Dennett

Book Daniel Dennett for your next event.

Daniel Dennett is an author and professor at Tufts University. Dennett has taught at a variety of schools, including Harvard and Oxford. Dennetts first book, Content and Consciousness, was published several decades ago, and Dennett later published a variety of different books covering topics like atheism, creative thinking, philosophy, and artificial intelligence. Dennett has received two Guggenheim Fellowships, a Fellowship... read full bio

Daniel Goldhagen

Book Daniel Goldhagen for your next event.

Daniel Goldhagen is an American author and political scientist who has been an associate professor of government and social studies at Harvard University. As an author, Goldhagen has gained fame with the release of two controversial books; “Holocaust: Hitler’s Willing Executioners” and “A Moral Reckoning.” Goldhagen was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Erich and Norma Goldhagen. His father, Erich, is... read full bio

Daniel Handler

Book Daniel Handler for your next event.

Daniel Handler is a celebrated author, most renowned for his children’s literature, which he writes under the pen name Lemony Snicket. His most recognized work is the internationally best-selling A Series of Unfortunate Events, which has been adapted into a dark comedy film and a Netflix original series. He recently penned a new series of novels, All the Wrong Questions,... read full bio

Daniel James Brown

Book Daniel James Brown for your next event.

Daniel James Brown is an author who writes narrative nonfiction books. He earned his Bachelors Degree in English and then got his Masters at the University of California at Los Angeles. He started teaching at San Jose State university and Stanford university before starting his career as a writer full time. He has received lots of recognition for his writing... read full bio

Daniel Levin

Book Daniel Levin for your next event.

Daniel Levin is author of The Last Ember, the New York Times bestselling international suspense thriller. The idea for The Last Ember came to Levin while he was clerking for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel. He came across a case dealing with illegal excavation and theft of archaeological artifacts, and began researching similar cases around the... read full bio

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