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Matt Maeson

Book Matt Maeson for your next event.

Matt Maeson found himself through hardship and struggle. After a stint in prison and working construction for twelve hours a day, Maeson realized it was time to make amends with his past. Using music, Maeson dealt with his troubles. The product is amazing, honest music. Traveling across the country, Maeson started performing in prison yards and soon built up his... read full bio


Book Grabbitz for your next event.

Grabbitz, otherwise known as Nicholas Chiari, is an electronic music producer, composer, and DJ. Grabbitz was launched into fame after his release of single Here With You Now. The single has accumulated over five million views since its release. Thanks to his online popularity, Grabbitz was noticed by publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine. He was listed on the publication’s... read full bio


Book Ninajirachi for your next event.

Ninajirachi is an Australian electronic music artist, producer, and songwriter. At the young age of 17, Nina was featured on Triple J’s Unearthed High competition as a finalist. Her music demonstrates a new, light take on electronic music. Her music is both relaxing and fun, and TripleJ Unearthed has said her music sounds like “music made in an ice cage”.... read full bio


Book Opia for your next event.

Opia is an electronic group made up of members Cole Cintrenbaum, DJ Stanfill, and colorthought. The group formed after meeting at Yale, combining their musical talents to create an independent and alternative sound. Opia combines light vocals, slinky beats, and jazzy, rhythmic sounds, entrancing listeners. Their hit, ‘Falling,’ went viral, and the group later toured with Marian Hill, a prominent... read full bio

Ramona Lisa

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Ramona Lisa is the project of composer and vocalist Caroline Polachek. She chose to release her music in an alternative way, through choreographed and costumed live sets under a variety of different monikers. Later, her LP, ‘Arcadia,’ was released under Polachek’s definite stage name, Ramona Lisa. Polachek self-produced her first record, recording vocals into her laptop and composing background sounds... read full bio

Sky Ferreira

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Sky Ferreira is a singer, songwriter, model, and actress from Venice Beach, California. Some of her most popular songs include, ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’, ‘You’re Not the One’, ‘I Blame Myself’, ‘Obsession’, ‘Sad Dream’, ‘Red Lips’, ‘Lost In My Bedroom’, and ‘Night Time, My Time’. Her style can be described as a gothic type, and her sound can be anywhere from... read full bio

Dylan Minnette

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Dylan Christopher Minnette is an American actor and a musician. Minnette has been acting for several years but, is best known as his role Clay Jensen in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Although acting is what he’s most famous for, he is also in the alternative rock band ‘Wallows’, also previously known as ‘The Feaver’, and ‘The Narwhals’. Minnette... read full bio

Volcano Choir

Book Volcano Choir for your next event.

Volcano Choir is an indie rock band from Wisconsin. The seven-member band consists of vocalist, Justin Vernon, Jon Mueller, Chris Rosenau, Mathew Skemp, Daniel Spack, Thomas Wineck, and Andrew Fitzpatrick. The band’s post rock influences, accompanied by Justin Vernon’s soft vocals, are what give the band their ambient, experimental sound. Volcano Choir’s music has been featured in the TV series,... read full bio

Sasha Sloan

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Sasha Sloan is an alternative indie artist, a singer and songwriter. Apart from chasing her dreams as a solo performing artist, Sloan has lent her songwriting abilities to artists like Kygo, ODESZA, and Charli XCX. She has released two singles as a solo artist, ‘Normal’ and ‘Fall,’ which have been picked up by Spotify as killer tracks. Sloan has been... read full bio

David Ramirez

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Traveling singer-songwriter David Ramirez most recently released his newest album, Fables, through Thirty Tigers. He explains that he doesn’t want to “just put more noise into the world. [He] want[s] to put something out there that means something to [him].” At the beginning of his music career, Ramirez traveled completely by himself. He eventually added a band and manager to... read full bio

Rush of Fools

Book Rush of Fools for your next event.

Rush of Fools is a rock/contemporary Christian band, best known for their hit single “Undo”. The song was the most played song of its release year on Adult Contemporary Christian Music radio stations according to R&R magazine. It was the No.1 Christian song for five straight weeks on 20 The Countdown Magazine’s charts. Rush of Fools’ next single, “When Our... read full bio

Austin & Lindsey Adamec

Book Austin & Lindsey Adamec for your next event.

Austin & Lindsey Adamec (A&LA) are a Christian music husband and wife duo, based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Austin is a worship leader, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, while Lindsey is a popular vocalist, songwriter and former 1 Girl Nation member. They released their first EP, self-titled, with Radiate Music. The worship songs in their EP share their personal and spiritual journey.... read full bio


Book Limeliters for your next event.

The Limeliters are a folk music group formed by Lou Gottlieb (bass), Alex Hassilev (baritone), and Glenn Yarbrough (tenor). The group was active from 1959 until 1965, when they disbanded. After a hiatus of sixteen years Yarbrough, Hassilev, and Gottlieb reunited and began performing as The Limeliters again. The Limeliters are still active and performing, but Hassilev,... read full bio

Joules Graves

Book Joules Graves for your next event.

Raw, beautiful, and wildJoules Graves music is vibrant and deep, with a natural folk wisdom. She uses drums, guitar and sometimes just her voice. She was born in Missouri, and eventually came to live in Washington. This is where Joules Graves developed her own voice, and taught herself to play guitar, living in a cabin out in the woods. She... read full bio

Nashville Bluegrass Band

Book Nashville Bluegrass Band for your next event.

The Nashville Bluegrass gained most of their success from their first Rounder Records produced album, My Native Home. With the blend of black gospel and spirituals in their already known sounds of bluegrass sound, they gained huge success in America and abroad. They toured the globe to over 20 countries playing their unique sound. The band won Grammy Awards for... read full bio

Drew Smith

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Drew Smith found himself in the same position as many independent musicians trying to make a living in the struggling music business. So he followed the route of big business and outsourced the video to India. The production values may be a little amateurish by MTV standards, but for $2,000 it cost a small fraction of the typical budget for... read full bio


Book Golem for your next event.

Golem is a six piece, Eastern European Klezmer-rock band that was formed by performer, singer, writer, dancer, linguist, pianist and accordionist Annette Ezekiel Kogan. Over the years, the New York based band has collected Jewish, Gypsy, and Slavic folk songs and became a leading translator and innovator. Today the band pushes forward into the 21st century by rewriting, adding, editing,... read full bio

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