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Charlie Creed-Miles

Book Charlie Creed-Miles for your next event.

Charlie Creed-Miles is an English actor and musician from Nottingham, England. He is best known for playing Danny McColl in the series “Press Gang”, Jools in the series “Faith in the Future”, DI Mark Wenborn in “Injustice”, Billy Kimber in “Peaky Blinders”, and Connor/Abbott in the series “Giri/Haji”. Creed-Miles has also been in several films and his film credits include... read full bio


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One of the most popular rock bands of the late 1990s was a group called Creed. The band is from Tallahassee, Florida. Creed has three multi-platinum albums, selling 26 million records in the United States and an estimated 35 million records worldwide. They are known for their inspirational songs, and albums that are solid from start to finish. Creed consists... read full bio

Creed Bratton

Book Creed Bratton for your next event.

Creed Bratton is an American actor and musician who is best known for playing Creed on the television series “The Office”. Growing up, Bratton ordered a guitar from a Sears catalog and from there, became a musician during high school and college. He first decided to try to become a traveling musician, which is when he professionally became known as... read full bio

Creed Fisher

Book Creed Fisher for your next event.

On his most recent album, This Ain't the Hamptons, country music's emerging Outlaw Country star, Creed Fisher, urges listeners to never forget who they are, where they are from and that they should never be afraid to work hard to make an honest life. This album not only honors the blue-collar sensibility, patriotism and love of the simple pleasures that Fisher's music is... read full bio

Scott Stapp Of Creed

Book Scott Stapp Of Creed for your next event.

Scott Stapp is an American singer-songwriter and instrumentalist from Orlando, Florida. He is best known for being the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Creed and has also fronted the band Art of Anarchy. As a solo artist, Stapp has released three albums, “The Great Divide”, “Proof of Life” and “The Space Between the Shadows”. Stapp has earned... read full bio


Book Angerfist for your next event.

Danny Masseling, better known as Angerfirst, is a Dutch producer and DJ. Best known for wearing a hockey mask, Angerfirst has released six albums and also known for other names including, The Supreme Team, Masters Elite, and Roland & Sherman. He has been included in DJ Mags Top 100 DJ edition several times and has the title of Highest Hard.... read full bio

Bishop TD Jakes

Book Bishop TD Jakes for your next event.

One of the most admired thinkers in the world, Bishop T.D. Jakes, uses his visionary leadership and insight to help people outside of the church. You must meet individuals where they are in life in order to guide them toward their destiny. Bishop Jakes has been able to reach millions of individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, countries and creeds... read full bio

Blackberry Smoke

Book Blackberry Smoke for your next event.

Theres a void on rock radio, and its downright criminal. Not since the heyday of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet and 38 Special has southern rock truly owned the airwaves. Sure, there were breakthroughs here and there, but in this age of prefabrication, honest, heartfelt, whiskey-soaked rock n roll has been relegated to regional entertainment. Thats primed to change in a... read full bio

Blue Moon Swamp

Book Blue Moon Swamp for your next event.

Blue Moon Swamp is, quite simply, the best Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band out there. Global CCR enthusiasts have warmly welcomed Blue Moon Swamp, praised their genuineness and left stellar evaluations. From hits like the timeless 1968 song "Susie Q" to the mid-1980s hit "Centerfield" and brand-new tracks from the highly acclaimed album "Revival," Blue Moon Swamp has delighted listeners from... read full bio

Bob James

Book Bob James for your next event.

Bob James is a two-time Grammy Award-winning jazz keyboardist. Fresh out of the University of Michigan with an MA in composition, he recorded an inventive bop trio album, Bold Connections," for Mercury; and his next project was a free-jazz LP ("Explosions") for ESP-Disk. After four years as Sarah Vaughan's music director and a like period on the New York session... read full bio

Caleb Johnson

Book Caleb Johnson for your next event.

