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Ian Ferguson

Book Ian Ferguson for your next event.

Ian Ferguson is an American singer and songwriter from Los Angeles. Ferguson started making music in his mother's basement when they moved to Kingston Springs, Tennessee. His debut album, "State of Gold" didn't gain popularity until Ferguson continued to produce music on his own. After two years of recording solo, Ian decided to turn his attention to the public and... read full bio

Ishan Gupta

Book Ishan Gupta for your next event.

Ishan Gupta is the Senior Director of Global Operations at Udacity which is a company that trains the workforce for careers in the future. Through his work with Udacity, Gupta works as the leader of the global operations team and works with product strategy for serves to create successful outcomes for customers and businesses. Gupta has earned his Bachelor of... read full bio

Ian Pearson

Book Ian Pearson for your next event.

Ian Pearson is a leading futurist and author who has been the former head of BT Laboratories. Pearson has previously earned his degree in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from Queens University in Belfast. He then went on to begin working in Shorts Missile Systems where he focused on areas which included mechanical engineering and battlefield strategy simulation. From there,... read full bio

Ian Plimer

Book Ian Plimer for your next event.

Ian Plimer is an Australian geologist who has been the Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne and the former professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide. Plimer has previously earned his BSc in mining engineering at the University of New South Wales and went on to earn his Ph.D. in geology from Macquarie University.... read full bio


Book Ismo for your next event.

Ismo Leikola, better known as just Ismo, is a Finnish stand-up comedian, musician, author, screenwriter and YouTuber from Jyvaskyla, Finland. Ismo found his love for comedy while studying physics and chemistry at the University of Jyvaskyla after watching a comedy show at the campus bar. This led him to decide to pursue a comedy career and within a year he... read full bio

Isaac Gracie

Book Isaac Gracie for your next event.

Isaac Gracie is a British singer-songwriter from Ealing, West London who began his career as a child singing in the Ealing Abbey Choir. Gracie began writing his own songs by the time he was only 14 years old. Gracie always knew he wanted to pursue a musical career and set out to focus on music after the release of his... read full bio


Book Ilira for your next event.

Ilira is a Swiss singer-songwriter from Brienz, Switzerland to a Kosovo Albanian father from Pristina, Kosovo, and from a mother from Tirana, Albania. Ilira began her career performing with the band The Colors where they competed in the Swiss television series “Die grosse Entscheidungs Show,” which was a pre-selection show for the Eurovision Song Contest. Ilira and The Colors performed... read full bio


Book IAMDDB for your next event.

Diana De Brito, better known as her stage name IAMDDB, is a British rapper and singer who was born in Lisbon, Portugal and raised in Manchester, United Kingdom. Brito always had a love for music as both of her parents were musicians. Brito’s music is a mixture of alternative, hip-hop, trap, and jazz fusion. Brito began her career with the... read full bio

Ivana Bartoletti

Book Ivana Bartoletti for your next event.

Ivana Bartoletti is a keynote speaker who is the head of privacy and ethics at Gemserv, founder of Women Leading in AI Network, and co-editor of the AIBook. Through her work with Gemserv, Bartoletti is the leader on privacy and data protection and helps businesses keep their data. She also an expert on privacy challenges through the internet and with... read full bio


Book Iyla for your next event.

Iyla Blue first hit the scene back in 2018 when she uploaded her first song “Power” to YouTube. Shortly after, she released the EP “War + Raindrops” the same year and it was a very quick rise to fame as she is now a household name just a few years later. She is known of r viral songs like “juice”... read full bio

Imperfect Dancers Company

Book Imperfect Dancers Company for your next event.

The Imperfect Dancers are a dance company that consists of eight dancers, and they are able to leave an impression on their audiences by performing presentations that are sensitive, unique, and fascinating. Their performances are incredibly aesthetic works of art, and each individual dancer has their own flaws that make them special while simultaneously achieving excellence in their craft. They... read full bio

Indigo De Souza

Book Indigo De Souza for your next event.

A spectacular year of sold-out tours and raving reviews from publications like Pitchfork, the New York Times and the New Yorker followed the North Carolina-based artist's intriguing and explosive second Album Whatever Shape You Take. The album's 11 tracks deal with mortality, the renewal that community gives and the significance of finding your center right now. It is a raw and boldly... read full bio


Book Irist for your next event.

Pablo Davila and his best buddy Bruno Segovia created the band Irist. The twosome recruited fellow Atlantans Adam Mitchell and Jason Belisha, who are both originally from Argentina and Chile. Yet until Brazilian vocalist Rodrigo Carvalho joined the group, Irist wouldn't truly become Irist. After making gradual progress as songwriters and engaging in a protracted courting with legendary A&R executive Monte... read full bio


Book ionnalee for your next event.

Jonna Lee, the originator and frontwoman of iamamiwhoami, has a solo project called ionnalee. Ionnalee stands for a fresh start as well as the continuation of an ongoing narrative. A decade into her solo career, Swedish pop maverick Jonna Lee departs from the avant-garde audio/visual world she helped pioneer in the form of the enigmatic audiovisual project iamamiwhoami with a rawer,... read full bio


Book IFE for your next event.

Afro-Cuban culture, Yoruban sacred music, current Jamaican dancehall, trap, and Afro-beat are all incorporated into the futuristic live electronic music act IFÉ, which was founded by African American producer and drummer Otura Mun in Puerto Rico. The most significant electronic act in Afro-Caribbean music, IFÉ's debut album "IIII+IIII" revolutionized how electronic music was conceived and performed, seamlessly fusing the complexity... read full bio

Ibtihaj Muhammad

Book Ibtihaj Muhammad for your next event.

Ibtihaj Muhammad is an Olympic fencing medalist as well as an entrepreneur, activist and speaker. Ibtihaj, a global champion, five-time Senior global medalist, and Olympic bronze medalist, was the first American woman to compete in the Olympics while wearing a hijab. Ibtihaj graduated from Duke University with a double degree in international relations and African studies after being named an All-American three times.... read full bio


Book I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME for your next event.

The new band I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, or iDKHOW, is vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and creative force Dallon Weekes. Despite the fact that the group has not yet released their debut album, they already have a number of successful singles to their credit, including "Choke," which has received over 42 million Spotify streams, and "Do It All the Time,"... read full bio


Book Indubious for your next event.

The Indubious narrative is not for the weak of heart. Indubious was created in the crucible of suffering and devastation, emerging from the ashes like a phoenix. Brothers and bandmates Evton and Skip, who were born with cystic fibrosis and were told at an early age by physicians that they would die, have emerged as a potent force for change... read full bio


Book iLe for your next event.

Ileana Mercedes Cabra Joglar is a rapper, singer and songwriter who goes by the stage name iLe. She performed as a rapper and singer with Calle 13 before to going solo. (She is the stepsister of Residente [Rene Perez Joglar] and the sister of Visitante [Eduardo Cabra Joglar].) Although it has its roots in traditional Latin sounds from all across the... read full bio

Immortal Technique

Book Immortal Technique for your next event.

Rapper and activist Immortal Technique, who was born in Peru and reared in Harlem, is well-known for his sophisticated lyricism, genuine humanitarianism, and extremely intelligent demeanor. During his parole in the late 1990s, he took the underground hip-hop scene by storm by being one of the first rappers in the newly post-9/11 world to magnify the dark history of the... read full bio

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