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Nic Sheff

Book Nic Sheff for your next event.

Nic Sheff is an American author best known for his memoirs, "Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines", and "We All Fall Down: Living with Addiction". Nic is the son of author David Sheff, who wrote "Beautiful Boy" about Nic's battle with addiction, which turned into a film. Sheff was only 11 when he first got drunk, this led down a long... read full bio

Nelson DeMille

Book Nelson DeMille for your next event.

American author, Nelson DeMilles focuses his works on thriller novels. Although his writings vary, there is a consistent tool of sarcasm and dry humor in every novel. DeMilles earlier novels were NYPD detective, while his more recent ones have followed the lives of two main characters, John Corey and Paul Brenner. He was decorated with the Air Medal, Bronze Star,... read full bio

Neil Shulman

Book Neil Shulman for your next event.

He has been a humorist/comedian and keynote speaker at over 700 seminars, conventions and workshops. Neil has written 17 books including the book that inspired the smash-hit movie, Doc Hollywood, produced videos and feature movies, and co-founded charitable organizations which brighten the lives of nursing home residents, arrange heart surgery for children who could not otherwise obtain it and... read full bio

Neil Pasricha

Book Neil Pasricha for your next event.

Neil Pasricha demonstrates that nurturing a positive mindset is essential to personal and organization success. A Harvard MBA, New York Times best-selling author, award-winning blogger and one of the most celebrated TED speakers in the world, Pasricha is a pied piper of happiness (The Toronto Star) who captivates audiences with concepts and frameworks that catapult organizational happiness and engagement. He... read full bio

Neil Gaiman

Book Neil Gaiman for your next event.

Neil Gaiman is an award-winning author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and films. His most celebrated works include the comic book series The Sandman and novels Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book. Recognized as one of the creators of modern comics, as well as an author whose work spans genres and extends to... read full bio

Nedra Tawwab

Book Nedra Tawwab for your next event.

Nedra Tawwab is a talented author, creative content producer, and caring relationship therapist whose knowledge sheds light on the complex relationships between people and their emotional health. She has established herself as a guiding light for people attempting to make sense of the difficulties of modern life because of her genuine dedication to developing healthy relationships and self-discovery. Nedra Tawwab has... read full bio

Neal Boortz

Book Neal Boortz for your next event.

Neal Boortz is a true patriot, a 35 year veteran of talk radio and a 50 year veteran of life. To him, freedom is everything. Always has been - even when this country wasn't listening. Now, everyone is listening. There is no greater point of view or more relevant show on the radio today. Neal drives home important and oft-forgotten... read full bio

Naveed Jamali

Book Naveed Jamali for your next event.

Naveed Jamali is a former American spy, and author of How to Catch a Russian Spy, an autobiography chronicling his work as a double agent for the FBI against Russian military intelligence. Currently, he is a Senior Fellow in the Program on National Security at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a special contributor for the Military Times and a reoccurring... read full bio

Nathaniel Philbrick

Book Nathaniel Philbrick for your next event.

The American author Nathanial Philbrick earned his bachelor’s degree in English at Brown University. After grad school at Duke University, Philbrick went to work for Sailing World magazine for 4 years. He then left Sailing World and became a freelancer for a couple years. In this time is when he wrote and edited various sailing books. Philbrick’s book Mayflower was... read full bio

Natalie Nixon

Book Natalie Nixon for your next event.

The "creativity whisperer for the C-Suite" is Dr. Natalie Nixon, an executive leadership strategist. She is widely regarded as the leading expert on fostering creativity in teams at all levels. Dr. Nixon's groundbreaking work in creativity and results has transformed how companies like IBM, NBCUniversal by Comcast, Bank of America, Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, Deloitte and many others have approached their biggest... read full bio

Naomi Klein

Book Naomi Klein for your next event.

Naomi Klein | Wondering what is really going on with the US and the rest of the world Klein, an award-winning journalist, columnist, and author of the international bestseller, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, reveals the flaws of globalization. Drawing clear lines between past, present, and potentially future shock doctrines, she shows how governments have manipulated natural... read full bio

Nafissa Thompson-Spires

Book Nafissa Thompson-Spires for your next event.

Nafissa Thompson-Spires is an author and assistant professor of English, African American Studies, and Jewish Culture and Society at the University of Illinois. Nafissa earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Illinois and went on to earn her PhD in English from Vanderbilt University. She has published her first book, “Heads of the Colored People”, which takes... read full bio

Nadia Bolz-Weber

Book Nadia Bolz-Weber for your next event.

Nadia Bolz-Weber is a New York Times bestselling author and founder and former pastor of House for All Sinners and Saints. Nadia grew up in Colorado Springs to a fundamentalist Christian family. She later studied at Pepperdine University but dropped out, moved to Denver, and became an alcoholic and drug abuser. After 10 years, Nadia became sober and has remained... read full bio

Morgan Smith

Book Morgan Smith for your next event.

Morgan Smith is a writer, model, activist, and social media influencer who has recently gained fame creating the viral Viking musical, ‘Oceanborn,’ which has since gone on to become an Off-Broadway show. Smith was the writer and producer of the show and Smith’s friend Mhairi Cameron, was the composer. Smith has also been a novelist and playwright while studying at... read full bio

Monty Roberts

Book Monty Roberts for your next event.

Monty Roberts possesses a deep knowledge of our abilities to communicate with a horse. He works tirelessly to send his message around the world in an effort to create an environment of understanding of our horses and of people. Hundreds of thousands of people have been amazed by Monty's educational efforts.... read full bio

Molly Jong-Fast

Book Molly Jong-Fast for your next event.

Molly Jong-Fast has created her own path in the world of literature while coming from a family with a strong literary heritage: she is the daughter of novelist Erica Jong and author Jonathan Fast and the granddaughter of Howard Fast. As an only child growing up in a Jewish family, Jong-Fast's worldview was shaped by the difficulties of her parents' divorce.... read full bio

Mohsin Hamid

Book Mohsin Hamid for your next event.

Mohsin Hamid is a British-Pakistani novelist, writer, and brand consultant who is best known for his novels ‘Moth Smoke,’ ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist,’ ‘How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia,’ and ‘Exit West.’ Hamid was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and he graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University before going on to graduate from Harvard Law School. Hamid went on... read full bio

Mo Bunnell

Book Mo Bunnell for your next event.

Mo Bunnell is a well-known author, businessman, and expert in business development who is most known for his ground-breaking work in assisting professionals in gaining more clients and turning them into ardent supporters. Mo has established himself as a preeminent expert in the industry with a passion for enabling high-end professionals to reach their professional goals. As the President and Founder... read full bio

Minda Harts

Book Minda Harts for your next event.

Minda Harts is a daring thinker and advocate who brings attention to the difficulties experienced by women of color in the workplace. She bravely confronts the systemic impediments, such as the wage gap, biases, and microaggressions, that disproportionately affect women of color and offers practical insights and techniques for overcoming them. As the writer of "The Memo," Minda has completely altered... read full bio

Mike Robbins

Book Mike Robbins for your next event.

American author, teamwork and leadership specialist, keynote speaker, consultant, and thought leader Mike Robbins is known for his many talents. He is a respected specialist in several sectors thanks to his varied background and experience. The New York Yankees were impressed by Mike Robbins' early athletic prowess and selected him in the first round of the high school draft. He made... read full bio

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