Caleb Johnson was the winner of the thirteenth season of American Idol. He auditioned in seasons ten and eleven, but was cut before the main season began both times. He took a gap year to improve his stage presence, and it worked. Caleb and his rocker voice went all the way. He wowed the judges and America each week with... read full bio

Callista Clark

Book Callista Clark for your next event.

Callista Clark is an up-and-coming country singer from Zebulon, Georgia. Clark found her love for singing as soon as she was able to talk and she began singing at her local church where her grandfather was a pastor at. Clark went on to write her first song when she was only years old and shortly after, she went viral online... read full bio

Callum Turner

Book Callum Turner for your next event.

Callum Turner is an actor from Chelsea, London who is known for his roles as Bill Rohan in Queen and Country and Eli in the series Glue. Though Callum has made a name for himself as an actor, he is also well known in the modeling world. Early on in his modeling career, he modeled for various companies such as... read full bio

CJ Solar

Book CJ Solar for your next event.

Curtis Justin Solar, better known as CJ Solar, is an American country rock singer-songwriter from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Solar finds influence from fellow southern country rock acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Creedence Clearwater Revival as well as artists such as Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, and Soundgarden. Solar has been featured in Rolling Stone as a “New Artist You Need... read full bio

Creedence Again

Book Creedence Again for your next event.

Creedence Again has quickly established itself as THE premier CCR & John Fogerty tribute band in the world (see video footage). Built around the blistering vocals of some of Chicago's best male vocal artists - such as the electric dynamo Rich Perez - CA also features some of Chicago's best musicians. Creedence Again treats audiences to a powerful,... read full bio

Creedence Clearwater Revisited

Book Creedence Clearwater Revisited for your next event.

Creedence Clearwater Revisited consists of Doug Clifford, Stu Cook, Steve Gunner, Kurt Griffey, and Dan McGuinness. The members got together when they would start playing music together for fun before deciding on starting a band. They went on to play nearly 200 shows a year and went on to play less shows year by year and currently play around 50... read full bio

Creedence Forever

Book Creedence Forever for your next event.

Creedence Forever keeps Creedence Clearwater Revival’s music alive. Traveling worldwide, Creedence Forever performs hits dedicated to Creedence Clearwater Revival. The tribute band is known worldwide for its authentic sound. These exciting rock performances keep audiences on their feet, remembering the good old days of CCR. Creedence Forever is dedicated to its performances and ensures audiences are transported into the epic... read full bio

Creedence Revived

Book Creedence Revived for your next event.

Creedence Revived is a tribute band to CCR. Creedence Revived has gone on to be one of the most sought after tribute bands in the world and they have played for crowds of over 30,000 people. Creedence Revived is made up of members Rich Perez, JD King, Graham Czach, and Tony Montana. Some of the songs you’ll hear during a... read full bio


Book Creedenced for your next event.

Creedenced is a Creedence Clearwater tribute band that consists of members Tim Walsh, Neal Shelton, Tony Cavazo, and Jerry Kulczyk. Walsh plays the part of John Fogerty and he is a singer and guitarist who channels Fogerty’s vocals and style. He has been in the music industry for years and has been on the Andy Dick show, Howard Stern show,... read full bio


Book Crud for your next event.

Super-charged fetish rock complete with gas masks, bikinis and blood. Cruds wicked guitar hooks and enticing vocal melodies taunt and seduce you into surrender. Crud creates sights and sounds that linger. Think Fight Club. Think A Clockwork Orange. Think you've seen anything like it Think again. Revved up industrial-fueled rock, laden with nasty guitar riffs, crunching electronic beats and taunting... read full bio

David Bennett

Book David Bennett for your next event.

David Bennett is co-owner and co-editor of Ancient and Future Catholics, ChurchYear.Net, and Life in Your Years (a site related to wellness), and a member-manager of Saint Hilary Communications. He is a member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars. Currently, his day job" is the religion department chair at a Catholic High School. David has written and spoken on a... read full bio

Devery Jacobs

Book Devery Jacobs for your next event.

