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Alexander Lewis

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Alexander Lewis formed his musical knowledge at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City as a Jazz Performance student. It was there he formed the East Coast collective, Candid Music Group. Influenced by the jazz ensembles in New Yorks nightlife, Lewis began to create his own jazz-influenced electronic music. He is known best for his incorporation of the... read full bio


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Campus DJ rates Almand the number three College DJ in the United States. Almands music is infectious, and every performance is filled with playfulness and light. His personality shines through every beat, displaying Almands serious dedication to his craft. He is best known for his remixes, but has recently released original tracks, positioning himself for the name of well-rounded producer... read full bio

Amnesia Scanner

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Amnesia Scanner is an electronic music duo from Berlin. Their sounds are exciting, but have been described as uncomfortable by Pitchfork Magazine. Amnesia Scanner began as a mysterious European producer, but is now a popular act. They call themselves Xperienz Designers, as they create unique experiences for their audiences around the world. The group is affiliated with Berlins Janus Collective,... read full bio

Andy C

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A well-awarded DJ, Andy C is a pioneering force in the drum and bass music industry. The English DJ and producer has been labeled Best DJ by the Drum and Bass Arena Awards numerous times and has won more than 40 awards throughout his career. He has received an excess of over 20 annual Best DJ titles in any genre;... read full bio

Ara Koufax

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Luke Neher and Sam Gill make up the electronic music duo Ara Koufax. The two began creating music in high school. Since, they have performed around the world on tour and at various festivals. From Australia to Asia to Europe, the group has astounded a variety of audiences. In addition, they have commissioned projects for Melbourne Music Week and the... read full bio

Ash Koosha

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Ashkan Kooshanejad, known as Ash Koosha, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and futurist from London. The artist creates alternative electronic music filled with synth, bass, and guitar sounds. Ash Koosha is best known for his creation of a virtual reality album. The album is filled with multisensory experiences, combining sound and video to achieve a heightened sense of engagement with... read full bio


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"Benny Blanco and Ben Ash are a musical duo behind the act BenZel. Starting off their careers as producers, Blanco and Ash decided to create a Japanese alter ego group. The two musicians created an eclectic backstory for themselves, telling audiences they were female Japanese teenagers traveling from Osaka, Japan to New York, drawn together by their shared love of... read full bio

Billy Kenny

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Billy Kenny is Germany-based, British DJ and producer who has a reputation of being the party boy of the dance music scene. His music style is a blend of garage, house and techno. Some of Kennys most popular songs include, Work, Seahorses, Call You Back, and Trip Report. He has a very unique sound and is constantly working on his... read full bio

Carl Craig

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Carl Craig is an American electronic music producer from Detroit, Michigan. He is known for being an important figure in the second wave of Detroit techno and helped to spread it throughout the country. Growing up, Craig learned how to play guitar and became interested in club music through a cousin who worked lighting for local parties. He shortly after... read full bio

Carlo Lio

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Carlo Lio is a talented DJ and producer from Toronto, Canada. He’s trademarked his music as an innovative combination of cosmic house and techno sound. Carlo’s first taste of success came when two of his musical heroes, Dubfire and Oliver Huntemann, asked him to remix their track “Diablo”. Carlos’ remix of the song hit the top of the charts; his... read full bio


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Congorock is an electronic music artist. Starting off his career as an underground electronic music artist, Congorock is now known as one of the biggest emerging stars of the worlds dance floors. Inspired by Italys illustrious electronic music scene, Congorock has developed his own unique sound, garnering acclaim from notable artists like David Guetta, Afrojack, Diplo, Tiesto, Benny Benassi, and... read full bio


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Coyu (COYU) is as much a DJ/producer as he is a cat lover, in fact hes known as The Big Cat in the techno scene. Coyu is the founder of Saura, a cat loving brand that started out as a record label and is now a clothing brand and parent of the Saura Foundation, which helps street cats in need.... read full bio


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Cristoph is an electronic music producer from Newcastle. He performs house and techno music for audiences around the world. At an early age, Cristoph was immersed in the art of Dj-ing. With a father and brother in the music industry, Cristoph was set for a life in the spotlight. When he fell in love with the club environment, Cristoph began... read full bio


Book DJ THC ELECTRA for your next event.

Mike Bocek, aka DJ THC Electra, has been DJing professionally since 2004. DJ THC Electra has always prided himself on his vast musical collection, which allows him to comfortably spin diverse and eclectic music to fit any mood or party. DJ THC Electra accepts bookings for weddings, club dates, and private parties primarily in the greater Los Angeles area and... read full bio


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Ali Shirazinia, who goes by the stage name Dubfire, is a Grammy-award winning recording artist, performer, DJ, producer and self-proclaimed Japanophile and sake fanatic. Ali was born in Iran and moved to Washington, DC with his family at a young age. It was in America that Ali was exposed to hip-hop, jazz, punk, and new wave music; all of which... read full bio


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Eprom is a DJ known for his dance and electronic music where he uses sounds from hip-hop and everything else in between. He has released five EPs, and two studio albums. Eprom releases a lot of his music through SoundCloud where he has nearly 50 thousand followers. Some of his most popular songs include, Beasts of Babylon, Center of the... read full bio

Julian Jordan

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Julian Jordan is a Dutch DJ and producer who is on the rise in the dance music scene. He released his first song Yxalag on the Internet when he was just 14 years old. The song caught the attention of a few record labels; Jordan signed with Spinnin Records before graduating from school. Today Jordan has his own record label,... read full bio

Justin Martin

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Justin Martin is an electronic DJ and producer from San Francisco, California. He specializes in house and dance styles of music, which have lead to his melodic and playful tracks. Martins career propelled with the release of his single, The Sad Piano. The song was released under Ben Watts Buzzin Fly label, licensed by Steve Bug and played by notable... read full bio

Kidnap Kid

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Matthew Relton is Kidnap Kid, an electronic dance music producer and DJ. He has released a multitude of different singles, and was awarded iTunes United States Best Electronic Song for his track Vehl. Kidnap Kid grew up in England and has a degree in politics and crime from the University of Leeds. He has several singles, and four EPs. Kidnap... read full bio

Kill the Noise

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Kill the Noise is a DJ and record producer from New York. He has collaborated with artists like Skrillex, Fatman Scoop, and Michael Angelakos. Kill the Noise has rose to prominence in the electronic music world, performing at Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lollapalooza, and Hardfest. Apart from performing live, Kill the Noise has contributed to major film soundtracks like Zoolander... read full bio

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