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Book zzzahara for your next event.

zzzahara is an American singer and songwriter who was born and raised in Highland Park, Los Angeles to Mexican and Filipino parents. They were a member of the duo The Simps with Eyedress at one point in their career. Against a frantic guitar jangle, their first track on Lex, they don't know was released in 2021. It examines a life that is suspended... read full bio


Book Zuzu for your next event.

Zuzu embodies what it means to be a millennial artist; she is a front woman who exudes confidence, as well as a songwriter, producer, director, actor and comic book illustrator. She also stars in and directs all of her videos, records a sizable portion of her music at her home studio in Liverpool and enjoys collecting vintage guitars. Her willingness to push the envelope... read full bio

Zola Jesus

Book Zola Jesus for your next event.

Nicole Hummel, known as Zola Jesus, is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Phoenix, Arizona. Her sound is alternative; Hummel combines elements of electronic, industrial, classical, and dark pop together to create unique tracks. Hummel cites artists like Ian Curtis, Lydia Lynch, and Swans as inspiration for her music. At a young age, she taught herself to record at home... read full bio


Book Zoe for your next event.

Zoé is a five-piece Mexican band who won both the Grammy and the Latin Grammy for its catchy, psychedelic rock sound and catchy rock and pop tunes. They are considered as one of the most influential bands of the indie rock era. The band reached the pinnacle of the rock en español industry in the late 2000s and their first of... read full bio


Book Zinadelphia for your next event.

Philadelphia-based guitarist and vocalist Zinadelphia performs music and w ith her debut song, "Mirrorball," Zinadelphia blends parts of different genres that are greatly influenced by Neo-Soul, Jazz, Funk and Folk music. Zinadelphia has been quickly but significantly breaking into the music industry with a 7-piece band. Zinadelphia is eager to continue the musical adventure with other releases because of the overwhelming... read full bio


Book Zimmer90 for your next event.

Introducing Zimmer90! When Michi, Finn, and Joscha get together to make music, they find a unique space that opens up. They chose Zimmer90, or "Room90," as the moniker. You're all welcome to go with them. Their unique interpretation of pop music is showcased in the 'Fall Back' EP. The EP shows Zimmer90's current state of development. The five tracks, while diverse,... read full bio

Ziggy Alberts

Book Ziggy Alberts for your next event.

Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts is also an author and he has made a name for himself as one of the country's top independent musicians. A tribute to his songwriting prowess and dynamic live performance, his sincere grassroots story has propelled his artistry into worldwide praise and enthralled audiences all over the world. Ziggy Alberts, the creator of his own independent record label,... read full bio

Zia Victoria

Book Zia Victoria for your next event.

Zia Victoria has spent more than half her life creating music. The native New Yorker hardly recalls a period when she wasn't singing, beginning when she was a little child. Writing songs has been a method for Zia to connect with herself while traversing the turbulent world of adolescence as a varied writer whose music varies from hooky alt-rock to... read full bio


Book Zhu for your next event.

Steven Zhu is a Chinese-American electronic music composer and singer-songwriter better known by his stage name ZHU. He made his debut at the beginning of 2014 after signing with Mind of a Genius Records. Zhu avoided doing interviews for a considerable period of time and let his music speak for him. ZHU has two studio albums, four EPs, and his debut... read full bio


Book Zheani for your next event.

Zheani Sparks is an Australian model, actor, and rapper who goes by Zheani. Queensland is where she was born. She claims that she has always desired to engage in the arts and that she was the first member of her family to attend college. She regrettably dropped out due to her upbringing and upbringing. Although her upbringing prevented her from... read full bio

Zero 7

Book Zero 7 for your next event.

Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker are the talented duo behind the renowned British band, Zero 7. The two met during their studies in sound engineering, which laid the foundation for their successful musical career. They honed their skills while working at Mickie Most's RAK recording studio in London, producing music for acclaimed artists such as Young Disciples, Robert Plant, and... read full bio

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

Book Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange for your next event.

A mainstay of the Australian music scene is Ziggy Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist has been able to push the boundaries of improvisation and drum-set technique through touring and recording with Melbourne Nu-Soul/Future-Jazz group, '30/70. With the release of their self-titled debut album, Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, they have assumed the position of bandleader. A continuous odyssey, sound and groove with the spirit of... read full bio


Book Zebrahead for your next event.

A punk rap group from La Habra, California, is called Zebrahead. Guitarist Greg Bergdorf, drummer Ed Udhus, bassist Ben Osmundson, and singer/rhythm guitarist Justin Mauriello created the group in the summer of 1996. The four musicians all played in other bands, but they all used the same practice room. After experimenting with various musical genres, they decided to start their... read full bio

Zeal and Ardor

Book Zeal and Ardor for your next event.

In 2013, Manuel Gagneux established the Swiss avant-garde metal group Zeal and Ardor. Gagneux produced a chamber pop project called Birdmask prior to Zeal and Ardor. The group is renowned for fusing black metal with the sounds of African-American spirituals. Gagneux was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1989; both of his parents were musicians, and he began playing the piano at... read full bio

Zayn Malik

Book Zayn Malik for your next event.

ZAYN is a singer-songwriter who first gained popularity as a founding member of the wildly successful boy band One Direction. He started a successful solo career after leaving the group, demonstrating his skills as a solo performer and working with other musicians to produce chart-topping tunes. "Pillowtalk," ZAYN's first solo single, became an instant hit, peaking at number one in seven... read full bio


Book Zaxx for your next event.

Zaxx, otherwise known as Greg Zaccagnino, is a DJ and producer from South Africa. He describes his sound as indie electronic, as it contains indie alternative tones and house vibes. Upon releasing his song Alpha, Zaxx was noticed by the notable electronic artist Tiesto. Since the release of Alpha, Zaxx has risen to fame, now ranked the number two South... read full bio


Book ZAND for your next event.

ZAND, also known as Zander Sweeney, is an alternative pop sensation whose distinctive sound and provocative lyrics have swept the music industry by storm. ZAND has attracted the interest of listeners and business experts alike with their self-described genre of "ugly pop," demonstrating their prowess as a vocalist, composer, and producer. Slut Money, Bald Bitch, and Freak were among the self-produced... read full bio

Zak Abel

Book Zak Abel for your next event.

Zak David Zilesnick, popularly known as Zak Abel, is an accomplished English-Moroccan musician, singer, and songwriter. Born on March 1, 1995, in London, Zak grew up in Hendon with his mother, Rachel, and attended the Jewish state school Matilda Marks, and University College School, from where he graduated in 2013. Before embarking on his music career, Zak was an English Cadet... read full bio

Zack Villere

Book Zack Villere for your next event.

Young alternative RnB musician Zack Villere has been making waves in the music world. His distinctive sound is influenced by musicians like Tyler the Creator, and he writes relevant lyrics and self-produced rhythms for his original songs. Villere's music is scratchy and low-fi, but it has a lively, infectious energy that is difficult to ignore. Villere began using FL Studio to... read full bio

Zachary Knowles

Book Zachary Knowles for your next event.

Magnolia, Texas is a tiny town where Zachary Knowles was raised. After posting a number of covers on SoundCloud while still in high school, he finally published an EP of his own music called "feelings" on all streaming services not long after beginning his freshman year of college. Knowles joined the New York City-based FADER Label. Since then, Knowles has released... read full bio

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