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Froy Gutierrez

Book Froy Gutierrez for your next event.

Froy Gutierrez is an American actor and musician who is best known for his roles playing Nolan in the MTV television series “Teen Wolf,” and for playing Jamie Henson on the television series “Cruel Summer.” Gutierrez was born in Highland Park, Texas, and he studied at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Gutierrez was discovered... read full bio


Book Froth for your next event.

The band Froth was a lucky accident. Starting off as a joke between friends, Froth was initially set to release a silent record. However, plans changed when the band was summoned to perform for a mini-festival. Throwing together some songs on short notice, band members Joo-Joo Ashworth and Jeff Fribourg came up with unexpectedly good music. Adding on a bass... read full bio


Book FrostTop for your next event.

In 2022, FrostTop was labeled as one of Dancing Astronaut’s Artists to Watch for the year. This is because of his very unique and refreshing take on trap music that he’s been playing throughout his career. But that’s not all FrostTop is. This artist, DJ, and producer has a wide array of tricks of his sleeve. The song “ASTER” (a... read full bio

Frost Children

Book Frost Children for your next event.

Lulu and Angel Prost, two siblings living in New York City, created Frost Children. They have published a number of full-length works that cross genres. The two are already well-known for their boisterous live performances; it's not unusual to see them enter the stage carrying a massive pair of smiley, paper-mache Mesaryth stars, which serves as the official Frost Children... read full bio

Frontmen Of Country Music

Book Frontmen Of Country Music for your next event.

Countrymen featuring Richie McDonald , Larry Stewart of Restless Heart and Tim Rushlow of Little Texas performing together. If you like country music bands like Lonestar, Restless Heart and/or Little Texas, you're sure to get a kick out of the Frontmen, an all-star band comprised of former members of these country outfits. The Frontmen have banded together with one thrilling... read full bio


Book Frontliner for your next event.

You may know Barry Drooger by the names Abject or, more commonly, Frontliner. He is a Dutch hardstyle EDM musician, producer, and DJ. Frontliner is a very recognized artist who is innovative and unique and the founder of the Keep It Up label. He adopted the name Abject back in 2005 and started releasing music. He collaborated with Headhunterz one... read full bio

Frontier Ruckus

Book Frontier Ruckus for your next event.

Frontier Ruckus is a Michigan based folk rock and bluegrass band consisting of musician, poet, visual artist Matthew Milia, as well as David Jones on the banjo, and Zachary Nichols. The band formed in Metro Detroit. Matthew and David met while they were at Brother Rice High School. It was here they first began playing music together, combining Matthew’s signature... read full bio

Front Page

Book Front Page for your next event.

Front Page is a high-energy tribute band that covers music of the top 40 from the 70’s to now. The tribute band is based out of Las Vegas and consists of five members, Bobby Bagabaldo, Jennifer Michaels, Rose Bagabaldo, John Bascones and Edward Diansay. Front Page performs genres such as R&B, dance, disco, funk, rock, latin, and of course pop.... read full bio

Front Line Assembly

Book Front Line Assembly for your next event.

Front Line Assembly is an industrial and electronic band that has explored the boundaries of industrial music over last twenty years. Lead by prolific electronic musician Bill Leeb, they have continued to push out stellar music that drifts seamlessly from underground industrial to electronic techno and back again. Leeb reflects on naming the band, saying, The only way people can... read full bio


Book fromis_9 for your next event.

Fromis 9 (or fromis_9) is an all-girl k pop group put together by the CJ EandM label during the Idol School reality show. Needless to say, these girls grabbed some attention. Fromis 9 features incredibly talented singers and dancers Lee Sae-rom, Song Ha-young, Jang Gyu-ri, Park Ji-won, Roh Ji-sun, Lee Seo-yeon, Lee Chae-young, Lee Na-gyung, and Baek Ji-heon. “To. Heart”... read full bio

From The Jam

Book From The Jam for your next event.

The Jam was an influential pop punk band, originating at the height of the punk movement in the late 1970s. They took to the stage in tailored suits and incorporated a variety of music styles into their sound. While their base was the angry punk sound that was taking the youth of the world by force, they incorporated mainstream rock... read full bio

From Indian Lakes

Book From Indian Lakes for your next event.

From Indian Lakes is an indie rock band put together by musician Joey Vannucchi back in 2009. He first started writing music while living in a small mountain town near Yosemite National Park. He gathered up his friends to help write and perform new material and, thus, From Indian Lakes was born. Together, they independently released the album “The Man... read full bio

From Ashes To New

Book From Ashes To New for your next event.

Like a hundred other American towns, Lancaster, Pennsylvania is post-industrial but primarily working class, with relatively poor prospects for the children who grow up there. In fact, there are communities much like it all over the world. Suburban ennui, broken homes, substance misuse, and a lack of opportunities are all conducive to the kind of atmosphere where real, compelling creativity... read full bio

From A Second Story Window

Book From A Second Story Window for your next event.

From a Second Story Window is an American progressive metalcore band that was founded in the border region of Ohio and Pennsylvania. They used intricate rhythms, unusual keys and two different vocal styles (both loud black metal yells and low death metal growls). Their live performances are dramatic and are often distinguished by blinding white lighting and Will Jackson's almost possessed stage presence. All... read full bio

Froid Dub

Book Froid Dub for your next event.

Froid Dub takes us on a unique journey via the crossing of wave and dub, known as current digi-dub. An equation that post-punk had already worked out at the close of the 1970's, revised here with a more intimate feel and a dash of club culture. The now highly acquired debut EP "An iceberg crusing the Jamaican coastline" was released... read full bio

Frits Van Paasschen

Book Frits Van Paasschen for your next event.

Frits Van Paasschen is a veteran executive with thirty years of experience working with international companies. He was the CEO of Starwood Hotels and Resorts for eight years, and previously spent three years as the CEO of Coors Brewing Company. He has also served in management positions at Nike and Disney’s Consumer Products Divisions. Also an author, Frits wrote the... read full bio

Frinda di Lanco

Book Frinda di Lanco for your next event.

Sandra Stein, also known as Frinda di Lanco, practices her trade like a summer breeze: serene at times, with flashes of carefree days spent by the sea. At times, it feels like a cool wind chasing away the clouds and tugging at your limbs to get you moving. In other situations, it's merely the roof being raised to the point... read full bio

Frightened Rabbit

Book Frightened Rabbit for your next event.

Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit began as a solo project by founding member Scott Hutchinson. As a soloist, he released his debut album, Sing the Greys, under the Hits the Fan independent music label. After adding his brother Grant and a guitarist, Billy Kennedy, to the band, they began playing local gigs. Early on in the band’s career, they... read full bio


Book Friendzone for your next event.

American instrumental hip-hop group Friendzone was headquartered in East Bay, California. It included producers Dylan Reznick and James Laurence. On January 30, 2017, it was revealed that James Laurence, who was 27, had passed away from unspecified causes. The songs "Chuch" and "Perfect Skies" by Main Attrakionz, which were included on the mixtape 808s & Dark Grapes II in 2011,... read full bio

Friendly Fires

Book Friendly Fires for your next event.

Friendly Fires is an indie rock band from England. Their initial and self-titled album was shortlisted at number twelve for the debuting year’s Mercury Prize. The band has since garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base over the many years they have been performing together. Members Ed Macfarlane, Jack Savidge, and Edd Gibson collaborate together to create their indie... read full bio

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