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A Tribe Called Red

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The Halluci Nation (formerly A Tribe Called Red) is an electronic dance music group from Canada, who blends dub step with hip hop, reggae and First Nations music to create their signature style. They're distinguished from other EDM artists for their vocal chanting and drumming- a nod to their Native American culture. This group of three DJs has released many... read full bio

A. R. Rahman

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It is a well-known fact that A. R. Rahman is credited for reinventing modern Indian music. Rahman has composed the soundtrack for more than 150 films, many of which have become classics, including "Roja," "Bombay," "Dil Se," "Taal," "Vandemataram," "Jodhaa Akbar," "Slumdog Millionaire," "127 Hours," "Rockstar" and many others. Rahman followed in the footsteps of his father, a South Indian... read full bio

Abdullah Ibrahim

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Perhaps the most gifted African musician working within the fused ancestral streams of African+American music, Abdullah Ibrahim, formerly known as Dollar Brand, is a pianist, composer, arranger, band leader and teacher. His performing career has taken him to Africa, Japan, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, and India, where he has worked as soloist, and in duo, trio, ensemble and... read full bio

Ablaye Cissoko and Cyrille Brotto

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With their abilities of literary imagination and musical intellect, Ablaye Cissoko and Cyrille Brotto present us with a work of art that is incredibly beautiful and generous. The delicate music is at times rippling like a waterfall and is so harmonious that it sounds as though it has been touched by grace. Ablaye Cissoko's gentle velvet voice lends a unique... read full bio


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Adedeji is one of the most recent findings from Nigeria. At the age of six, he began singing, and he later enrolled in the University of Lagos to study music. Following that, he received his guitar degree in London and pursued a jazz specialty in the Netherlands. But Adedeji's music is anything but scholarly. Together with his very tight band from... read full bio

Adekunle Gold

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Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian highlife singer-songwriter and graphic designer who rose to fame after the release of his single “Sade,” which is a highlife cover of One Direction’s hit single “Story of My Life.” Highlife is a form of music from Ghana that takes structures of Akan music but played with Western instruments. Highlife music usually uses guitars and... read full bio

Africa Negra

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Unquestionably, Africa Negra has been the most significant and sincere representative of São Tomé and Príncipean music for the last forty years. The group, which their fans have come to lovingly refer to as "mama djumba," is highly well-known in the lusophone African countries and throughout its global diaspora, including Europe, North and South America. They are known for their unique... read full bio


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Live African dance music that fuses the dexterity of the Gambian kora and Congolese guitar with the UK's electronic sensibility to provide upbeat, dancefloor-friendly new music for a new generation of music lovers. Afriquoi are an underground sensation that combine live electronics with upbeat African music. The superb 5-piece live presentation fuses electronic music inspired by house, garage, disco, soul and jungle... read full bio

Afro B

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Ross-Emmanuel Bayeto, better known as the stage name Afro B, is a British DJ and singer-songwriter who rose to fame after the release of his hit single, “Drogba (Joanna),” which peaked at number 23 on the US Billboard RnB/Hip-Hop Airplay chart and also led to the viral creation of the Drogba Challenge. Afro B was born in Greenwich, London, England,... read full bio

Aita Mon Amour

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Long before she was able to comprehend the meaning behind the words and the poetry they contained, vocalist Widad Mjama had an intense interest with the Chikhates—these formidable and powerful women who sang "rebel" songs and preserved a tradition that dates back to the 12th century. This passion gave rise to the project centered around the art of AITA. Aita is... read full bio


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Alash is an ensemble comprised of master throat singers. The ancient art of throat singing was a development amongst nomadic herdsmen of Tuva, a republic in Central Asia. The members of Alash were trained in traditional Tuvan music at a young age, learning from their families and then attending master throat singing programs, becoming students of the art. The sounds... read full bio


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Albita is a Cuban American singer who has performed with Celia Cruz, Willy Chirino, Phil Collins, Tony Bennett, Gilberto Gil, Juan Luis Guerra, Daniela Mercury, Miriam Makeba, Arturo Sandoval, Paquito DRivera and Melissa Ethridge. She has been invited to perform four Presidential functions, including two inaugurations. She founded her own label Angel's Dawn Records" under which she produced and launched... read full bio


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DJ and music producer ALECEO. He records for a number of well-known labels, including Music For Dreams, Pipe & Pochet, Lump, Kosa, Shango, and Café De Anatolia. Over the course of his career, he has produced a vast repertoire that includes singles, albums on vinyl and digital platforms, remixes, and collaborations with musicians from around the world. His sound is a... read full bio

Alex Boye

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Americas Got Talent Alumni, Alex Boye brings an African twist to pop music, with 260 million views and counting on YouTube. He combines the explosive rhythms and various languages of his native land Nigeria into his highly anticipated upcoming debut pop album. Boyes single Let It Go has garnered more than 72 millions views and Peponi, the Africanized version of... read full bio

Alex Figueira

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Currently residing in Brussels, Alex Figueira is a musician, producer, DJ, record collector, and Venezuelan-Portuguese citizen. He is the originator of Afro-Caribbean psychedelic sensation Conjunto Papa Upa and the widely renowned, sadly deceased tropical psych punk band Fumaça Preta. He plays every instrument on his solo debut album Mentallogenic and handles all technical aspects of the recording process. The album has... read full bio


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Ali is a three-piece musical project with Indonesian roots that started in Jakarta. John Paul Patton and Arswandaru Cahyo started the project, which aims to infuse Middle Eastern culture with elements of cinematic soul, afro beat, funk, and disco, as well as aspects of 70s Indonesian rock, to produce a new groove and sound for the dynamic and modern Indonesian music... read full bio

Ali Campbell

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Ali Campbell is a British singer best known as the lead singer for the band UB40. The band sold an unbelievable 60+ million records worldwide, including four no. 1 hits and six top 40 Billboard hits including Red Red Wine, The Way You Do The Things You Do, Here I Am (Come and Take Me), and Cant Help Falling In... read full bio

Allison Crowe

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Allison Crowe is a Canadian singer and songwriter who began performing professionally at the age of 15. She ruled the coffee house and bar scene on Vancouver Island. Her childhood influences include jazz, classical, and rock and she is credited for her distinct voice and performance ability. Largely a solo performer, Crowe performs with her guitar and a piano -... read full bio

Alogte Oho and His Sounds of Joy

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He was raised in the southern Ghanaian rainforest as a child before traveling up to the Frafra land in the northern Ghanaian savannah as a young kid. He was born to a Frafra father and an Akim mother. He was profoundly moved by the magnificent moments he encountered during the services at the local church while growing up in Namoo,... read full bio


Book Altan for your next event.

One of the most popular Irish traditional bands in the last decades, Altan has had a huge impact on all of their listeners. They have had award winning recordings with their songs that range from sensitive old Irish songs all the way to fast,hard hitting irish jigs. They have been playing together for almost 20 years already and keep on... read full bio

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