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For over 30 years, CTI has booked legendary celebrities for thousands of companies, organizations and individuals. These represent only a fraction of testimonials received from our satisfied clients and celebrities we've booked...

Jay Leno with CTI CEO Glenn Richardson
Condelezza Rice with CTI CEO Glenn Richardson
Kane Brown with CTI CEO Glenn Richardson
Cheryl Crow with CTI CEO Glenn Richardson
Bill Clinton with CTI CEO Glenn Richardson
Neil Armstrong with CTI CEO Glenn Richardson
Whoppie Goldberg with CTI CEO Glenn Richardson

CTI's Doug Sterling with Train's Pat Monahan
KIA Motors booked Train
I just wanted to thank you for all your help booking train at our corporate event. He did a great job and Pat Monahan was so nice and easy to work with.
Jerry K. - KIA Motors
Mark Wahlberg
Corporate Event
Things went great with Mark this weekend. He was very easy to deal with and CTI did such a great job updating him on everything he needed to do for our event to be successful.
- Thank you, Courtney
Erin Brockovich
Corporate Event
Thank you CTI. It truly is like Erin Brockovich is part of our tribe from the beginning. She emulates everything about our team. It was truly a great experience to have her speak. Thank you for helping!
- Sincerely, Lisa
Kane Brown
Private Outdoor Venue
I appreciate you being able to confirm Kane when he was difficult to do as the top country performer on the rise at the time and helping us on major production needs.
Bill Clinton
Corporate Event
Hello Glenn, we had a great event last week and really appreciated your assistance with with Bill Clinton. Thank you so much. You have earned a life long customer!
- Thank you, Noelle
The Fab Four and CTI's Doug Sterling
Bank of America booked The Fab Four
To everyone at Celebrity Talent, thank you for recommending The Fab Four for annual corporate retreat. They looked and sounded like the real deal. Everyone keeps talking about it.
Thanks, Chris B.
Lou Gramm
Kids House booked Lou Gramm of Foreigner
The show was amazing and we hit a record for fundraising this year. Thanks Doug and CTI for helping us book Lou Gramm for our annual fundraiser. He played a bunch of the Foreigner hits and everyone loved the show. We can't wait for next year.
Kimberly S. - Kids House Gala
Cal Ripken Jr.
Corporate Event
It was a wonderful evening last night, everything went really well. Cal's participation was so welcomed and appreciated. The attendees also really appreciated his comments during the show. They were spot on and could not have been better. Thank you again for helping us this year. I will reach out late next spring as we start to think about next November and the theme.
- Thanks again! Cheers! -Kathleen
Matthew McConaughey
University of Texas
We appreciate CTI setting up Matthew to speak at our major graduation ceremony and enjoyed working with your company.
Jay Leno
Eden Medical Center booked Jay Leno
Jay was fantastic and was wonderful at the meet and greet for our major donors. Who do we get for next year?
- S. Ramsey
Whoopi Goldberg
Chicago House booked Whoopi Goldberg
Thank you for your amazing contributions to Chicago House, and for being a part of such a special day with us. I'm proud to announce that with your help, the 3rd Annual Speaker Series Luncheon has now exceeded $330,000, with donations continuing to bless us in the days following the event.
- J. Hilborn
Huey Lewis & The News
Sprint Telecom booked Huey Lewis and the News
Huey was GREAT and the event was a huge success. Thank you for all your great work.
- R. Yates
Jamie Lee Curtis
Kiwanis International booked Jamie Lee Curtis
We have received nothing but praise for the job well done by the speakers and CTI. Thank you, looking forward to working with you again.
- K. Little
Dana Carvey
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation booked Dana Carvey
I wanted to thank you both so much for being wonderful to work with for the JDRF Super Dream Gala this year with Dana! THANK YOU! We hope to have the opportunity to work with you both again in the future.
- R. Kabber
Michael Carbonaro with CTI's Doug Sterling
Company Party
Hey everyone at CTI, wanted to thank you for helping us book Michael Carbonaro for our company party. He was so funny and you guys were always there when we needed you.
Frank C. - Private Event
DMC (Darryl McDaniels)
Public State Event / Speaker
Hello CTI, Our event was perfect. Erik and Darryl were extremely friendly and nice to be around. I cannot believe how amazing Darryl is. From the moment we met him he was an absolute delight. He was an amazing speaker and his words truly touched me. I immediately bought his book and read the whole thing this weekend. I have always liked his music, but now I am a hardcore fan for life. And his manager Erik was so friendly and approachable. They both were undemanding and just so wonderful. I have never seen a celebrity that truly engaged with every single fan and seemed to actually enjoy it. He is truly something special. I don't think I've stopped smiling since the event. I am even going to order one of the DMC plushies made by Funko for my desk. And I want to thank you Ruth for being so wonderful. You made it so easy for us to get the contract in place and do the payments and I really appreciate it. I am hoping whomever we select to speak next year is a CTI client because the whole experience was great. There just aren't many celebrities who are so forthcoming about their mental health conditions. Thank you so much again for everything!
- Lauren
Thompson Square
Fundraising Event
Hello CTI, Everything went great!! The band you got for us was awesome and we were able to exceed our fundraising goal by $20,000! Hope they enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them.
- Thank you, Matt
Marcus Buckingham
Corporate Speaker
Marcus was well received and definitely hit the mark for what we were aiming to achieve. Thank you CTI for navigating us through the process and for your coordination. I appreciate everyone's effort in making this a memorable event.
- Thank you
Dionne Warwick
Corporate Event
Thank you CTI and we feel the event was a success. The concert was wonderful and luckily there were no glitches in preparation and follow through as we had a great team working together. We appreciate all of your efforts towards helping us pull off another successful event.
- Thank you, Rebecca
Neil Armstrong
CPA Australia
