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Hot Rod Circuit

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Hot Rod Circuit is a masterfully created creature that combines unmistakable melodies with jagged guitars in a kind of musical assault. The band, which is originally from Auburn, Alabama, was founded in 1997 and soon gained popularity by playing in neighborhood bars and sharing the stage with acts like The Get Up Kids, Jawbox, and Poster Children. Originally going under the... read full bio

Hot Rize

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Colorado band, Hot Rize, is often considered both a progressive bluegrass band and a traditional bluegrass band, taking the bluegrass world by storm with their fresh, contemporary approach to traditional music. Their dynamic stage show made them stars on the major festival circuit, and their powerful original songs constantly topped radio playlists. Hot Rize was named Entertainer of the Year... read full bio

Hot Hot Heat

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The Canadian band Hot Hot Heat is best known for their indie rock hit song, Bandages. Hot Hot Heat became an indie rock phenomenon with their synthpunk sound. They later released the album Happiness Ltd that was produced by the legendary Rob Cavallo. Hot Hot Heat toured with Snow Patrol as their opening act on the U.S. leg of... read full bio

Hot Hits

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Hot Hits is a cover band that performs all over the greatest hits starting from the 60’s to today. Hot Hits covers the biggest songs of all time from all genres which include hip-hop, country, rock, pop to disco and the show is led by Eric Sage. Sage has performed all over the world and has performed for artists such... read full bio

Hot Dub Time Machine

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Tom Loud is the face and brains behind the act Hot Dub Time Machine. He transports audiences through past decades with his DJ-ing, playing an assortment of dance music complemented by insane visual displays. Loud has entertained across Australia and the world. He has performed two of the largest shows ever at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, headlined at the Australian... read full bio

Hot Club of Cowtown

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Since its beginnings in the late 1990s, Hot Club of Cowtowns star has continued to rise as its reputation for jaw-dropping virtuosity and unforgettable live shows has become the bands global brand. Lauded for its down-home melodies and exuberant improvisation, the Hot Club has always woven a combination of seemingly disparate styles together to its own magical effect, setting up... read full bio

Hot Chip

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Hot Chip is a band from London, England who is a part of the unique genre known as indietronica. Some of the bands early released include EPs and LPs such as Mexico EP, Coming on Strong, and San Frandisco EP. After releasing their debut LP, Coming on Strong, they began diligently working on their second album. They earned more widespread... read full bio

Hot Chelle Rae

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Before Hot Chelle Rae “fueled up the Jeep with bubbly elasti-funk and breezy hip-hop swagger” (as Entertainment Weekly put it) with their brand new single “I Like It Like That,” the Nashville-based quartet scored a bonafide breakthrough smash hit with “Tonight Tonight.” Declared “one of the catchiest pop-rock anthems of the summer” by USA Today, “Tonight Tonight” crashed into the... read full bio

Hot Blooded the Foreigner Experience

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Hot Blooded-The Foreigner Experience is a tribute band to Foreigner, one of the greatest rock bands. During their performances, you’ll hear Foreigner hit singles such as, “Double Vision”, “Too Late”, “Waiting For A Girl Like You”, “Head Games”, “Cold As Ice”, “Feels Like The First Time”, “Hot Blooded”, and many more. The lead singer, Matt Newton emulates Lou Gramm perfectly... read full bio

Hot August Nights

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Hot August Nights is a Neil Diamond tribute show based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Hot August Nights has been the first tribute band to have a run in a main showroom in Las Vegas and they have also been featured on the annual Neil Diamond Tribute Cruise. Hot August Nights is led by Barrie Cunningham and with the rest... read full bio

Hot August Night - Neil Diamond Tribute

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Lead singer Dean Colley has been performing in rock bands since 1982. Years of playing in bars and regional fairs followed playing rock and roll covers with other local musicians. All the while, people began taking notice of Dean’s ever more prominent resemblance to Neil Diamond. Soon, audience members were asking Dean if he did any Neil Diamond songs. A... read full bio

Hostage Calm

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Hostage Calm is a rock/punk/hardcore band from Connecticut that debuted in the summer of 2007 with a 4-song CD-R Demo, later re-released on a 7” by Headcount Records . Their first LP, Lens, was originally released in May of 2008 on Redscroll Records, based out of Wallingford, CT. Hostage Calm released their second LP, Hostage Calm, on Run For Cover... read full bio


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Holger Behn, better known as his stage name HOSH, is a German DJ and producer who is best known for being a member of the record label Diynamic, and for being a found of fryhide imprint. HOSH was born in Hamburg, Germany, and he found his love for production at a young age as he wanted to learn how music... read full bio

Horseshoe Road

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Horseshoe Road is a unique Americana band that performs classic covers, original songs, and fiddling favorites. They have traveled all around the world performing and have made a name of themselves because of it. They consist of Kyle Dillingham, who has been playing the violin since he was nine years old and since has gone on to play at the... read full bio

Horse Feathers

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Formed in Portland, Oregon, the American indie folk rock band Horse Feathers has been bringing quality music to audiences since its formation. Singer/songwriter Justin Ringle moved to Portland and began playing acoustic music in various open mics. Peter Broderick heard a couple of Ringle's demos and was immediately drawn towards him. Peter tracked down Ringle through the interent and helped... read full bio

Horatio Sanz

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A native of Chicago, Horatio Sanz returns to the cast of SNL for his sixth season.Sanz has performed in numerous sketches and created such characters as the stoner Gobi on the collegiate webcast Jarretts Room, Sully and Denises friend Frankie, The Wake Up Wakefield faculty advisor Mr. Banglian and Jasper Hahn, the political cartoonist for Weekend Update. Over the years,... read full bio

Horace Grant

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Horace Grant is a retired American basketball player for the NBA. He played college basketball at Clemson University before joining the NBA where he became a four-time champion with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. He is recognized immediately on the court for wearing his trademark wraparound protective eyeglasses. He has a twin brother who also played in... read full bio


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Hopsin is a Los Angeles rapper, who owns a record label named Undercover Prodigy. Previously, he owned another record label, called Funk Volume. Hopsin can usually be spotted wearing white colored contacts in his music videos, performances, and interviews. Determined to be one of Southern Cali’s premier MCs, Hopsin signed a major record deal with Ruthless Records, and released his... read full bio

Hope Solo

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One of the top female goalkeepers in the world, Hope Solo went down in history when she started and played all possible minutes in the U.S. matches in the 2015 FIFA Womens World Cup, which the U.S. won, with record-breaking television viewership. She has been goalkeeping for the United States womens national soccer team for over sixteen years, not counting... read full bio

Hope Jahren

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Hope Jahren is an American geochemist and geobiologist who works at the University of Oslo in Norway. She is known for her work using stable isotope analysis to analyze fossil forests dating to the Eocene, which has earned her several awards such as the James B. Macelwane Medal of the American Geophysical Union. Jahren was born in Austin, Minnesota, and... read full bio

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