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Neo Jessica Joshua simply goes by just Nao as the world-famous singer-songwriter and record producer from East London. Many have described her sound as “soul combined with electronic music, funk and R&B.” She is known for coining the term "wonky funk,” which she believes perfectly describes her unique sound. Nao released her very first album “For All We Know” back... read full bio

Naomi Campbell

Book Naomi Campbell for your next event.

Naomi Campbell is one of the top five supermodels in the industry today. She seems to have it all--she's a world renowned supermodel, a budding actor, a talented singer, a gifted writer, and an accomplished entrepreneur.... read full bio

Naomi Klein

Book Naomi Klein for your next event.

Naomi Klein | Wondering what is really going on with the US and the rest of the world Klein, an award-winning journalist, columnist, and author of the international bestseller, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, reveals the flaws of globalization. Drawing clear lines between past, present, and potentially future shock doctrines, she shows how governments have manipulated natural... read full bio

Naomi Osaka

Book Naomi Osaka for your next event.

Naomi Osaka is a professional tennis player who represents Japan. She has been ranked number 1 in the world by the WTA and has won three titles and reached five finals on the WTA Tour. She is a reigning champion in women’s singles at the US Open and the Australian Open. Osaka was born in Osaka Japan and started playing... read full bio

Naomi Ragen

Book Naomi Ragen for your next event.

The office for Naomi Ragen has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Naomi Scott

Book Naomi Scott for your next event.

Naomi Scott is an English actress and singer best known for her roles in television series “Terra Nova” as Maddy, and as Kimberly the Pink Ranger in the film “Power Rangers”. Scott was born in London and started her career singing for her church. While in school, Scott would perform in her school’s drama and musical productions. Her first big... read full bio

Naomie Harris

Book Naomie Harris for your next event.

Naomie Harris is an English actress who is best known for playing Tia Dalma in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, Moneypenny in the James Bond films, Selena in “28 Days Later”, and Winnie Mandela in “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”. She has also played Paula in the film “Moonlight”, a role that earned her numerous nominations for Best Supporting... read full bio

Nappy Roots

Book Nappy Roots  for your next event.

Nappy Roots is an alternative rap group. The members of the group, Skinny Deville, Fish Scales, B. Stille, and Ron Clutch, call Kentucky their home. Nappy Roots hit the music scene nearly twenty years ago, and they still hold a bright presence in the southern rap scene. Their album Watermelon, Chicken & Grits sold over three million albums, allowing the... read full bio

Nardo Wick

Book Nardo Wick for your next event.

Nardo Wick is only 20 years old and already has the distinction of having two songs hit Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. The first, “Who Want Smoke”-- which features G Herbo, Lil Durk, and 21 Savage – debuted at number 17. The song went on to get a Platinum certification with RIAA. Hitting number 18 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts is... read full bio


Book Nas for your next event.

"Rapper Nas, began his life in Brooklyn, New York as Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones. The well-known American MC released his first bestselling debut album Illmatic, which put Nas on the map in the hip-hop community. Many believed that it was one of the greatest rap albums ever. Nas was also a part of hip hop supergroup The Firm, which... read full bio

Naseem Hamed

Book Naseem Hamed for your next event.

Naseem Hamed, also known as “Prince”, is a British former professional boxer who has performed in the bantamweight, super-bantamweight and featherweight divisions. Hamed has previously held multiple featherweight world championships including the WBO title, the IBF title, and the WBC title. He has reigned as lineal champion, IBO champion, and has held the European bantamweight title. Hamed was born in... read full bio

Nashville Bluegrass Band

Book Nashville Bluegrass Band for your next event.

The Nashville Bluegrass gained most of their success from their first Rounder Records produced album, My Native Home. With the blend of black gospel and spirituals in their already known sounds of bluegrass sound, they gained huge success in America and abroad. They toured the globe to over 20 countries playing their unique sound. The band won Grammy Awards for... read full bio

Nasim Pedrad

Book Nasim Pedrad for your next event.

Saturday Night Live cast member Nasim Pedrad put her own unique stamp on SNL with impressions of Kim Kardashian, Barbara Walters, Christiane Amanpour, Arianna Huffington, and Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor. She has also entertained us with her parent-loving and quirky character Bedelia. Pedrad joined the cast of Saturday Night Live from The Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, where she... read full bio

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Book Nassim Nicholas Taleb for your next event.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a Lebanese-American author, scholar, statistician, and former trader and risk analyst. He is best known for his New York Times bestselling book, “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” and for his other popular book, “Fooled by Randomness”. Taleb has been a professor at several universities and has been a Distinguished Professor of Risk... read full bio


Book Nastia for your next event.

Nastia is DJ and radio host from the Ukraine. Music has always been her passion, but she attended the University of Donetsk to pursue a marketing degree. Soon after, she landed a job as a dancer at one of the cities best clubs, but that wasn’t enough to satiate her curiosity in music. Nastia decided to start spinning and relocated... read full bio

Nasty C

Book Nasty C for your next event.

Nasty C is a South African rapper, songwriter and record producer from Diepkloof, Soweto, Johannesburg, who earned attention in South Africa after being the youngest to win the Best Freshman Award at the South African Hip Hop Awards. Nasty C began his career as a musician after releasing his debut mixtape, “One Kid, a Thousand Coffins,” when he was only... read full bio

Nasty Cherry

Book Nasty Cherry for your next event.

Nasty Cherry is an up-and-coming alternative band who rose to fame after being featured on the Netflix original documentary, “I’m With the Band: Nasty Cherry.” The documentary featured pop artist Charli XCX, and her friend and band manager Emmie Lichtenberg, as the two go through the process of forming the band Nasty Cherry. After forming Nasty Cherry, the band has... read full bio

Nat Faxon

Book Nat Faxon for your next event.

Nat Faxon is an American actor, comedian, and screenwriter. He is best known for his roles such as playing Russ and producing for series Married, playing Ben in series Ben and Kate, voicing various roles in series Blaze and the Monster Machines, playing Nick in Netflix series Friends from College, voicing Elfo in Netflix series Disenchantment, and more. As a... read full bio

Natali Morris

Book Natali Morris for your next event.

Natali Morris is a technology and finance contributor on The Today Show and CNBC. Expanding on her spectrum of knowledge on consumer products, Natali also works with brands to host informational videos and satellite media tours on behalf of targeted campaigns with past partners including Visa, Disney, Sony, BasicTalk and Staples. Previously, Natali worked as an anchor for CNET TV... read full bio

Natalia Dyer

Book Natalia Dyer for your next event.

Natalia Dyer is an talented actress whose claim to fame came with her role as Nancy Wheeler in the immensely popular Netflix series, Stranger Things. Her first role was in Hannah Montana: The Movie alongside Miley Cyrus, in which she played Clarissa. She also appeared in The Greening of Whitney Brown along with the indie film entitled I Believe in... read full bio

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