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Bobbi Brown

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She started a makeup revolution in 1991 with a handful of lipsticks and a simple philosophy: Women want to look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident." Makeup artist Bobbi Brown's dream was realized when she debuted her line of cosmetics, just 10 brown-based lipsticks, at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. With this set of lipsticks,... read full bio

Bonnie Raitt

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Bonnie Raitt, daughter of the late Broadway star John Raitt, broke out to commercial success with her album titled Nick of Time." Bonnie Raitt is one of the few women to play bottleneck guitar. Some of her hits include "Runaway," "Thing Called Love," "Love Has No Pride," "Give It Up or Let Me Go," "True Love Is Hard to... read full bio

Brenda Combs

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Listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers, Brenda Combs is a symbol of inspiration and perseverance to all who meet her. Fewer than thirteen years ago, Combs was a homeless crack addict and criminal who had been shot, beaten, and raped. Today, having completely turned her life around, the media has lauded her journey as being from homeless to hero.... read full bio

Brian Fagan

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The Attacking Ocean: The Past, Present and Future of Rising Sea Levels, Fagan's newest book, looks at the relationship between humans and the sea, one which is becoming increasingly dire due to climate change and the growing population. With more devastating storms like Sandy, Irene and Katrina, Dr. Fagan offers sober lessons on how we must adapt the... read full bio

Brian Sims

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An LGBT Advocate and Policy Attorney, Brian Sims is the former Staff Counsel for Policy & Planning at the Philadelphia Bar Association. Currently he serves as the President of Equality Pennsylvania, and as the Chairman of the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia(GALLOP). In 2010, Sims joined the faculty of the Center for Progressive Leadership and the National Campaign Board... read full bio

Brian Skerry

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Skerry is one of the leading underwater photographers in the world. Skerry has covered a wide range of stories for National Geographic, documenting the harp seals struggle to survive in frozen waters, the alarming decrease in the worlds fisheries, the planets last remaining pristine coral reefs, the plight of the right whale, and threatened sharks in the Bahamas, to name... read full bio

Brooks Douglass

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Brooks Douglass has had diverse careers in business, politics, the military, and film-making. At only 27, he was elected the youngest State Senator to serve in Oklahoma. During his 12-year tenure, he served on the Appropriations, Energy and Commerce committees, co-chaired the standing committee on International Trade Development, and authored groundbreaking legislation in victims rights. Prior to, and while serving... read full bio

Bruce Degen

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Bruce Degen has written and illustrated numerous award-winning books for children, among them Shirley's Wonderful Baby, Daddy Is a Doodlebug, and Jamberry. He has illustrated the highly acclaimed The Magic School Bus series by Joanna Cole, the ever-popular Jesse Bear books by Nancy White Carlstrom, and Jane Yolen's Commander Toad series. In addition to his career in children's books, he... read full bio

Bryan Batt

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Brian Batt (actor, designer, civic activist) portrays Salvatore Romano on AMCs critically acclaimed dramatic series MAD MEN by the multi Emmy award winning writer/ producer, Matthew Wiener. The hit series has received numerous awards from the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Peabody award. As a Broadway veteran, his leading and principal roles include: LA CAGE... read full bio

Bryan Mark Rigg

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Bryan Mark Rigg is an author and speaker. While studying at Cambridge University, Rigg traveled to Germany and was introduced to the subject of Mischlinge, or Jewish-Aryan crossbreeds, that was to become his main research topic for many years. Rigg spent several years researching and canvassing Germany, recording over 400 interviews with Mischlinge and ultimately accumulating over 30,000 pages of... read full bio

Byllye Avery

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A dreamer, visionary, and grassroots realist, Ms. Avery combines activism and social responsibility by developing a national forum for the exploration of health issues of African-American women. By gathering and documenting African-American women's health experiences she is providing a supportive atmosphere for African-American women. Prior to her entry into the health care arena, Ms. Avery taught special education to emotionally... read full bio

Caitlyn Jenner

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Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, first captivated the world's attention when she broke the world record in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic games in Montreal, earning the title, World's Greatest Athlete." After 23 years of bmarriage to Kris Jenner, and staring in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bruce Jenner made the decision to fufill a life long... read full bio

Calvin Trillin

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Calvin (Bud) Marshall Trillin is an American journalist, humorist, and novelist. He is best known for his humorous writings about food and eating, but he has also written serious journalism, comic verse, and several books of fiction. Trillin attended public schools in Kansas City and went on to Yale University, where he served as chairman of the Yale Daily News... read full bio

Cameron Sinclair

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As the Executive Director and Co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, Cameron Sinclair is not only an architect, but an author, humanitarian and world-class visionary.... read full bio

Candice Bergen

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Candice Patricia Bergen, an American actress and former fashion model, is best known for starring in two TV series, as the title character on the situation comedy Murphy Brown, for which she won five Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards; and as Shirley Schmidt on the comedy-drama Boston Legal , for which she was nominated for two Emmys, a... read full bio

Carol Alt

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Carol Alt now has her own living well, healthy lifestyle show airing on weekends on the Fox News Channel titled A Healthy You with Carol Alt. She interviews other celebrities who are also interested in health like Suzanne Somers, Denise Austin, and Jane Fonda. Carol is the queen of eating healthy Raw, non- processed foods. Her book, Easy, Sexy,... read full bio

Carol Gardner

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Carol Gardner is an author and creator of Zelda Wisdom, Inc. The mastermind behind Zelda Wisdom, Inc., Carol started her company with 24 greeting cards in the middle of her living room featuring an English Bulldog she named Zelda. Within 6 months, over one million cards had been sold. Today Zelda Wisdom, Inc. is an international, multi-million dollar business with... read full bio

Carol Moseley-Braun

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Carol Moseley-Braun is a politician who represented Illinois in the U.S. Senate for six years. She was the first African American senator for the democrats, first and to date only female African American senator, and the first and to date only female senator from Illinois. She was the U.S. Ambassador to Samoa for a year, and the U.S Ambassador to... read full bio

Cate Edwards

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To honor the life and legacy of her mother Elizabeth Edwards, Cate Edwards created the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation, which is dedicated to enriching students and communities through acts of public service, and empowering youth to be advocates for social change. Elizabeth believed in the power of people to support each other within their communitiesand the power to lift each other... read full bio

Catherine Hicks

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Catherine Hicks was voted the #1 Female Role Model on television by Talk Magazine for her portrayal of Annie Camden, wife and mother on WB/CWs most popular TV series, 7th Heaven. Catherine Hicks personal passions range from genocide in Darfur, starvation around the world, the elderly, teenage struggles and animal rights. Catherine Hicks has first hand knowledge of the... read full bio

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