How to hire Astronaut Speakers

CTI can assist you in booking an astronaut, to speak on topics such as exploring new frontiers and being a trailblazer, for your next event. Having an astronaut deliver a presentation can be a great way to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your audience. Astronauts are incredibly exceptional and intriguing speakers who can provide a unique point of view on the world and our place in it.
They can share their personal stories of their time in space, the projects they worked on, and the path that led them to become one of the few people who have braved leaving the only planet we know. Astronauts are inspiring presenters and can motivate your employees to reach for the stars. Many astronauts can also share valuable life lessons they have learned on their journey to space and back.
Contact the professional agents at CTI to aid you in booking an astronaut for your occasion, at the best price. CTI works with several prominent astronauts, and can recommend suitable options if you are uncertain of who you would like to book, or if your preliminary choice is not able to appear. Call CTI today at 760-729-2000 for help with choosing between a variety of space explorers to attend your next event.
Call CTI today at 760-729-2000 for help with great choices in booking your next event.

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