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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Book Red Hot Chili Peppers for your next event.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers' musical style has fused traditional funk with elements of other genres including hip-hop, punk rock and psychedelic rock. Blood Sugar Sex Magik was a significant record for the band; having sold over thirteen million copies, it provided the group's initial mainstream commercial success. The album Californication, which went on to sell fifteen million units worldwide,... read full bio

Maroon 5

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Maroon 5 is a Grammy Award-winning American pop-rock band. Maroon 5 won several awards for its debut album Songs About Jane. The album enjoyed major chart success, going gold, platinum, and triple platinum in many countries around the world. In support of Songs About Jane, Maroon 5 toured extensively , in which a live album was released, entitled Live -... read full bio

Imagine Dragons

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Indie rock band Imagine Dragons is comprised of Dan Reynolds as lead vocalist, Wayne Sermon as lead guitarist, and Ben McKee as bassist, and Daniel Platzman as drummer—rose to fame especially quickly. Their debut album, Night Visions, includes the hit singles “It’s Time” and “Radioactive,” the latter of which gained great exposure; Rolling Stone magazine called “Radioactive” “the biggest rock... read full bio

Panic At The Disco

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Panic at the Disco is an American rock band originating from Las Vegas, Nevada. The band incorporates a pop punk influenced sound with theatrical touches, quirky techno beats and insightfully catchy lyrics. Their debut album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, peaked at No.13 on the U.S. Billboard charts and went on to achieve platinum certifications in the U.K., Australia... read full bio

John Mayer

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John Mayer celebrated two wins at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, bringing his career total to seven. The guitarist, vocalist and songwriter has now earned seven Grammy Awards and sold nearly 14 million albums worldwide. Since his acclaimed debut with Room For Squares, through Heavier Things, to his work with the John Mayer Trio through CONTINUUM, John Mayer... read full bio

Pearl Jam

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The office for Pearl Jam has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Foo Fighters

Book Foo Fighters for your next event.

The Foo Fighters is a Seattle formed rock band that has influenced rock music for generations. The group was founded by Dave Grohl, following the death of Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain. Band members are music fanatics, which has enabled them to create their own style of music, mixing melodic and heavy elements to create a rhythmic rock style of their... read full bio

Rage Against The Machine

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Rage Against the Machine is a Grammy award winning American rock band, formed in 1991 in Los Angeles, California. The band's line-up consists of: vocalist Zack de la Rocha, guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk. Critics have noted Rage Against the Machine for its fiercely polemical music, which brewed sloganeering leftist rants against corporate America, cultural... read full bio

Green Day

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Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, Green Day has been widely recognized with popularizing, commercializing and resuscitating mainstream interest in punk rock in the United States. They essentially brought punk back to a new and younger generation with their first major-label debut Dookie, which sold over eight million albums alone. In total they have sold more than 75 million albums... read full bio

Arctic Monkeys

Book Arctic Monkeys for your next event.

Arctic Monkeys' impressive debut album is titled Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. It entered the Billboard charts at #24, an unprecedented accomplishment for a debut act on an independent label. They put on an energetic live show and have a rapidly expanding and increasingly rabid fan base. Their intoxicating debut single ""I Bet You Look Good... read full bio

No Doubt

Book No Doubt for your next event.

This American rock band formed in Anaheim, California. No Doubt is a very popular band that made new waves in the music industry with their ska-pop sound. Their first album self titled, No Doubt, did not make the strong impact the band assumed. Then No Doubt released their independently produced album The Beacon Street Collection, which helped the world see... read full bio


Book Tool for your next event.

The office for Tool has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.


Book Coldplay for your next event.

Legendary British rock band Coldplay has blessed the music industry with their beautiful melodies and addictive, ethereal beats. The band was born by its founding members Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland, who originally named their band Pectoralz. The name was later changed to Coldplay, and members Will Champion and Guy Berryman were added to the group. Their debut album, Parachutes,... read full bio


Book Radiohead for your next event.

Radiohead has unquestionably become one of the most hailed and courageous forces in contemporary music of their time. Their song Creep was initially unsuccessful and blacklisted by the British media for being too depressing. Creep has since become a worldwide hit and has garnered close to 60 million hits on YouTube. Radiohead has been recognized as The Best Band in... read full bio


Book Shakira for your next event.

Colombian singer, songwriter, and dancer Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, well known simply as Shakira, demonstrated musical and dancing abilities from a young age. Her first album, Magia, was recorded when she was only 13 years old. Though her first record didn’t do well commercially, her music label convinced her to release another album. She released another album, Peligro, but her... read full bio

The Cure

Book The Cure for your next event.

The Cure first began releasing music in the late 1970s with their debut album Three Imaginary Boys; this, along with several early singles, placed the band as part of the post-punk and New Wave movements that had sprung up in the wake of the punk rock revolution in the United Kingdom. During the early 1980s, the band's increasingly dark and... read full bio

Dave Matthews Band

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Dave Matthews Band (also known by the acronym DMB) is an American rock band, originally formed in Charlottesville, Virginia by singer and guitarist Dave Matthews, bassist Stefan Lessard, saxophonist Leroi Moore, violin player Boyd Tinsley, drummer Carter Beauford, and keyboardist Peter Griesar. All band members met Dave in Charlottesville. Currently, the band consists of members Dave Matthews, Carter Beauford, Stefan... read full bio


Book Muse for your next event.

Muse is an extremely popular English rock band that has an ambitious and experimental approach to the genre. They have accomplished many musical feats and are recognized for their highly energetic and extravagant live performances. The band fuses many different styles of which include progressive rock, symphonic rock and electronica to create an amazing arrangement of sound that will have... read full bio

Arcade Fire

Book Arcade Fire for your next event.

Arcade Fire brings a laid back sense of intimacy with musical twists filled with lush and imaginative noise to each song they create. This indie rock band features smooth vocals that capture each note and uses an extremely diverse array of instruments such as: guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, xylophone, glockenspiel, keyboard, synthesizer, French horn,... read full bio

The Black Keys

Book The Black Keys for your next event.

Its too facile to call the Black Keys counterparts of the White Stripes: they share several surface similarities -- their names are color-coded, they hail from the Midwest, theyre guitar-and-drum blues-rock duos -- but the Black Keys are their own distinct thing, a tougher, rougher rock band with a purist streak that never surfaces in the Stripes. But thats not... read full bio

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