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Celebrity Talent International provides you with today's top speakers, comedians and performers with a live appearance, but also we can arrange a live streaming video option, especially currently with the COVID-19 situation. A live streaming video can allow you to still have your event you planned on and also can be a wonderful thing to do for your staff, even after the current virus situation is over. It is much less expensive of course and safer than everyone meeting in one location for an event.

If a live (in person) event you planned is not an option right now, a live streaming video can still bring your staff members and convention attendees together. A live video from a speaker or entertainer done for your group will have benefits for your staff if they are regularly working at home. This is a video streaming event that is done live for your audience, not just a recorded event. For remote workers a weekly conference call is important, but occasionally having a celebrity speaker or performer can be a wonderful event for them to look forward to as a benefit to working at your company.

Celebrity Talent International has been producing virtual meetings for over 25 years. A virtual meeting is a video broadcast that is setup from one of our speakers or performers, to stream on the Internet to home offices or an off-site location. In essence, the speaker or entertainment comes to your computer screen by means of pre-arranged teleconference and all one does is log in and watch. The spokesperson or executive for the company can also interact with the speaker or performer and staff can text questions to them.

Companies like Facebook®, Cisco®, Bank of America® and Google® all use virtual meetings and do virtual speaking and performance events and have done this well before companies asked their employees to work from home. Companies as small as 10 people are booking motivational speakers which can be recorded to view at a later time. Celebrity Talent International's extensive roster of speakers allows us to provide your company, a fundraising event or any private event with a virtual speaker or entertainer in different fee ranges. CTI will assist you with creating an experience to help your business thrive with these cost effective methods.

The experience is motivating and unifying through times of separation. With a virtual meeting and today's technology, your company will share the experience of doing something together while being apart. The equipment needed for this is rather simple and CTI will help you set up this event with our vast knowledge of producing virtual events. In a time where more employees are working from home, it is imperative to keep them engaged.

Read our helpful guide with tips and effective steps to take when booking a virtual event featuring professional performers, celebrities, actors, famous speakers, and other high-profile talent!
Your Guide to Virtual Events

Let Celebrity Talent International help you organize your next virtual experience. Contact our office and a CTI staff member will go over the details, thanks. -The Staff at CTI.

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