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Admiral Mike Rogers

Book Admiral Mike Rogers for your next event.

Admiral Mike Rogers, a renowned authority on geopolitical risk and a former director of the NSA, teaches leaders how to embrace turbulence as a catalyst for progress. Admiral Rogers, a four-star officer with 37 years of service, is unequaled in his expertise as a cybersecurity practitioner and policymaker. He has held top positions at the National Security Agency (NSA), the... read full bio

Allan Friedman

Book Allan Friedman for your next event.

The US Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration's Director of Cybersecurity Initiatives is Allan Friedman. Friedman was a well-known researcher into technology policy and cybersecurity before he joined the federal administration. His work covers computer science, public policy and the social sciences and has tackled a wide variety of policy concerns, from privacy to telecommunications. He wears the hats of... read full bio

Kevin Poulsen

Book Kevin Poulsen for your next event.

In order to win radio station phone-in contests, former computer hacker Kevin Poulsen broke into the computers of telephone companies in the early 90's. He was able to ensure that he would be the caller with the right number to win prizes like a Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet and $20,000 in cash by seizing control of all phone lines connecting... read full bio

Magda Lilia Chelly

Book Magda Lilia Chelly for your next event.

A well-known influencer and cybersecurity specialist is Dr. Magda Lilia Chelly. She is renowned for her work as a cybersecurity counselor and her dedication to spreading awareness about the significance of cybersecurity in the modern digital era. She has a wealth of expertise in the industry. Chelly has a Ph.D. in Telecommunication Engineering and has worked hard to advance female equality... read full bio

Michael Daniel

Book Michael Daniel for your next event.

The need for Michael Daniel's expertise as a policy insider guiding the government's response to the most significant cyber disasters of our time is more than ever in an era of growing cyber dangers and quickly evolving regulatory requirements for enterprises. President Barack Obama's cybersecurity advisor Daniel oversaw the development of the country's cybersecurity strategy and policies. As one of the foremost... read full bio

Michael Sulmeyer

Book Michael Sulmeyer for your next event.

The Army Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Army's principal cyber advisor is Michael Sulmeyer. He is in charge of advising the SA and CSA on all cyber-related problems, including readiness, capability and strategy concerns. Dr. Sulmeyer served as the Director of the Rapid Vulnerability Review in the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense prior to his appointment as... read full bio

Peter Singer

Book Peter Singer for your next event.

Peter Warren Singer founded and serves as managing partner of Useful Fiction LLC, is a strategist for New America and teaches practice at Arizona State University. He is a New York Times bestselling author who has been referred to as "the premier futurist in the national-security environment" by the Wall Street Journal and "all-around smart guy" by the Washington Post. He has... read full bio

Rod Beckstrom

Book Rod Beckstrom for your next event.

Rod Beckstrom is an entrepreneur and catalyst, who has successfully created new businesses and changed established ones through his creative ideas, powerful concepts and passion. He co-authored the bestselling book The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations, which presents a new model for analyzing organizations, leadership styles and competitive strategy. Rod co-founded CATS Software Inc. during... read full bio

Samantha Vinograd

Book Samantha Vinograd for your next event.

The Department of Homeland Security's Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism, Threat Prevention and Law Enforcement Policy is Samantha Vinograd. She was a Senior Advisor at the Biden Institute and a National Security Analyst for CNN prior to her present position. Ms. Vinograd joined the U.S. Treasury Department and worked as an international economist, Deputy Attaché to Iraq, Acting Attaché to the United... read full bio

Page 1 of 1 | 9 results
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