Devery Jacobs is a talented Mohawk (Kanien'keha:ka) actress and writer who was born in Canada. She started her acting career in the late 2000s with modest parts in television programs including The Dead Zone (2007) and Assassin's Creed: Lineage (2009). She was born on August 8, 1993. Jacobs' breakthrough performance came in the critically praised 2013 movie Rhymes for Young Ghouls,... read full bio

Dolph Lundgren

Book Dolph Lundgren for your next event.

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish actor who is best known for playing Ivan Drago in the film “Rocky IV”. Since then, he has gone on to be known for acting in action films such as “Masters of the Universe”, “Red Scorpion”, “The Punisher”, “I Come in Peace”, “Universal Soldier”, “Showdown in Little Tokyo”, “Men of War”, “The Shooter”, “The Expendables”,... read full bio

Fortunate Son - John Fogerty And Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute

Book Fortunate Son - John Fogerty And Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute for your next event.

Combining timeless Creedence Clearwater Revival favorites and John Fogerty solo hits, Brad Ford & FORTUNATE SON truly personifies the spirit and grit of America’s Favorite Rock & Roll Band! This show is for all ages and unites classic rock, country, blues, and folk music fans together like no other tribute act can. From the swampy blues classics of BORN ON... read full bio

Half Moon Run

Book Half Moon Run for your next event.

Half Moon Run is a Canadian indie-rock and pop band that consists of members Devon Portielje, Dylan Phillips, Conner Molander, and Isaac Symonds. The group is based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and they rose to fame after the release of their debut studio album, “Dark Eyes”, which earned MC certified platinum and topped the charts in six countries. Since... read full bio

Hannah Beachler

Book Hannah Beachler for your next event.

Hannah Beachler is an American production designer who is best known for her work on films such as “Creed,” “Miles Ahead,” “Moonlight,” and “Black Panther.” Her work with Black Panther on it’s Afrofuturist design direction earned her an Academy Award for Best Production Design, making her the first African-American to be nominated in the category, and the first to win.... read full bio

Hearty Har

Book Hearty Har for your next event.

Hearty Har is a rock band with a psychedelic charm from Los Angeles, California. They first got together in 2012 and dropped their first album “Super Sketch Bob’s Super Sketch Soundtrack” in 2015, a collaboration between a bunch of different artists. Now, Hearty Har is led by brothers Shane Fogerty and Tyler Fogerty. If their name sounds familiar, it’s because... read full bio

Jamestown Revival

Book Jamestown Revival for your next event.

Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay make up the folk group Jamestown Revival. The childhood buddies from Magnolia, Texas, create harmonies that blend Western rock, Americana, and Southern country to create songs about everyday life. Early in 2014, they independently released their debut album "Utah," which Republic Records later reissued. Utah Best of 2014: Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year was named... read full bio

John Fogerty

Book John Fogerty for your next event.

An American singer, songwriter, and guitarist by the name of John Cameron Fogerty. He created the group Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) with Doug Clifford, Stu Cook, and his brother Tom Fogerty. He served as the group's lead vocalist, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter. Between 1968 and 1972, CCR achieved nine top-10 singles, eight gold albums, and was elected into the... read full bio

John Hollier

Book John Hollier for your next event.

In his music, Hollier boldly displays the knowledge and expertise gained during a fascinating personal journey, much like a well-traveled and reliable highway. The Louisiana-born singer, songwriter and guitarist now residing in Nashville tells real stories against a raucous heartland rock with a touch of country soul. He transitioned from supporting multi-platinum artists like Carly Pearce and Cassadee Pope to independently... read full bio

Johnny A.

Book Johnny A. for your next event.

For almost two decades, Johnny A. has traversed the globe with grace, navigating and fusing various musical genres to present his distinct brand of instrumental guitar music. His obsession started when he was 13 years old and saw the Beatles for the first time in Boston. Two years later, he saw Jimi Hendrix live. He was immediately enthralled and bought... read full bio

Jordan Fletcher

Book Jordan Fletcher for your next event.

