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Astronaut Mike Mullane

Book Astronaut Mike Mullane for your next event.

Mike Mullane was selected as a Mission Specialist in 1978 in the first group of Space Shuttle Astronauts. He completed three space missions and logged 356 hours in space aboard the Shuttles Discovery and Atlantis before retiring from NASA and the Air Force in 1990.Since his retirement from NASA, Colonel Mike Mullane has written an award-winning children's book, Liftoff! An... read full bio

Bob Behnken

Book Bob Behnken for your next event.

Bob Behnken is an American NASA astronaut, engineer, and former Chief of the Astronaut Office. Behnken was born in St. Ann, Missouri, and he earned his bachelor of science degrees in mechanical engineering and physics from Washington University in St. Louis before going on to earn his master of science degree in mechanical engineering as well as his Ph.D. from... read full bio

Buzz Aldrin

Book Buzz Aldrin for your next event.

Buzz Aldrin made history as only the second person to walk on the moon, following Neil Armstrong. Since retiring from NASA, the Air Force and his position as Commander of the Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, Dr. Aldrin has remained at the forefront of efforts to ensure a continued leading role for America in manned space exploration.... read full bio

Cady Coleman

Book Cady Coleman for your next event.

Cady Coleman is a chemist, former United States Air Force officer, and former NASA astronaut. She experienced two Space Shuttle missions and was a crew member of Expedition 27, logging a total of 159 days in space. In space, she completed experiments testing biotechnology, combustion science, and the physics of fluids. She has been featured on TED Talks sharing her... read full bio

Capt. Jon McBride

Book Capt. Jon McBride for your next event.

Capt. Jon A. McBride, USN/NASA (Ret.) is a member of the Astronaut Encounter group at the Kennedy Space Center's Visitors' Complex. The group provides informative briefings on a daily basis to KSC guests. Captain McBride also does limited consulting to business entities, and serves on several boards of directors and advisory groups. He was a Vietnam combat fighter pilot and... read full bio

Charles Bolden

Book Charles Bolden for your next event.

Charles Frank Bolden Jr. is a former NASA administrator, retired U.S. Marine Corps Major General, and a former astronaut who has flown on four Space Shuttle missions. Bolden was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and he earned his B.S. degree in Electrical Science from the U.S. Naval Academy and went on to earn his M.S. degree in Systems Management from... read full bio

Charles Precourt

Book Charles Precourt for your next event.

Charles Precourt is an American retired NASA astronaut. He is currently the Vice President for Advanced Strategic Programs at Orbital ATK. Precourt started his career in the US Air Force where he was a pilot and command of the Space Shuttle. During his time there, he was also involved in Russian/US Space relations and the International Space Station collaboration. He... read full bio


Book Chris for your next event.

Colonel Chris Hadfield was an astronaut for 21 years, completing three space flights, two thousand six hundred orbits of Earth, and has made space accessible for those on earth by using social media. Dubbed ‘the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong’, Hadfield is renowned internationally (and universally). As Canada’s first fully qualified Space Shuttle crewmember, Hadfield has displayed honor and... read full bio

Col. Eileen Collins

Book Col. Eileen Collins for your next event.

The first woman to pilot and command an American spacecraft, astronaut Eileen Collins has led an inspiring life of adventure, leadership, and achievement. A female trailblazer, Collins was named an astronaut by NASA in 1990. She quickly went on to become the first female pilot on a space shuttle with the Discovery flight in 1995, and the first female commander... read full bio

Doug Hurley

Book Doug Hurley for your next event.

Doug Hurley is an American engineer and former Marine Corps pilot and current NASA astronaut. He was born in Endicott, New York, and he graduated magna cum laude with honors from Tulane University where he earned his B.S.E. in civil engineering. He went on to graduate from Tulane’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program and from USMC Officer Candidates School.... read full bio

Dr. Mae Jemison

Book Dr. Mae Jemison for your next event.

Mae C. Jemison is the first African-American female astronaut. She flew into space aboard the Endeavour, becoming the first African-American woman in space. She became the first African-American woman to be admitted into the astronaut training program. In recognition of her accomplishments, Jemison has received several awards and honorary doctorates. She was the area Peace Corps medical officer for Sierra... read full bio

Dr. Roberta Bondar

Book Dr. Roberta Bondar for your next event.

Dr. Roberta Bondar, after many years of training, became Canada's first female astronaut when she flew on the space shuttle Discovery in January 1992. She currently conducts research into blood flow in the brain during microgravity and various pathological states. Dr. Bondar is keenly interested in physical fitness and in educating students about environmental issues. She has received many honours,... read full bio

Ed Gibson

Book Ed Gibson for your next event.

Ed Gibson received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Rochester, New York. Ed Gibson was elected as a Fellow of the American Astronautical Society; he is also a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, and Theta Chi. Following his passion for running he is a member of... read full bio

Frank Borman

Book Frank Borman for your next event.

Borman received a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Military Academy, West Point. He completed the Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program. In addition to many honorary degrees, special honors and service decorations, he is the recipient of the Harmon International Aviation Trophy, the Robert J. Collier Trophy and the National Geographic Society's Hubbard Medal, and the Congressional Space... read full bio

Jose Hernandez

Book Jose Hernandez for your next event.

Former NASA astronaut, Jose Hernandez was recently honored with the USHLI National Hispanic Hero Award. Growing up in both California and Mexico, he spent his childhood working alongside his family throughout the fields of the central valley, not learning English until he was twelve. Following his high school graduation, he majored in electrical engineering, moving on to UCSB, where he... read full bio

Leland Melvin

Book Leland Melvin for your next event.

Leland Melvin is an American engineer and a former NASA astronaut. He studied at the University of Richmond on a football scholarship and graduated with a Bachelors in Chemistry. From there, he went on to earn his M.S. degree in Materials Science Engineering from the University of Virginia. Melvin started his career with NASA in the Nondestructive Evaluation Sciences Branch.... read full bio

Lieutenant General Thomas Stafford

Book Lieutenant General Thomas Stafford for your next event.

General Stafford was selected among the second group of astronauts in September 1962 by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to participate in projects Gemini and Apollo. In December 1965 he was the pilot of Gemini VI, which was the first rendezvous in space, and helped in the development techniques to prove the basic theory and practicality of space rendezvous.... read full bio

Marc Garneau

Book Marc Garneau for your next event.

Captain Joseph Jean-Pierre Marc Garneau CC, CD, PhD, FCASI was the first Canadian in space. He has taken part in three flights aboard NASA Space shuttles. He was the president of the Canadian Space Agency until he entered politics as the Liberal candidate in Vaudreuil-Soulanges for the 2006 federal election. In 2003 Garneau was installed as the ninth Chancellor... read full bio

Megan McArthur

Book Megan McArthur for your next event.

K. Megan McArthur is an American oceanographer, engineer, astronaut, scientist and explorer who has worked for NASA. McArthur was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and grew up in Northern California. While growing up, McArthur knew she wanted to be an astronaut and went on to earn her B.S. in aerospace engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles before later being... read full bio

Michael Collins

Book Michael Collins for your next event.

Michael Collins is an American astronaut who is known for flying the Apollo 11 command module, Columbia, while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were landing on the surface of the moon. Collins has also been a test pilot and major general in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. Collins was born in Rome, Kingdom of Italy, as he was the son... read full bio

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