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Joanie Sprague

Book Joanie Sprague for your next event.

Joanie Sprague is an American model, podcast host, carpenter, and reality television star. Sprague studied economics and computer science at the University of Findlay but dropped out to pursue a career in modeling. Her father pushed her to finish her degree though, so she moved back to finish her degree then went on to be a contestant on the reality... read full bio

Zane Lamprey

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Many people have a few drinks to relax after work. For Zane Lamprey, however, having a few (or a few too many) drinks IS work. But he's not complaining. Zane has circled the globe knocking back an endless variety of booze while capturing his imbibing exploits for the cult-hit TV show Three Sheets on the Travel Channel. The show follows... read full bio

Jessica Steinrock

Book Jessica Steinrock for your next event.

A highly competent professional with a broad history in the performing arts, Jessica Steinrock. Jessica's ability and experience have been highlighted on well-known platforms including TNT, Netflix, and Hulu. She has worked on significant television and film projects as well as in regional theaters, including the prestigious Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Jessica has a PhD in Theatre from the University of Illinois... read full bio

Marc Summers

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Marc Summers is an American television personality, comedian, game show host, producer, and a two-time talk show host. He is best known for hosting the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare and currently hosts Unwrapped on The Food Network.... read full bio

Michael Nash

Book Michael Nash for your next event.

Michael Nash is best known for his directorial debut film titled Fuel, a film that won The Grand Jury Award at the International Lisbon Film Festival. Nash was born in Chicago, Illinois. He studied acting and writing at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institution in New York before moving to Los Angeles where he has been working in the... read full bio

Danny Forster

Book Danny Forster for your next event.

Danny Forster loves architecture, but he's passionate about buildings that do more than simply look amazing and stay upright. For Forster, the moment when great architecture happens is when the shape, the structure, the material, the texture, the orientation, even the color of a building all collaborate to become a singular solution to a multitude of problems. Forster has built... read full bio

Dr. Lori Verderame

Book Dr. Lori Verderame for your next event.

Dr. Lori Verderame is an award-winning TV personality, author, event headliner, keynote speaker, TV talk show host, and Ph.D. antiques appraiser. Dr. Lori Verderame (best known as Dr. Lori) is the star appraiser on Discovery channels hit TV show, Auction Kings and the History channels treasure-hunting hit TV show The Curse of Oak Island. Dr. Lori has shared her expertise... read full bio

Gretchen Christine Rossi

Book Gretchen Christine Rossi for your next event.

Creative Director for The Gretchen Christine Collection, Gretchen Christine Rossi Is known for being a part of The Real Housewives of Orange County cast for four seasons. After obtaining her BA from Baylor University in Texas, her love of design led her to a very lucrative career in Real Estate and Interior Design. Her accomplishments landed in her a very... read full bio

Allyce Beasley

Book Allyce Beasley for your next event.

Actress Allyce Beasley has appeared in many movies as a character actress, and had an enduring comedic role in the TV serial drama, Moonlighting. In the series, Ms. Beasley played receptionist Agnes Di Pesto, who had a knack for rhyming and snappy retorts. Her character, Miss Di Pesto, was enamored with a co-worker, leading to many hilarious sub-plots in the... read full bio

Andy Cowan

Book Andy Cowan for your next event.

Andy Cowan, profiled in Whos Who in America, is an award-winning writer/producer/performer, one of only two writers associated with both Cheers and Seinfeld (writer and program consultant), two of the five best television series of all time, as compiled by ABC News and People magazine. The Opposite," a celebrated Seinfeld episode that came from his life (in which George Costanza... read full bio

Max Valiquette

Book Max Valiquette for your next event.

Max Valiquette focuses on whats new and modern - whats young and now. As one of North America's foremost experts on media and modern consumers, his knowledge of the ever-changing world of marketing, branding, youth culture, social media and communication has established him as one of Canadas most sought-after speakers and consultants. Valiquette is an innovation and trends expert who... read full bio

Dan Bucatinsky

Book Dan Bucatinsky for your next event.

Dan Bucatinsky is most popular for portraying James Novak in the Shonda Rhimes drama series Scandal, for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. Bucatinsky then starred in NBCs Marry Me, and the newly revived HBO series The Comeback, which he also executive produces. At the start of his career, he was... read full bio

Billy Tolley

Book Billy Tolley for your next event.

Billy Tolley is a camera and electrical department worker who was apart of the television series Ghost Adventures. Apart from his work on Ghost Adventures, Tolley has worked on Paranormal Challenge, Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, and as the camera operator for the film Demon House. He is also to be seen as the camera operator on upcoming film Through the Glass.... read full bio

Bassam Tariq

Book Bassam Tariq for your next event.

Bassam Tariq is a TED Fellow, writer, and independent filmmaker. Tariq has produced a variety of independent films, which released at venues like the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW. His films include Ghosts of Sugar Land, which won the Short Film Jury Prize and Sundance, These Birds Walk, and Mughal Mowgli. Tariq’s films have been honorably mentioned in publications like... read full bio

Jason Carrion

Book Jason Carrion for your next event.

Jason Carrion is a television personality who is also an FDNY firefighter and a pro wrestler. He first gained attention after appearing in the reality series “Married at First Sight”. Since then, he has had appearances on series “The Swerve”, “Entertainment Tonight”, “Married Life”, and “Vixens Who Rule”. He’s also since been in the reality series “Married at First Sight:... read full bio

Danny Boyle

Book Danny Boyle for your next event.

One of Britain's most celebrated film talents, director and producer Danny Boyle made his name with the acclaimed 1996 film Trainspotting. The film won equal parts praise and controversy, as well as lasting fame for its director. His films 28 Days Later and Sunshine also garnered international praise, but it was Slumdog Millionaire that really catapulted Boyle into a whole... read full bio

Bonnie Curtis

Book Bonnie Curtis for your next event.

Bonnie Curtis's body of work includes an impressive array of well-known films, including Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Hook, Minority Report, and Amistad. Armed with a degree in journalism, Curtis moved to Los Angeles determined to work in the film industry. She found film production work and was then hired as Steven Spielberg's assistant in... read full bio

Melissa Gisoni

Book Melissa Gisoni for your next event.

Both of Melissa Gisoni's children, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, are currently students with the Abby Lee Dance Company. Melissa is a mother of two. Dance Moms is the most talked about show on Lifetime and features dance instructor Abby Lee Miller, her world-class students, and their mothers, who are referred to as the Dance Moms. Ever since it wrapped up... read full bio

Cynthia Lowen

Book Cynthia Lowen for your next event.

Award-winning writer and filmmaker Cynthia Lowen. She devised, produced, and scripted Bully, a feature documentary that follows a "year in the life" of America's bullying issue, in collaboration with Lee Hirsch, an Emmy and Sundance Award-winning director. Bully, which was documented throughout the 2009–2010 academic year, provides a glimpse into the distressing and frequently jeopardized lives of victims of bullying... read full bio

Barry Sonnenfeld

Book Barry Sonnenfeld for your next event.

Barry Sonnenfeld started work as director of photography on the Oscar-nominated In Our Water. Afterwards, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen hired him for Blood Simple. This sparked the continued collaboration with the Coen Bros., who used him for their next two pictures, Raising Arizona and Miller's Crossing. He also worked with Danny DeVito on his Throw Momma from the Train... read full bio

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