Your Guide to Booking Virtual Events

During this hard time, the entertainment industry has had to create new ideas to still make upcoming events happen. This has led us to relying heavily on virtual and live streaming events . Using live streaming is a perfect solution to ensuring your event isn't canceled and is something we could be using in the future for a while. To ensure your virtual event goes off with a hit, Celebrity Talent International has some tips for you.

1. Making registration easy for your clients

Ensure that you make signing up easy and simple for the virtual event and consider using Google® or another social feature for registering your clients so it keeps everything easy to keep track of. After people register, make sure you have a calendar invite that sends to registrants so that the virtual event will save in their calendar.

2. Ensuring you have the right platforms for the event

There are several different platforms that you can use for your live streaming virtual event which include Zoom®, Citrix® GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar, Cisco® WebEx Meetings, Adobe® Connect, Microsoft®Teams, and EzTalks®. Make sure you choose the right platform that works for your capacity of attendees and that your platform allows for that many attendees so they'll be able to join and not disrupt your event. You can also try to see if your speaker or perform will allow you to record the event so it's something you can share and use for the future. If using marketing platforms, you can also use this for registration and following up with your audience after the event.

3. Marketing your event

Another important tip after finding the right platform is making sure you market your event. You can market your virtual event through email, social media, or by using specific content to ensure that you have the right content, marketing, and platform for your audience.

4. Finding the right talent for your event

One of the biggest things you should do is ensuring that you hire the correct talent for your audience. Choosing the correct talent ensures that your virtual event goes along smoothly and keeps everyone engaged. Know what your audience is looking for, whether it be wanting to learn more on a specific topic, or if they just want a personal live performance.

5. Keeping your audience engaged

Since the event is virtual instead of live (in person), one of the most important tips is ensuring you keep your audience engaged. Some ideas include holding a Q&A with your talent. Letting your audience be able to possibly ask questions and hear them answered will keep them engaged. Having a talent that has a bright or funny personality also ensures that your audience will keep their attention on them and feel connected to them on a more personal level.

6. Make sure you follow up after your event

Now that the event is over, make sure you check in with your audience by sending them an email with the recorded session as well if possible. You should also collect data from them such as post feedback surveys so you can see what each audience member through of the experience as a whole. Getting feedback from your audience is important for putting together future virtual events. With your recorded event, you can also use clips to market your event on social media or through email.

Let Celebrity Talent International help you organize your next virtual experience. Contact our office and a CTI staff member will go over the details, thanks. -The Staff at CTI.

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