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Elena Rose

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An American singer and composer from Miami with the stage name Elena Rose, Andrea Elena Mangiamarchi is of Venezuelan descent. She is well recognized for her collaborations with Becky G, as well as artists like Rauw Alejandro, Tini, and CNCO on the songs "Dollar," "Mejor As," "Funk Total: Vai Danada," "Muchacha," "No Drama," and "Rotate." She released her first single,... read full bio

Elsa y Elmar

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Elsa y Elmar's vocalist, Elsa Carvajal, once referred to her music as "spiritual pop." She also seems to be referring to her ethereal synth sounds as "spiritual, genre-less música." The native of Bucaramanga, Colombia, recognized from a young age that she wanted to pursue a career in music. She claims that there wasn't much art around her while she was growing... read full bio

Elvis Crespo

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Elvis Crespo is a Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter who performs merengue music. He has won a Grammy Award in Best Merengue Performance for “Pintame” and a Latin Grammy in Best Merengue Album for “Saborealo”. Crespo began gaining popularity in the mid-90’s when he joined Grupo Mania in Puerto Rico. After a few years, Crespo began working as a solo artist and... read full bio

Ely Guerra

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Ely Guerra is a 30-year veteran Mexican singer-songwriter and music producer, Latin Grammy winner for Best Alternative Album; independent businesswoman at Homey Company for more than 18 years. She has given performances all over Mexico and in other nations and towns in Europe, the US, Cuba, Central America and South America. Over the years, Ely has collaborated with a number of accomplished music... read full bio

Emilio Estefan

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Emilio Estefan is a Grammy Award winning Cuban-American musician and producer who rose to fame as a member of Miami Sound Machine and is the husband of Gloria Estefan. Estefan was born in Santiago de Cuba and moved to Spain at 14 years old to find refuge from the Castro regime and shortly after, moved to Miami, Florida. Around this... read full bio


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As one of the most significant rock bands in Latin America, Enjambre has amassed thousands of devoted fans. Songs like "Dulce Soledad," "Visita," "Manía Cardiaca," "Somos Ajenos," "Vida en el Espejo," and "Sábado Perpetuo," among others, have become classics that have influenced listeners for many years. They are now the main attraction in Mexico's most prestigious venues, selling out shows... read full bio

Enrique Iglesias

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Spanish pop singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias began his career with the Mexican label Fonovisa. He became one of the most well-known musicians in Latin America and the Hispanic/Latino market in the United States as a result of this, and for a while he dominated the Spanish language album market. Prior to the year 2000, he made a successful transition into the... read full bio

Eros Ramazzotti

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Without a doubt, one of the most successful musicians is Eros Ramazzotti, whose songs have shaped Italian music history and are heard all over the world. He has sold 70 million CDs, received two billion streams, and nearly two billion views on YouTube. In five of the world's most prestigious arenas—La Maestranza in Seville, followed by Agrigento, Verona, Athens, and Caesarea—he... read full bio

Espinoza Paz

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Latin Grammy award-nominated Espinoza Paz is a musician and composer of Mexican Regional music. He rose to popularity when he introduced his work to “El Coyote”- a famous Sinaloan banda singer. El Coyote recorded Paz’ hits “Besitos En El Cuello” (“Little Kisses On The Neck”); “Prohibido” (“Forbidden”); and “Para Impresionarte” (“To Impress You”), all of which were immediate successes. “El... read full bio


Book Estevie for your next event.

Sarah Silva, who goes by the stage name Estevie, is a proud first-generation Mexican-American and a leading voice in the current pop music movement reviving classic Latin music. Estevie, a leader in the revival of cumbia and Mexican regional music, creates a deliciously seductive fusion of classic Latin music with contemporary pop. The LA-based singer-songwriter is emotive, powerful, humorous and endearingly weird,... read full bio

Eugenio Derbez

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"Eugenio Derbez is unquestionably one of Mexico’s best-known actors, the most recognized actor among the Spanish-speaking population in the United States, and most importantly, one of the most influential actors in Latin America. An impressive ability to transform into any character he creates or impersonates and a continuous innovative comedic style has led him to the top of popularity polls... read full bio


Book Farina for your next event.

FARINA has become one of the most well-known Latin urban female musicians due to to her outspoken lyrics, distinctive voice, empowering raps and spectacular freestyles. She has also gained attention for her daring and extremely avant-garde dress choices. She brings her persona LA NENA FINA to life with her poetry writing, brilliant narrative skills and singing and rapping abilities while expertly fusing dancehall,... read full bio


Book Farruko for your next event.

Farruko is an artist from Puerto Rico. He is a singer songwriter who rose to prominence collaborating with artist such as Daddy Yamkee, Jory, and J Alvarez. His debut album was “El Talento Del Bloque”. Farruko has been nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Album. He was also nominated twice for Premios Juventud for his song 6AM... read full bio


Book Feid for your next event.

Feid is a Colombian singer-songwriter who plays the piano and guitar. Feid is from Medellin, Colombia and while growing up he studied at the Music Extension Courses at the University of Antioquia in Medellin. While growing up, Feid learned how to play the clarinet before abandoning the instrument to learn how to sing. While in college, he took singing classes,... read full bio


Book Femina for your next event.

Fémina is a rap fusion group made up of three women from San Martin de los Andes. Their music is a combination of traditional Latin beats and melodies, folk vocals, and funky rap. Fémina represents diverse regions, wanting to deliver a global music sound. They released their first album ‘Deshice de mi’ independently, and their second album ‘Traspasa’ was released... read full bio

Fito Paez

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Fito had established himself as a dedicated and sophisticated musician whose compositions were profoundly resistant to the convulsed realities of Argentine reality. Tercer Mundo, an affecting and potent record that hinted at Fito's impending enormous popularity, was one of his releases. El amor después del amor is his release. The album was immediately a commercial hit. Every song became a radio... read full bio

Flor de Toloache

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Flor de Toloache is an edgy and versatile mariachi group. Beginning as a trio, the collaboration between harp, violin, and fiol, Flor de Toloache has since expanded to be a full mariachi ensemble. The members of the ensemble join together from across the world, hailing from countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Italy, and more. The group... read full bio


Book Fonseca for your next event.

Juan Fernando Fonseca, better known as his stage name, Fonseca, is a Colombian guitarist and vocalist from Bogota, Colombia. As a child he always had a passion for music and he studied at Javeriana University and Berklee College of Music in Boston. When he was only 12 years old he started recording music and his parents encouraged him to pursue... read full bio

Frankie J

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Frankie J is a Mexican American pop singer. He has had several hits in the US, including Dont Wanna Try and Obsession. His album The One debuted at #3 on the Billboard album charts. Frankie J. comes from a musical background. Frankie J grew up listening to both traditional Latin music as well as R&B. He started writing his own... read full bio


Book Fuego for your next event.

Fuego is an American singer-songwriter and founder and CEO of Fireboy Inc./Sauce Gang. While growing up, Fuego listened to a mix of music such as Salsa, Merengue, Spanish tropical music, American rap, and Latin musicians. As a child, Fuego’s parents sent him to the Dominican Republic where he studied at school for a couple of years and took in the... read full bio

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