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Pan Amsterdam

Book Pan Amsterdam for your next event.

After a brief but hilarious skit with Christopher Walken's character from Pulp Fiction, Captain Koons, Pan Amsterdam's unforgettable debut film The Pocket Watch offers us our first look of the film's mysterious director. His cutting rhymes and superb trumpet lines establish a picture of a gifted artist who is peripheral to the status quo. From that point on, our journey... read full bio


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Often referred to as the bad-boys of pitch-black techno, Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix are the Berlin based, techno duo known as Pan-Pot. Their music stands out from the rest as it’s underground-oriented and based on experimental elements within the techno and house genres. Their live sets are accompanied by vocals, making them popular among dance floor and festival fans.... read full bio


Book Panchiko for your next event.

Panchiko, a band from Nottingham, has been together for a while and has a distinctive sound that straddles indie rock, post rock and trip hop. When a 4chan user discovered a copy of Panchiko's debut, D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L, in a charity shop and uploaded it to YouTube, the band experienced a brief surge in popularity as new fans tried to learn more about who... read full bio

Panda Bear

Book Panda Bear for your next event.

"Noah Lennox, known to the music world as Panda Bear, is a musician, songwriter, and founding member of the band Animal Collective. He has released albums with Animal Collective and as a solo act. Known as an influential pop artist, Panda Bear has released multiple albums, the most influential being his third album, Person Pitch. Noah grew up in Maryland,... read full bio

Pandit Dasa

Book Pandit Dasa for your next event.

Pandit Dasa is a well-known name in the disciplines of mindfulness, the future of work, and workplace culture. From a life as a monk, his extraordinary path has led him to prominence as an author, lecturer, and thought leader. In his formative years, Pandit Dasa adopted a monastic lifestyle in search of spiritual insight and inner tranquility. He explored the depths... read full bio

Pandora Drive

Book Pandora Drive for your next event.

Pandora Drive is an artful musical visualization project created by DJ Nick Sheldon and filmmaker and photographer Thomas Knights. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide a form of therapy to their audience, as performing has provided therapy for Knights. Karin Park also occasionally accompanies Pandora Drive adding her eerie, beautiful vocals to the mix. The group has... read full bio


Book Pangaea for your next event.

Kevin McAuley, better known under the stage name Pangaea, creates electronic dance music that finds its energy in the borders between noises. His tracks capture the elusive and avant-garde traits that characterize club genres in their infancy rather than the self-perpetuating feedback loops that can emerge within established scenes. Pangaea was initially motivated to concentrate on production and DJing by the... read full bio

Panic At The Disco

Book Panic At The Disco for your next event.

Throughout the years, Panic! at the Disco has undergone several lineup changes and musical evolutions, but has remained a staple of the rock and pop scene. Their 2006 album, "Pretty. Odd.", marked a departure from their emo-influenced sound, embracing a more psychedelic and baroque pop-influenced sound. Panic! at the Disco's later work has continued to evolve, incorporating elements of pop, alternative... read full bio

Panic Shack

Book Panic Shack for your next event.

Panic Shack is an indie rock band based in London, England, known for their energetic performances and catchy, anthemic songs. The band consists of four members: Robyn Sellman on lead vocals, Oli Richards on guitar and backing vocals, Harry Lowther on bass, and Caleb Morgan on drums. Formed in 2018, Panic Shack quickly made a name for themselves on the local... read full bio

Panjabi Hit Squad

Book Panjabi Hit Squad for your next event.

Rav & Dee, a successful DJ and production team, make up Panjabi Hit Squad. Since their founding, the duo—who are credited with creating and popularizing the now-famous Desi Beats sound—have been at the forefront of the Asian music scene. Dance floors around the globe have been energized by Panjabi Hit Squad's highly sought-after DJ sets at some of the most talked-about... read full bio

Pankaj Ghemawat

Book Pankaj Ghemawat for your next event.