The Jacksonville-born and Nashville-based performer tells his tale over real country laced with rock spirit, paying close attention to every detail and telling it in play-by-play immediacy. You'll learn more about him as a father, husband, believer, surfer, and musician in addition to his role as a songwriter. This strategy includes a series of 2021 singles and his upcoming full-length... read full bio

Karrie Martin

Book Karrie Martin for your next event.

Karrie Martin is an up-and-coming actress who recently made her breakthrough role playing Ana Morales in the Netflix original series “Gentefied,” a series which is executive-produced by America Ferrera. Martin began his career in the entertainment business working as a casting intern. She wanted to get to know the ins and outs of the business and loved getting to learn... read full bio

Kevin McGee - The Avid Entrepreneur

Book Kevin McGee - The Avid Entrepreneur for your next event.

Kevin McGee is the founder and CEO of Avid Entrepreneurship, a social enterprise consultancy founded to help first generation entrepreneurs build better businesses. Kevin has spent most of his life as an entrepreneur, starting his first venture at 23-years-old. He has learned to recognize opportunities, overcome obstacles, deal with failures, and embrace success; learned lessons that he loves to... read full bio


Book KST for your next event.

sionC (bass/vocals), ARNY (vocals/guitar), Creed (vocals/guitar), and Gail (drums/vocals) all demonstrate their musical skills with instrumental works that have catchy guitar melodies and a strong beat. The band's moniker, KST (formerly "Constant & Change"), emphasizes the everlasting nature of change and the impermanence of life. The well-known song "Stranded People," which is renowned for its instrumental brilliance, is featured on their debut... read full bio

Liev Schreiber

Book Liev Schreiber for your next event.

Live Schreiber is an American actor, writer, director, and producer best know for his roles as Ray Donovan on “Ray Donovan”, Cotton Weary on “Scream”, Victor Creed on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and Ted Winter on “Salt”. Before Schreiber’s work on the big screens he was seen on stage in several productions including, ‘In the Summer House’, ‘The Tempest’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘Hamlet’,... read full bio

Ludwig Goransson

Book Ludwig Goransson for your next event.

Ludwig Goransson is a multi-talented musician, film composer, arranger, songwriter, and record producer hailing from Sweden. Goransson's most notable work in the entertainment industry includes films like "Black Panther," "Creed," "Creed II," and "Venom," and TV series like "New Girl" and "Community." Aside from his work in the film and television industry, Goransson has worked with several music artists, including Childish... read full bio

Mark Bonnar

Book Mark Bonnar for your next event.

Mark Bonnar is a British actor who is best known for playing Bruno in series “Casualty”, Chris in series “Catastrophe”, and Duncan in series “Shetland”. Bonnar’s other television credits include, “Wire in the Blood”, “The Bill”, “Paradox”, “Doctor Who”, “Psychoville”, “Line of Duty”, “Home Fires”, “Jekyll & Hyde”, “Undercover”, “Apple Tree Yard”, “Porridge”, “Unforgotten”, “Humans”, and many more. Bonnar has... read full bio

Mark Rowley

Book Mark Rowley for your next event.

Mark Rowley is a Scottish actor who is best known for playing the Irish warrior Finan in the television series “The Last Kingdom”. Rowley was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and he became interested in acting at a young age after taking classes at the PACE Theatre Company in his hometown of Paisley. Rowley went on to graduate from the... read full bio

Michael B. Jordan

Book Michael B. Jordan for your next event.

Michael B. Jordan is an American actor, producer, and director, best known for staring in huge blockbuster films like Johnny in “Fantastic Four”, Adonis in “Creed”, and Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s “Black Panther”. Jordan started his work in the industry as a child model for companies like Toys “R” Us, and Modell before turning to acting. His earliest roles were... read full bio

Michael Dorn

Book Michael Dorn for your next event.

