Often, celebrity corporate sponsors are attracted to specific events and venues.
One of the first vehicles to attract corporate sponsorship and continues to be widest outlet due to the strong appeal of sports in the eye of the American public. High media exposure and popularity of these events, businesses are very interested in sponsoring sport-related events and, therefor, even some of the smallest or most amateur athletic events find sponsors. Although some event planners will automatically choose a sporting event for greater publicity, remember that sports can also be a risky endeavor. Try to plan ahead of time, in order to avoid possible road blocks like weather, team schedules, and injuries.

Cultural Sponsorship
Corporate sponsorship has expanded to include cultural forms of entertainment as well. The support of a local or national arts organization can be a very profitable endeavor for sponsors. They can deliver advertising to a target audience just like any other event, specially if a sponsor is looking for a more sophisticated demographic. An insurance or investment banking firm might be more likely to sponsor a cultural event because they are targeting an educated crowd. They also do not have a tangible product, like a beverage company selling product at a sporting event. In addition to complimentary tickets and exposure in printed materials, a hospitality reception can be held for the sponsor before or after the performance or event.

Special Events
The term "special event" has become a broad phrase to label almost any and every "event". However, planning a special event can be beneficial to sponsors as they can associate themselves with an event that caters to a specific demographic. For example, an institute for the blind might have a celebrity glasses auction designed around their cause.

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American Cancer Society booked Dwight Yoakam

All was GREAT!! (We) got to spend some time with Dwight in his bus and he was really great to talk to and very generous. He wanted to know if there was anything he could donate to the event and he donated some signs and autographed them. He couldn't have been nicer during the photo op...

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