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Francie Moon

Book Francie Moon for your next event.

Francie Moon is a New Jersey band with a blend of blues, psych, garage rock, surf, and folk. It’s a blend that is completely unique and never heard before. As their website states, “imagine yourself stepping into a garage filled with deep reds and oranges, a family garden, and an insatiable curiosity, Francie Moon is a raw east coast styling... read full bio


Book fanclubwallet for your next event.

fanclubwallet, stylized with all lower-case letters and no spaces between each word, is the stage name of Ottawa-based artist Hannah Judge. She started writing music in college, writing songs that were “depressing garbage” but soon dropped out of college and began pursuing it full time. Hannah had divided her time between penning comics and writing music – if there was... read full bio

Fireman Rob

Book Fireman Rob for your next event.

Rob's life has been a training ground and platform for understanding & developing his opinion on the power that Mental Strength brings to a motivated, passion-driven life. His action based experiences through firefighting, creating a personal brand, breaking a Guinness World Record, endurance athletics, and philanthropy, has enabled him to become a leading example and voice as to what... read full bio


Book Futures for your next event.

Futures, formerly known as Influencers Worship, is a worship band that consists of members Mark E., Chloe, Ryan, Danae, Mark G., Nicole, Andrew, and Milton. Each member of Futures has united to become a strictly inclusive family. Each of the artists uses their talent to perform the music that God gives them. Futures has previously released their debut single, “Imaginations,”... read full bio

Frank King

Book Frank King for your next event.

Frank King is a superb comedian, whether if it is his impersonations of John McCain, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, or his clean, clever, just for laughs, comedy keynote: Make a Living, Not a Difference," Frank King will customize his performance for your group, industry and or event. His comedy and motivational keynote performance: "Get Up Off Your Aspirations," or... read full bio

Future Thieves

Book Future Thieves for your next event.

Young musicians come to Nashville to chicken-pick and twang. They come to sing about trucks, girls, and girls in trucks. Not so with Future Thieves. They came to rock. You hear it in the first seconds of the first track of their first album. Horizon Line, which kicks off with a punchy drum intro. Then the band comes in: a... read full bio

Fly Golden Eagle

Book Fly Golden Eagle for your next event.

Fly Golden Eagle is a garage band with a pop/electronic style that consists of Ben Trimble, Mitch Jones, Rick Alessio, and Richard Harper. They are known for creating catchy riffs and addictive beats that will keep a crowd dancing but will also keep them interested, as it isn't just a band that creates mindless beats but also astute, candid lyrics.... read full bio


Book Flyte for your next event.

Flyte is a band comprised of instrumentalists Will Taylor, Sam Berridge, Jon Supran, and Nicolas Hill. The band uses guitar, keyboard, drums, and vocals to perform their own alternative indie sounds. Flytes first single, We Are The Rain, received recognition from Radio 1, XFM, BBC 6Music, BBC London, and Amazing Radio. Since, they have released additional singles that have been... read full bio

Frank Fairfield

Book Frank Fairfield for your next event.

Frank Fairfield is a man who loves and lives the old time life. From the way he dresses to the way he sings and plays his guitar, he embodies the essence of depression era folk. His music consists of the fiddle, guitar and banjo while singing, hollering, and stomping his feet. Fairfield was born in Fresno, California, and now lives... read full bio

Flint Eastwood

Book Flint Eastwood for your next event.

Flint Eastwood is the creative vision of Detroit native, Jax Anderson. A powerhouse live performer and incredibly talented writer, her self released EP Small Victories has been described as an unabashedly pop record by a burgeoning pop star. ""Glitches,"" the record's first single, left the Detroit Metro Times wondering, ""how is this not the biggest song on the planet yet""... read full bio


Book Froth for your next event.

The band Froth was a lucky accident. Starting off as a joke between friends, Froth was initially set to release a silent record. However, plans changed when the band was summoned to perform for a mini-festival. Throwing together some songs on short notice, band members Joo-Joo Ashworth and Jeff Fribourg came up with unexpectedly good music. Adding on a bass... read full bio

Francisco Ramos

Book Francisco Ramos  for your next event.

Francisco Ramos is a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer from Venezuela. Growing up in Washington, D.C., Ramos found his passion for comedy. Ramos has accrued an impressive comic repertoire over the course of his career. He was a top-ten finalist on Last Comic Standing, has guest starred in several television shows including Angie Tribeca, Ramon in Lady Dynamite, and Shameless.... read full bio

Fay Wildhagen

Book Fay Wildhagen for your next event.

Fay Wildhagen is a Norwegian folk artist, guitarist, and songwriter. Her unique music is considered folk pop, or show pop, and she often uses strings in her music. Wildhagen has released two albums, her debut, “Snow”, was nominated for the Spellemann Prize in the best newcomer category. She has also released her most recent album, “Borders”. Some of her most... read full bio


Book Fehrplay for your next event.

"Fehrplay, the act of Jonas Fehr, is a Norwegian electronic music artist. He has been noted by Billboard magazine and others, impressing audiences worldwide with his progressive house music. Fehr has traveled across Europe and the United States sharing his sounds with listeners. He has performed at festivals and clubs around the world. Ferhplay is recognized as one of the... read full bio


Book Fhin for your next event.

"Fhin is an electronic music artist from Paris, France. He is a talented producer and multi-instrumentalist. Fhin has demonstrated exceptional abilities playing the guitar, drums, and singing. As a self-taught artist, Fhin has been able to develop his own unique and alternative electronic music. Fueled by his love of creating original music, Fhin has evolved his sound several times. Fhin’s... read full bio

Francine Gargano

Book Francine Gargano for your next event.

Francine Gargano is the owner of Francine A. Gargano, Esq. Gargano has a history of working in the legal service industry and is an expert on topics which include legal writing, negotiation, arbitration, trial practice, dispute resolution and more. Gargano has previously earned her bachelor’s degree in political science and government from Seton Hall University and has earned her Juris... read full bio

Flo Morrissey

Book Flo Morrissey for your next event.

Flo Morrissey, or Florence Elizabeth J. Clementine, is a singer-songwriter who hails from Notting Hill, London. So far, she’s released two studio albums and has gained international attention. She has eight siblings and is the daughter of Helena, Baroness Morrissey who is the former CEO of Newton Investment Management. Her father, Richard, is a Buddhist monk and a former financial... read full bio

Finn Askew

Book Finn Askew for your next event.

Finn Askew is an English musician from Wellington in the Southwest England area, whose musical sound is definitely very original and varied. The artists he takes inspiration from are a testament to this fact. Artists like Lil Pee and Juice WRLD, along with The Smiths, Nirvana, and the Beach Boys are some of his biggest influences. His music has been... read full bio

Francesco Yates

Book Francesco Yates for your next event.

Francesco Yates is a Toronto native who’s been making quite a splash in the indie pop genre as a singer songwriter. He’s been playing music since the age of 11 and proved to be a massive talent. When he was only 16 years old, he was signed to Atlantic Records and then released his self-titled debut EP. It was produced... read full bio


Book Funkagenda for your next event.

Funkagenda is a house engineer who has made quite a name for himself. As a DJ, he’s become a prominent fixture in clubs all over the world – Russia, Romania, New York, Poland, Tunisia, and others. He was only 13 when he started making backing tracks for his dad, who is a club musician. After learning multiple instruments and starting... read full bio

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