Michael Dorn attended the Pasadena City College studying radio and television production. He then began a career in music, performing with several different bands that traveled up and down the California coast. Michaels first acting roles were Apollo Creeds bodyguard in Rocky and a guest appearance on W.E.B. Producers were impressed with Dorns work and soon referred him to acting... read full bio

Michael Fassbender

Book Michael Fassbender for your next event.

Michael Fassbender is an Irish actor and producer who was born in Germany. He is most known for playing Magneto in the “X-Men” movies, Lt. Archie Hicox in “Inglourious Basterds”, and Edwin Epps in “12 Years a Slave”. He has been nominated for 2 Golden Globes, 3 Bafta awards, and 1 Academy Award. All together, he has been nominated for... read full bio

Michael Monroe

Book Michael Monroe for your next event.

Matti Antero Kristian Fagerholm, popularly known as Michael Monroe, is a Finnish rock musician born on June 17, 1962. His father was a famous Finnish radio personality and reporter. Monroe was first exposed to rock n' roll when he saw Black Sabbath's Paris performance on television. At the time, some of his favourite bands included Alice Cooper, The New York... read full bio

Milo Ventimiglia

Book Milo Ventimiglia for your next event.

Milo Ventimiglia is an American actor and producer, best known for his roles in television series such as, Jack Pearson in “This Is Us”, Jess Mariano in “Gilmore Girls”, and Peter Petrelli in “Heroes”. He started acting while in high school and from there went on to study at the University of California, Los Angeles where he became a theatre... read full bio


Book Mobley for your next event.

The Austin-based songwriter (as well as record producer, cinematographer, and writer) has created a collection of tunes that are both intriguing and infectious. Young & Dying In The Occident Supreme, Mobley's most recent album, adds a number of fresh textures to his distinctive brand of future art rock, including psychedelic forays and Ennio Morricone-inspired instrumental embellishments. Cry Havoc!, the overture of... read full bio


Book MxPx for your next event.

MxPx got started playing very fast punk rock music inspired by The Descendents, Black Flag, and other fast bands. Their band name originally was Magnified Plaid but when they created band posters, they abbreviated their name to M.P. The periods were drawn on the posters as little X's so their band name appeared to be MxPx which eventually stuck. They... read full bio

Nick Colletti

Book Nick Colletti for your next event.

Nick Colletti is quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought-after comedians and personalities in Hollywood, thanks to his natural charisma and raw talent. He is quickly rising as one of the top comedians in Hollywood. As a young child, he began making videos and music videos, and he has maintained a lifelong fascination with cinema and sound. Nick... read full bio

Orange River Remedy

Book Orange River Remedy for your next event.

Originating from the West Midlands, Orange River Remedy compose, record, and perform music that is frequently infused with nostalgia from the 1960s and 1970s. They infuse psychedelic, three-part harmonies, and strong guitars into a fantastic modern, post-pandemic age. They have recently opened for acts like Dub Pistols and Tankus The Henge while touring the UK. As a relatively young band, the... read full bio

Peyton Parrish

Book Peyton Parrish for your next event.

Singer Peyton Parrish is well-known for his creative cover songs and throaty brand of post-grunge and country music with Viking influences. His rendition of "My Mother Told Me," a song from the video game Assassin's Creed Valhalla that appeared in the television series Vikings, made him a viral sensation. He released his debut album, Cowboy Man, the same year, which... read full bio

Randy Linder

Book Randy Linder for your next event.

Randy Linder is a tribute artist known for his tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival. Linder and his band have performed all over the country and have gained fame for being one of the best CCR tribute bands. The tribute band performs CCR’s best hits from the years 1968 to 1972 and they also perform some of Fogerty’s solo songs as... read full bio

Robbie Jenkins

Book Robbie Jenkins for your next event.

Robbie Jenkins is the CEO/Founder of the multi-faceted entertainment company, Overture Entertainment, Inc. Robbie was the featured performing artist for The 2016 Jackie Robinson Park of Fame Music Fest. He has completed an apprenticeship with Grammy-nominated, Producer/Songwriter/Artist, Kashif, which afforded him the opportunity to interact with Whitney Houston, George Benson, Dionne Warwick and others. He has also orchestrated an original... read full bio

Roger Craig Smith

Book Roger Craig Smith for your next event.

