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Landyn Hutchinson

Book Landyn Hutchinson for your next event.

Landyn Hutchinson is a lifestyle influencer, blogger, and creator of Living With Landyn. Through her outlet, Hutchinson talks on beauty, fashion, and home aesthetic. Hutchinson is the wife of former NFL player Steve Hutchinson and together, they have two children. Hutchinson has earned her AAS in Registered Nursing from Floriday Atlantic University. After graduating, Hutchinson went on to begin working... read full bio

Larry Page

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Larry Page is an American business magnate and computer scientist who co-founded Google, alongside Sergey Brin. Page succeeded Eric Schmidt as the Chief Executive Officer of Google, before stepping down four years later to become the CEO of Alphabet, under which Google's assets are controlled. Under the leadership of Page, Alphabet's mission is to develop groundbreaking technology in various sectors.... read full bio

Lauren Leto

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In addition to co-founding the website Texts From Last Night (TFLN), Lauren Leto co-authored (with Ben Bator) the book Texts From Last Night: All the Texts No One Remembers Sending. She also wrote Judging a Book By Its Lover, her first solo project, and is creating another start up, Bnter (pronounced ""Banter"") which will center around how people communicate, will... read full bio

Leah Busque

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Leah Busque is the founder and former CEO of TaskRabbit, an innovative online/ mobile marketplace that connects small job or task seekers to others in their neighborhood. The company is distinguished as the top on-demand service marketplace in existence, having raised over $50 million in venture funding. Through TaskRabbit, Leah has influenced thousands of startups to launch in the collaborative... read full bio

Lil Miquela

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Miquela Sousa, or Lil Miquela, is an Instagram personality and digital art model that was created by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou of Brud. Miquela started as an Instagram profile and through the social media outlet it details a fictional narrative of Miquela and her life. Miquela is a CGI character who is a model that has worked with several... read full bio

Lilly Singh

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Lilly Singh is a Canadian born YouTube personality, vlogger, speaker, actress, and comedian. She is most well known by her handle ||Superwoman|| that she uses on all social media platforms. Since starting her channel her videos have been viewed almost 2 billion times and she has over 14 million subscribers. Singh is aware of the size of her audience and... read full bio

Linda Liukas

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Linda Liukas is a Finnish children’s book author and illustrator who is best known for her coding book for children, “Hello Ruby.” Liukas found her love for creating as a teenager when she began creating websites. She went on to create a webpage on Al Gore where she talked on how she admired all of his values in hopes to... read full bio

Lisa Sugar

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As the Founder and President of POPSUGAR, a global media and technology company, Lisa Sugar built the #1 lifestyle brand for young women. Recently, POPSUGAR has launched their first makeup line, Beauty by POPSUGAR. She penned the book Power Your Happy, which details what she’s learned on her journey through building the company, which now sees a monthly audience of... read full bio

Loic Le Meur

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Loic Le Meur is the founder and CEO of Seesmic, a software company that makes one of the most popular Twitter and Facebook social software applications. Seesmic helps you share and receive all your feedback from up to 50 social networks and is available everywhere you are on the web, desktop and mobile platforms. Loic also founded and hosts the... read full bio

Marc Goodman

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"Marc Goodman is a global strategist, author, and consultant focused on the disruptive impact of advancing technologies on security, business, and international affairs. Over the past twenty years, he has built his expertise in next generation security threats such as cyber crime, cyber terrorism, and information warfare, working with organizations such as Interpol, the United Nations, NATO, the Los Angeles... read full bio

Mari Smith

Book Mari Smith for your next event.

Mari Smith is a widely recognized social media strategist. She is best known for her expertise with Facebook marketing. She is also the author of multiple books on the subject including The New Relationship Marketing and Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day, which she co-authored. She was named as one of the top 10 social media influencers by both Forbes... read full bio

Mark Pincus

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Mark PIncus is the visionary behind Zynga and He founded the company in 2007 to enable users to build social connections through games. On his way to Zynga, Mark started three companies. In 2003 he launched, one of he first social networks in the industry. Before that he founded and built the company... read full bio

Mark Suster

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Known as an angel investor, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, Mark Suster is an investment partner at UpFront Partners and also a well-known blogger. His blog, Both Sides of the Table, publishes a wide variety of articles on entrepreneruship, business, investing, success, and more. He often invest in early-stage technology ventures. Suster grew up in Northern California, and he attended the... read full bio


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Mark Fischbach, better known as his YouTube name, Markiplier, is an American YouTuber. Currently, Mark holds over 23 million subscribers on the outlet and he focuses on Let’s Play videos, a majority of which are survival horror games. Some games that Mark has played on his channel includes, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia, Minecraft, Slender: The Eight Pages, and many... read full bio

Matthew Prince

Book Matthew Prince for your next event.

Matthew Prince is co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare, whose mission is to build a better Internet. He also co-founded Unspam Technologies, an anti-spam startup where he continues to serve as Chairman. Matthew co-created Project Honey Pot, the largest open source community tracking online fraud and abuse. Matthew has been included on the San Francisco Business Times 40 Under 40 list,... read full bio

Michael Acton Smith

Book Michael Acton Smith for your next event.

Michael Acton Smith OBE helped create,, and Mind Candy. Michael co-founded the online gift retail site in his early twenties. The site sells fun and slightly bizarre gifts, and their breakthrough item was a shot glass chess set. After that item was released, their business exploded, and The Sunday Times listed them and 13th on their... read full bio

Michael Hugos

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Michael Hugos is the Co-founder of SCM Globe and the CIO at Large and Agility Mentor at Center for Systems Innovation. Hugos earned his B.S. in Urban Planning and Design at the University of Cincinnati and went on to earn his M.B.A. in Finance and Information Systems from the Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management. Hugos started his career working as... read full bio

Michael Nelson

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Michael Nelson is the former IBM Director of Internet Technology and White House IT Advisor, Cloud Computing Expert, and Georgetown Technology Professor. At Georgetown, Nelson has researched and taught courses on “The Future of the Internet” and technology trends, consulting, and speaking on Internet technology and policy. While working at IBM, Nelson helped implement IBM’s Next Generation Internet strategy. He... read full bio

Michael Stevens

Book Michael Stevens for your next event.

Michael Stevens is an American educator, comedian, speaker, entertainer, and YouTuber who is best known for creating and hosting the YouTube channel Vsauce. Stevens was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and while in high school, he had developed a comedic personality. He went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in psychology and English literature from University of Chicago and while... read full bio

Mike Krieger

Book Mike Krieger for your next event.

Mike Krieger is a Brazilian-American entrepreneur and software engineer who is best known for being the co-founder of Instagram alongside Kevin Systrom. During his time with Instagram, Krieger worked as the CTO and during his time serving as the CTO, Krieger was successful in gaining Instagram from a few million active users, to over 1 billion monthly active users. Krieger... read full bio

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