Pankaj Ghemawat is an Indian-American economist, strategist, professor, and author who is best known for his work in the study of globalization and for creating the DHL Global Connectedness Index and the CAGE Distance Framework. Ghemawat was born in Jodhpur, India, and he went on to earn his B.S. in Applied Mathematics as well as his Ph.D. in business economics... read full bio

Panteon Rococo

Book Panteon Rococo for your next event.

Panteon Rococo is a beloved, socially mindful Mexican band that has spent 27 years in the music business, expanding through several genres. Since 1995, they have been acknowledged globally as the leading force in Mexican irreverent rock, ska, and punk, imbued with the lyrical pulse of the country. The music and accompanying story, which formerly spoke primarily to the vast majority of... read full bio


Book Pantyraid for your next event.

Pantyraid is the project of Martin Folb and Josh Mayer, two successful electronic music artists. The duo was brought together by their love of dance music. They produce atypical works, unlike anything that is playing on the mainstream music scene. Pantyraids goal is to expose listeners to different genres of music, incorporating mixed tempos and styles into all of their... read full bio

Paola Nunez

Book Paola Nunez for your next event.

Because of her performance as Barbara Bazterrica in the telenovela Amor en Custodia, the Mexican actress and producer Paola Nez has achieved a great deal of notoriety on Mexican television. In the American telenovela Reina de Corazones, she starred with the likes of Eugenio Siller and Laura Flores as the show's primary protagonists. Juan Soler and Catherine Siachoque played the... read full bio

Paola Ramos

Book Paola Ramos for your next event.

Paola Ramos is a sought-after speaker, journalist, author and champion for Latino issues. Her events are educational, approachable and interesting. Ramos employs multi-media platforms in both English and Spanish to dispel prejudices, elevate the voices of underrepresented communities and encourage civic involvement. She was a political appointee during the Obama Administration, the former deputy director of Hispanic media for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and she... read full bio

Paolo Nutini

Book Paolo Nutini for your next event.

Paolo Nutini is a Scottish singer and songwriter from Paisley. Nutini's debut album, These Streets, peaked at number three on the UK Albums Chart. Its follow-up, Sunny Side Up, debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart. Both albums have been certified quintuple platinum by the British Phonographic Industry. After 5 years, Nutini released his third studio album, Caustic... read full bio

Papa Doo Run Run

Book Papa Doo Run Run for your next event.

YES Surf's up! Grab your boards, baggies, and bikinis! The retro-rockin' California drenched band - Papa Doo Run Run - is cruisin' into town. Papa Doo Run Run, the legendary 60's band, performs all the California Music of the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean - Plus all the great party classics of the 60' & 70's - they're all... read full bio

Papa Khan

Book Papa Khan for your next event.

Indonesia isn't necessarily renowned as a center for dance music, but Palangkaraya-born singer Papa Khan is significantly advancing the international profile of his native land. EDM veteran Marshmello recently adopted the producer under his wing after the rockstar producer heard a sample of Papa Khan's glistening and colossal single "Rain." Marshmello decided to sign Papa Khan to his label, Joytime Collective, because... read full bio

Papa Roach

Book Papa Roach for your next event.

Acclaimed hard/alternative rock band Papa Roach got its first big break with its album Infest, which would go on to be certified Triple Platinum. Other highly successful albums released by Papa Roach include Getting Away with Murder (certified platinum), Lovehatetragedy (certified gold), Time for Annihilation, The Connection, The Paramour Sessions, F.E.A.R., Crooked Teeth, and Metamorphosis. Some of the band’s most... read full bio


Book Papadosio for your next event.

Papadosio is an American rock band that consists of members Mike Healy, Sam Brouse, Rob McConnell, Anthony Thogmartin and Billy Brouse. The group was born in Athens, Ohio and is currently based out of Asheville, North Carolina. Papadosio was formed in the mid 2000’s and since then, they have released eight albums and an EP. Papadosio is also known for... read full bio

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