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Allow CTI to assist you in booking the best presenters to speak on the topic of disabilities. Having a disability can be a hard challenge to overcome, but people like Bethany Hamilton and Erik Weihenmayer have shown the world that it is possible. These speakers have not only thrived despite their disability- many of them see it as their power to move forward. People with disabilities have a unique outlook on life, and often times live a more fulfilled life, sharing their experiences with others.
Bethany Hamilton was just 13-years-old when a tiger shark attacked her. She lost her left arm and thought she would never become a professional surfer. Just three weeks later, she was back in the water, and two months after her attack, she entered a surfing competition. Hamilton has since won countless USA and international surfing titles. She speaks about her experience and how she persevered in an effort to inspire young girls to go after their dreams.
Erik Weihenmayer is the only blind person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. After slowly going blind in his teenage years, Erik tried wrestling and other active sports, before settling on climbing. He tours all across the country, speaking about using your disability as your strength and living without barriers.
Connect with the expert agents at CTI to assist you in booking top speakers on disabilities for any occasion, at the most reasonable price. CTI works with countless renowned speakers, and can recommend suitable speakers if you are uncertain of who you would like to book, or if your first choice is not available.
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