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Looking for a business speaker for your upcoming event? Celebrity Talent International is here to help you find the perfect speaker. There are so many business speakers out there that it's hard to know where to even start! Enter CTI... we can help you find the right fit for your event whether it be a huge corporate event, or a smaller intimate business meeting. CTI has one of the biggest rosters of business speakers out there and we can help you find speakers that speak on topics like how to grow your business, to speaking
on digital media and how that can help change your business for the better. Upon finishing their speaking engagement, your speaker can also hold meet and greets and signings. Business speakers hold long lasting impressions on your audience that will help build and grow your company over the years. CTI is here to help you find the person best suited for your event and within your price range and dates, please contact CTI today to get started on your next event.

Regardless of what type of event it is, or exactly what type of business speaker you need CTI will give you all of the steps that is needed before booking. What you need to know:

Your budget

Know how much you are willing to spend for your event before reaching out to an agent. We are here to work with you on your budget, as well as finding the best speaker that best suits your needs, but we need to know how much you can spend before we get started.

Date of event

Having a set date helps us narrow down which talent is available for you and your event. Most speakers are often booked far in advance and they will need a set date before they are willing to move forward with your event.

Where your event will take place

Knowing exactly where your event will be helps us narrow down which talent will be willing to travel to your event's location. Having an event in a popular area also makes it easier for you to find talent that may already be in that location.

Reason for your event

It's especially important to know the reason for your event so CTI can assist you in narrowing down what type of business speaker best suits the occasion. If you are trying to motivate your audience, it would be best to find a motivational business speaker; if you're trying to make your audience learn more about marketing, then a marketing business speaker would be best for your event. Having the right talent for your event will really drive your audience and leave them feeling positive and more goal-oriented.

What type of presentation is best for your event

Finding exactly what type of presentation you want from your speaker is key. It will assist us in helping you figure out if you want a whole speech, a moderated Q&A, a meet and greet, a book signing, etc. It also helps to know what each speaker is best at presenting.


Tell your Celebrity Talent Agent what your goals are. Is the speaker there to motivate, change how things are done, educate, fundraise for the organization, or just entertain the employees? With a clear direction you will get guaranteed results.

Get ready to make an offer

When we get to this step, the Celebrity Talent International Speaker agent will help draft up a firm offer that outlines the expectations of the speaker, which will be presented in the most direct course possible.

Going to contract

Once the offer has been accepted, you will have saved time and money with the Celebrity Talent International team taking care of all the logistics. In the end, you will look great by choosing to work with the number one rated Celebrity Speaker's Bureau

We will help you book a professional speaker to address corporate topics like team building, motivation, current issues, awareness, innovation, and peak performance. business speakers will help cultivate leaders within a company and make your team stronger as a whole.

Ready to hire a speaker for an event? Call CTI today at 725-228-5100 for help with great choices in booking business speakers for your next corporate event.

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