Former stand up comedian and current acclaimed voice actor Roger Craig Smith is especially known for his work in the Resident Evil series as the voice behind the character Chris Redfield. During his previous career as a stand-up comedian, his experiences as a comedian helped him along in his future in voice acting. Other film and television roles Roger... read full bio

Ryan Coogler

Book Ryan Coogler for your next event.

Ryan Coolger is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter from Oakland, California. Coogler gained fame after the release of his first feature film, “Fruitvale Station,” which earned him awards at the Sundance Film Festival. Coogler has gone on to gain even more fame after co-writing and directed films such as “Creed” and “Black Panther,” the latter of which has... read full bio

Sir Sly

Book Sir Sly for your next event.

Sir Sly is an indie pop band, currently making waves with their new album Don’t You Worry, Honey (Interscope Records). It includes the singles “Altar”, “Astronaut”, and “High”, which rose to No. 18 on the Billboard Rock Songs chart and No. 3 on the Alternative Songs chart. Previously, Sir Sly recorded their debut album You Haunt Me (Interscope Records). It... read full bio

Susie Benchasil Seiter

Book Susie Benchasil Seiter for your next event.

Susie Benchasil Seiter is a well-known orchestrator, conductor and composer for live performances, computer games, movies and television. She recently finished co-composing the drama limited series Thai Cave Rescue on Netflix. Seiter is widely known for orchestrating and leading the wildly popular Evanescence: Synthesis and Lindsey Stirling's Orchestra symphony concert world tours. Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions and The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the... read full bio

Tessa Thompson

Book Tessa Thompson for your next event.

Tessa Thompson is well recognized for playing Jackie Cook, a romantic interest of Veronica’s best friend Wallace, in the teen mystery drama series Veronica Mars. She also played Sara Freeman, a runaway slave, in the period crime drama series Copper; Nikki Barnes in The CW teen drama series Hidden Palms; and Sasha Doran in the ABC supernatural drama series 666... read full bio

The Murlocs

Book The Murlocs for your next event.

The Murlocs are a garage rock group that play with a simple swagger while also demonstrating a desire to experiment with many genres and influences. The band, which includes former members of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard and ORB, began with their debut album Loopholes by playing simple rock & roll; subsequent albums saw them pushing the boundaries of... read full bio

Tim Montana and The Shrednecks

Book Tim Montana and The Shrednecks for your next event.

Tim Montana and The Shrednecks opened for their fellow mostly bearded rock compatriots ZZ Top, with a few headlining gigs of their own smattered in along the way for good measure. It’s easy to see why Montana’s music connects with so many people far and wide. From the rip-roaring, swamp-rockin’ vibe of “Fifty Fifty”, which also features ZZ Top major... read full bio


Book Tremonti for your next event.

American heavy metal group Tremonti was started in 2012 by guitarist and lead vocalist Mark Tremonti. Tremonti is accompanied by rhythm guitarist Eric Friedman, bassist Tanner Keegan, and drummer Ryan Bennett. Tremonti is best known as the lead guitarist of the rock bands Creed and Alter Bridge. Bassist Wolfgang Van Halen and drummer Garrett Whitlock were past members of the... read full bio

Twang and Round

Book Twang and Round for your next event.

Twang and Round are the result of two young men from Kentucky who are fervently passionate about music but still have a realistic approach to their profession. With inspirations from all genres, including UGK, Outkast, Beastie Boys, Black Crows, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, to mention a few. Twang and Round, who produce music because they genuinely love it,... read full bio

Tyler Rich

Book Tyler Rich for your next event.

Tyler Rich is a country star from Yuba City, California. His music is inspired by artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Tom Petty, George Strait, Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson. He is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, where he perfected his craft of country music. Before pursuing his solo career, Rich was part of a multitude of... read full bio

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