Thanks so much Glenn, on getting Neil Armstrong to fly to Australia for our company event and getting him to do a rare interview with me on major Australian television. I felt honored to be allowed to do this with him and he must have liked working with CTI and our company since I know this was one of the only interviews he's ever done.
-Alex Malley, CEO CPA Australia
Natalie Cole
The Alberta Cancer Foundation booked Natalie Cole
CTI, thank you and your staff so much for all your help on the event. I appreciate you flying up to make sure things were all set for us and I know you are very busy with your events. Hope to work with you next year!
- M. Ponich & W. Williams
Travis Tritt
Private Event
Well, let me just say what a PARTY!!!! The guest of honor was surprised, she really had no clue. And we had a great turn out at 200 people. Everything from the tent, to the food and decorations were AMAZING. Travis took the time to meet the whole family and get photos taken. I want to thank you for all of your help!! You made getting this together a stress free zone.
- Thank you again, Julie
Ethan Bortnick
Private Fundraiser
It was a phenomenal night. Ethan is INCREDIBLE! We knew he would be so, so good. He was beyond anything we could have hoped for. The choir that sang with him was in awe and did a nice job with him - Ethan and Gene totally put them at ease. Gene is such a nice guy and so talented at putting the show together. Just a really fun group. It was such a change for our event because, as you know, we haven't had entertainment in the past. The audience LOVED it and were blown away by Ethan. You may recall that at one point we were planning to have a dance floor but we removed it. Some folks were up and dancing at their seats, and most people whether standing or sitting were waving their arms to some of the songs. And at one point there was a group of nuns dancing in that very spot where the dance floor would have been. I can't believe how much energy was in the room.
- Thank you CTI, Michele
Bill Walton and Colbie Caillat
Corporate Event
They both were absolutely amazing, everyone enjoyed them so much, thank you!
- Dan
Morgan Wallen
Public Event
Morgan Wallen was great! The whole band is a class act. Everyone loved the show. I am already looking to book another act for a festival and I will use CTI for sure.
- Brandon
Eric Hutchinson & Distant Cousins
Private Event
Show was great. We should have a full blog post soon with pictures, video, etc. Eric Hutchinson and Distant Cousins did an awesome job. We got loads of compliments for both. Really cool.
- Romney
Little Texas
We booked Little Texas and the band was amazing, the audience LOVED them. Since working with CTI our foundation made the most this year than any other year. We will absolutely be working next year with Celebrity Talent for our next fundraiser.
- Thank you, Angie
Kathy Mattea
Private Event
Once again, thank you so much for helping us to get Kathy Mattea to our home. It was a wonderful experience. She is so nice to be around, good people. We enjoyed Bill Cooley's magnificent guitar. Don was particularly helpful with the set up too. Kathy touched our lives in ways we can never truly explain.
- Thanks so much again, Jody and Rick
Vanessa Willams
Vanessa was a tremendous hit on Saturday night in Baltimore - the audience was thrilled with the reveal of our surprise guest and she gave a great performance, we've received many great compliments on the artist selection, photograph attached. Thanks much for all of your assistance and I look forward to the possibility of working together again in the future.
- Best, Jill
Greg Schwem
Exxon Mobile
I have been speaking with a number of people that attended the event, and have received nothing but glowing feedback. I was actually told this morning that "Greg was the best comedy show we have ever put on, and a number of people have said the exact same thing". Very happy with the show, and appreciate all of your hard work in making this happen. I would definitely recommend Greg. Thanks CTI for all your work.
Dwight Yoakam
American Cancer Society - 29th Annual Cattle Baron's Ball
All was GREAT!! (We) got to spend some time with Dwight in his bus and he was really great to talk to and very generous. He wanted to know if there was anything he could donate to the event and he donated some signs and autographed them.... He couldn't have been nicer during the photo op... he did a great job shaking hands and making everyone feel welcome. He played a great concert! We raised more money this year than ever before. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and help with the event!... Look forward to working with you again in the future!
Phil Vassar
The guys were easy keepers, what a delight. Phil Vassar was OUTSTANDING and so engaging with the audience and our event. It was truly a delight working with them and you! Only regret, I didn't have a fly pole or two for them to fish on the way down the Blackfoot River ;)
- Lacey G.
Blue Moon Swamp
A Fundraising Charity, May 9, 2015
It was perfect. Everyone loved them. They were amazing. It was a great evening.
Cattle Baron's Ball
Heritage Land Bank
Everyone I've spoken to said it was the best Cattle Baron's they've been to. Thank you so much for helping coordinate things- it really took some stress off of me to know y'all were handling the big things.
-G. DeHoyos
Erik Estrada
Sysco Foods booked Erik Estrada
Still recovering. The event was huge. Had a blast with Erik. He is a crowd pleaser and a hard worker. We quite enjoyed our time with the legend. The show was a big hit and Erik helped pull in a lot of customers to the event. Thank you again for all your help in getting him to our show.
- E. Brock
The Commodores
University Of Illinois booked The Commodores
I want to personally thank your staff for all of the help you provided to me. The Commodores was everything you said they were! We are still receiving compliments on how well everything went. The Commodores put on a really good show. It was just what we wanted.
- J. Dowdy

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American Cancer Society booked Dwight Yoakam

All was GREAT!! (We) got to spend some time with Dwight in his bus and he was really great to talk to and very generous. He wanted to know if there was anything he could donate to the event and he donated some signs and autographed them. He couldn't have been nicer during the photo op...

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