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Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

Book Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers for your next event.

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers is a reggae family group of Jamaican descent. The band is compromised of the children of music legend Bob Marley, and was formed when they were in their pre-teens. They started the group at the request of their late father, Bob Marley, who composed their first song, Children Playing in the Streets four years... read full bio


Book Yellowman for your next event.

King" Yellowman as he is known, because he is the king of the dancehall, is one of the most popular reggae artists to have come from Jamaica. He has been performing his high-energy show in front of sold-out crowds and he continues to tour with his long time backing band, the Sagittarius Band."... read full bio

Wheeland Brothers

Book Wheeland Brothers for your next event.

Nate and Travis Wheeland, along with Marcus Agundes and Eric Bumb are The Wheeland Brothers. They infuse reggae style with their passion for hanging out on the beach and riding the waves. They are SoCal raised, burrito loving, surfing brothers who's music reflects the laid-back, fun loving life they embrace. They have two albums: 'Toast to the Coast' and 'Muchos... read full bio


Book WAR for your next event.

To date, WAR has sold nearly fifty million records and performs for 1,000,000 people a year. Among their many achievements, WAR has been honored with seventeen gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards. These include: triple Platinum The World Is A Ghetto, multi-Platinum Why Cant We Be Friends All Day Music, and Deliver the World, and Gold singles from their Quad platinum... read full bio

Walshy Fire

Book Walshy Fire for your next event.

DJ Walshy Fire is a member of the dancehall reggae-influenced group Major Lazer founded by Diplo. Walshy Fire has toured with Black Chiney, who had a great influence on the formation of Major Lazer with its mash ups that blend hip hop or R&B rhythms with reggae and R&B artist vocal tracks. The mixtapes that Black Chiney created served as... read full bio

Vieux Farka Toure

Book Vieux Farka Toure for your next event.

Vieux Farka Toure, also known as The Hendrix of the Sahara, is a Malian singer and guitarist. Vieux is the son of legendary Malian guitar player Ali Farka Toure. His music is an eclectic mix of African, reggae, French, and folk genres. His second studio album, Fondo, reached number five on Billboards World Albums Chart and was included in the... read full bio

UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue

Book UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue for your next event.

More than any other artists of their time, Britain's UB40 have proven the power of pop-influenced reggae music. With worldwide sales topping 70 million albums during their career, the UB40 story demonstrates just how far people can go by staying true to their roots. UB40 grew up in the heart of Birmingham, one of England's most ethnically diverse cities. Their... read full bio

Tribal Seeds

Book Tribal Seeds for your next event.

Two brothers, Steven Rene Jacobo and Tony-Ray Jacobo, formed Tribal Seeds in San Diego, California. They quickly grew into a six member band with Victor Navarro, Carlos Verdugo, E.N Young, and Ryan Gonzo. The band's sound showcases their spiritually driven rock vibe, infused with reggae style roots. Tribal Seeds have worked their way to the foreground of the reggae rock... read full bio

Trevor Hall

Book Trevor Hall for your next event.

If Trevor Halls self-titled debut represented the young musicians struggle with finding himself, his follow-up, Everything Everytime Everywhere, is a courageous affirmation that he has become the man he had been seeking. Halls signature blend of catchy pop/rock songs infused with tasteful shades of reggae has made this diverse singer one of the most lauded up-and-coming musicians on the American... read full bio

Toots & The Maytals

Book Toots & The Maytals for your next event.

Toots and the Maytels' combination of great reggae rhythms, heartfelt vocals, and soulful gospel influence remains potent and powerful - probably the most cohesive mix of reggae and soul music ever, and still going strong with generations of fans. Current record holders of the most number one hits in Jamaica, their sound is a unique, original combination of gospel, ska,... read full bio

Tomorrows Bad Seeds

Book Tomorrows Bad Seeds for your next event.

Formed in 2004 in Hermosa Beach, California, the five piece American band, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, continues to showcase their unique style and sound. The band consists of Moises Juarez on lead vocals, Sean Chapman with vocals and guitar, Matthew McEwan with vocals and guitar, Patrick Salmon on drums, and Andrew Davis on the bass. The band's sound is... read full bio

Tiken Jah Fakoly

Book Tiken Jah Fakoly for your next event.

Tikken Jah Fakoly is a French reggae artist. He creates original music, along with covering songs by artists like Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Peter Tosh, and Buju Banton. Fakoly displays a passion for Rastafari culture, and also advocates for the injustices towards the people of his country and Africa. He appeals to audiences by connecting over these causes, speaking for... read full bio

The Wailers

Book The Wailers for your next event.

In the period since Bob Marley's passing, one group has continued to carry on his legacy and message. Year after year 'The Wailers', lead by Aston Familyman" Barrett, have toured the globe playing their special brand of music for millions of fans. "Familyman" is the sole living musician who was with Bob Marley from the beginning of Marley's career to... read full bio

The Supervillains

Book The Supervillains for your next event.

The Supervillains is a reggae quartet, based out of Florida, comprised of members Scott Suldo, Dominic Maresco, Daniel Grundorf and Tom Moulton. Their music is an exciting mixture of reggae, punk and funk. They have released eight studio albums since their formation, and have shared the stage with Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Fishbone, Streetlight Manefesto, Mu330, Inner Circle, Authority Zero, the... read full bio

The Specials

Book The Specials for your next event.

The Specials are an iconic band for many reasons. They look great, sound great, and share incredible performances with audiences around the world. The mixing of cultural sounds, from punk rock to reggae gives The Specials an avant garde feel. They released seven singles to hit the UK Top 10. The band has been active for almost five decades.... read full bio

The Samples

Book The Samples for your next event.

Artists like Neil Young, the Rolling Stones, and Jackson Browne influence The Samples band. Led by Sean Kelly, The Samples work together to represent a mix of different genres of music- from rock to folk to reggae. With 25 years of history together, Sean Kelly and The Samples are able to share their stories of love and loss, and their... read full bio

The Original Wailers

Book The Original Wailers for your next event.

Bob Marley and the Wailers have sold more than 250 million albums over the past 40 years and it has been his band that has helped create this international success. One of Marleys legendary musicians, Al Anderson has now reformed under the title of The Original Wailers. Anderson is among the celebrated musicians who gave Marley the platform for his... read full bio

The Holdup

Book The Holdup for your next event.

The Hold Up is a grass roots reggae band whose fan base grew organically while the band played at local venues in San Jose. Their album sales and radio play got them noticed by the industry. This allowed them to tour with major acts. They shared the stage with people like 2 Chainz and Rae Sremmurd. Since they released their... read full bio

The Green

Book The Green for your next event.

The Green is a reggae band that originates from Honolulu, Hawaii. One of The Greens well-loved albums, Hawaii 13, opens with a chant. The chant of He Mele No Kuu Hawaii prepares the albums listener as much as the band. Hawaii 13 implements elements of a variety of genres, such as roots reggae, soul, and R&B, all pointing toward... read full bio

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