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Aerial East

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Aerial East is an up-and-coming alternative-indie singer-songwriter who is the daughter of a military family and spent much of her childhood moving around Europe before later settling down in Abilene, Texas. Aerial East later went on to drop out of community college and pursue a musical career. This led her to move to New York City where she met with... read full bio

Affion Crockett

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Affion Crockett is a man with many talents. He is an actor, a writer, a dancer, a comedian, a rapper, a music producer, and a YouTube personality. He began his dancing career at age 10, winning many contests with his older brother. Shortly after that his comedic side came out when he started mastering a huge collection of imitations of... read full bio

Afi-Tiombe Kambon

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Afi-Tiombe Kambon is a motivational speaker, actor, and oral historian of African-American history. Kambon graduated from Hayward University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and is working on her Masters in Theatre Arts and History. Her story is one of strength, Kambon had cancer as a childhood and because of this became an amputee. Because of her passion in African-American... read full bio

After Midtown

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After Midtown is an up-and-coming country musical duo that consists of members Adam Ernst and Michael Rotundo. After Midtown began their career performing in Nashville, Tennessee and after they began earning local fame, they released their self-written debut single, “Boys Like Us.” The duo first originally performed as solo artists and decided they wanted to work together after they discovered... read full bio

Afterburner Inc.

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Afterburner was started by Jim Murph Murphy, a fighter pilot that started the meaning of Flawless Execution while he was working in the Air Force. He uses the flawless execution method on companies and organizations to help grow, learn lessons, and create structure to become more successful. The Afterburner team consists of current and former fighter pilots, U.S. Navy SEALs... read full bio

Against the Wind

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Against the Wind is the ultimate Bob Seger tribute band. Against the Wind makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time to the 1970’s with a group that puts on a spot on performance of Seger. The band is led by Kevin Reid who is the lead singer and is backed up by a nine-piece band. During a performance... read full bio

Agents Of Time

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Agents Of Time are a DJ duo that consists of members Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo. Di Ceglie and Tutolo are two Italians who decided to come together and create music as a duo after seeing they had similar talents and influences. This led them to become in demand globally and release a number of singles through various labels.... read full bio

Agnez Mo

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Agnes Mo is an Indonesian singer and actress. Born in Jakarta, she started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of six as a child singer. She has recorded three children's albums and became a presenter of several children's television programs. Several years later Agnez released her first adult album entitled “And the Story Goes”, which catapulted her... read full bio


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Agoria first got hooked on electronic dance music upon listening to Kevin Saundersons Good Life on his towns local radio station in France. He started DJing and organizing parties, gaining popularity and eventually producing his own tracks. Agoria has released a total of four albums, which all showcase his talent for creating deep, melodic techno. He has also remixed artists... read full bio

Ahamed Weinberg

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Ahamed Weinberg is an American comedian and actor from Philadelphia who is based out of Los Angeles. Weinberg gained fame after he made his late night stand-up debut on “Late Night With Seth Myers” on NBC. Since then, Weinberg has gone on to be featured on TimeOut LA’s list of ‘Comics to Watch’, Vulture’s list of ‘20 Comics to Watch’,... read full bio

Ahmad Jamal

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No musician has had a more profound effect on the orchestral approach to small group jazz configurations than the celebrated pianist-composer Ahmad Jamal. While a tremendously wide listening audience continues to be drawn to his irresistibly appealing sound, it is fellow musicians that seem to hold Mr. Jamal in highest regard. Perhaps his status as a major exponent of jazz... read full bio

Ahmad Rashad

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Emmy Award-winning sportscaster Ahmad Rashad serves as a studio host for NBA TV. Rashad hosted One on One with Ahmad, a NBA TV special that appeared throughout the 2010-2011 season. The shows featured Rashad interviewing various players to get their perspective about life on and off the court.... read full bio

Aida Lae

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Aida was born in Namibia and raised by her Swedish father and Mozambican mother in a non-musical household. Growing up, Aida spent much of her days watching MTV and taught herself how to play the piano. At the age of 5, she and her family relocated permanently to a tiny town in southern Sweden. Lae's aspirations were frequently judged by... read full bio

Aida Mollenkamp

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With a diverse culinary background and a passion for sharing her knowledge with food enthusiasts, cooking expert Aida Mollenkamp prepared delicious dishes while providing answers to questions submitted by Food Network viewers in her first interactive cooking show, Ask Aida. She currently hosts FoodCrafters, on the Cooking Channel, in which she leaves the kitchen to uncover handmade food finds from... read full bio

Aida Osman

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Aida Osman is an up-and-coming television writer and comedian who grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, in the only black family in the city where her and her autistic brother were raised as strict Muslims. While growing up, Osman often felt isolated from everyone and felt even more isolated when she came out as bisexual. Later in life, Osman had the... read full bio

Aine Deane

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Aine Deane, a 21-year-old singer/songwriter, gained notoriety after her debut single, "Hopeless," was made public. She had been wanting to write the song for a time. Aine had the hazy idea in her head, and she recalls noting it in a note to her buddy Oli, who co-wrote and produced it. She has since demonstrated that she should be taken... read full bio

Airto & Flora Purim

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Airto & Flora Purim are a unique Jazz fusion duo. This duo has created many memorable songs both together and apart. Flora Purim is a Brazilian jazz singer known mainly for her work in jazz fusion. She achieved her fame on Chick Corea’s 1972 album, Return to Forever and recorded with various artists through that decade, including Stanley Clarke,... read full bio


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Airways originates in Peterborough, which is close to Chicago. It features Jake, who sings and plays the guitar, Alex, who plays the guitar, Jamie, who plays the bass, and Brian (drums). Their history is a peculiar one, what with them having performed at Reading and Leeds before their one anniversary as a band in the year 2016. After meeting Brian... read full bio

Airwolf Paradise

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Airwolf Paradise is well-liked in the world of trendsetters and has built a reputable creative resume. Don't Hurt Me Baby, his much awaited hit, has grown to be one of the biggest records. Snakehips gained further international fame after he signed his Inglory EP to their Never Worry Records. He has received praise for his producing skills time and time again and he... read full bio

Aisha Dee

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Aisha Dee is an Australian actress and singer. She is best known for her roles as Kat Edison on “The Bold Type” Mackenzie Miller on “I Hate My Teenage Daughter”, Beth Kingston on “Chasing Life”, Desiree Biggins on “The Saddle Club”, and Christine on “Dead Gorgeous”. Apart from acting, Dee also has her own band called Dee Dee & the... read full bio

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