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Francois Fillon

Book Francois Fillon for your next event.

Fran_ois Charles Armand Fillon was Prime Minister of France during a time in which the French government needed a much-needed push. As a member of the UMP, Francois Fillon became Jean-Pierre Raffarin's Minister of Labor and undertook controversial reforms of the 35-hour working week law and of the French retirement system, initiative he took upon himself as a decisive policy... read full bio

Francois Hollande

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Francois Hollande is a French politician who has previously served as President of France. Hollande was born in Rouen, Seine-Inferieure, France, and he has earned his bachelor’s in law from Pantheon-Assas University and went on to study at the Institut d’etudes politiques de Paris as well as at the Ecole nationale d’administration. He then went on to serve in the... read full bio

Frank Lavin

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Frank Lavin is the former Republican White House aide who was the political director for Ronald Reagan, has been the United States Ambassador to Singapore under President George W. Bush where he was a lead trade negotiator for both China and India and was the senior policy official. He has also been a U.S. diplomat, a U.S. naval officer, and... read full bio

Frank Luntz

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As a prominent figure in polling and political analysis, Frank Luntz has earned the nickname "The Nostradamus of pollsters" for his amazing ability to anticipate outcomes. His outstanding knowledge and perceptions have won him considerable acclaim, including The Washington Post's renowned "Crystal Ball" award, establishing his position as the most accurate pundit in the business. Luntz's influence extends beyond conventional media... read full bio

Fred Hochberg

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Fred Hochberg is an American businessman and civic leader who has previously served as the Chairman and President of the Export-Import Bank and Deputy Administrator of the Small Business Administration. Hochberg was born in Mount Vernon, New York, and he has earned his B.A. from New York University and his MBA from Columbia University. Hochberg went on to begin his... read full bio

Fred M. Kaplan

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Fred M. Kaplan is an American author and journalist. He is best known for his weekly War Stories column in the Slate magazine, which covers international relations and U.S. foreign policy. Growing up Kaplan loved movies, jazz, and Lenny Bruce. He originally went to college to major in literature but, the Watergate hearings really caught his attention, so he... read full bio

Frederic De Klerk

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F.W. de Klerk is a South African retired politician who has previously served as the 7th State President of South Africa. Klerk was born in Johannesburg, Transvaal, Union of South Africa, and he went on to study at Potchefstroom University before going on to pursue a career in law. Moving towards politics, Klerk joined the National Party where he was... read full bio

Fredrik Reinfeldt

Book Fredrik Reinfeldt for your next event.

Fredrik Reinfeldt is a Swedish politician, economist, and lecturer, who has previously served as the Prime Minister of Sweden. Reinfeldt was born in Osterhaninge, Sweden, and at a young age he became engaged in politics and by the age of 11, was chairman of his school’s student council. He later went on to serve in the military as a ranger... read full bio

Gabi Siboni

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Gabi Siboni is a colonel in the Israel Defense Forces Reserve service and has also been a senior research fellow and director for the Military and Strategic Affairs and Cyber Security programs at the Institute for National Security Studies. Siboni was raised Safed, Israel, and he began serving in the IDF where he served as a solider and infantry officer... read full bio

Gary Cohn

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Gary Cohn is an American business leader who has most previously served as the 11th Director of the National Economic Council under President Donald Trump. Cohn was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and he earned a B.S. in Business Administration from American University’s Kogod School of Business. Cohn went on to begin his career working at the U.S. Steel home products... read full bio

General Barry Mccaffrey

Book General Barry Mccaffrey for your next event.

Leading American policy makers frequently seek the advice and expertise of renowned military officer Barry McCaffrey. McCaffrey is well-known for his unrelenting examination of international hotspots and national security issues and is highly acclaimed for his capacity to make difficult connections and offer incisive evaluations. He has earned the respect of everyone he knows because to his charming demeanor and... read full bio

General John Abizaid

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General John Abizaid is a retired U.S. Army General and former U.S. Central Command Commander. He began his career as a rifle and scout platoon leader with 504th Parachute Infantry Regimen at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Eventually he served as the 66th Commandant at West Point and commanded the 1st Infantry Division, the Big Red One, in Wurzburg which provided... read full bio

General Rick Hillier

Book General Rick Hillier for your next event.

Since becoming Canada's top soldier in February 2005, General Rick Hillier (Retired) fought two battles, each with his trademark passion and urgency. The first was on the ground in Afghanistan, as Canada's traditional peacekeeping role segued dramatically into a heavy combat mission in the scorching hills of Kandahar. The second battle was for the hearts and minds of Canadians. The... read full bio

Geoff Duncan

Book Geoff Duncan for your next event.

Geoff Duncan was a wealthy businessman, former professional baseball player, CNN commentator and Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. Using a nonpartisan strategy, Duncan led the State Senate through a pandemic, civil unrest and an economic downturn as the second-most powerful Republican in the state. Particularly in the fields of health care, public safety, technology and economic growth, Duncan has established himself as a fearless... read full bio

George Papandreou

Book George Papandreou for your next event.

Prime Minister Papandreaouis Vice Chairperson of the International Olympic Truce Foundation, an institution he actively promoted when the city of Athens was awarded the 2004 Olympic Games. An active supporter of the information society and e-democracy, in 2003 he was selected as one of the 25 People Who are Changing the World of Internet Politics. Papandreou also held the portfolio... read full bio

George W. Casey Jr.

Book George W. Casey Jr. for your next event.

George W. Casey Jr. is an American retired four-star general who served as the 36th Chief of Staff of the United States Army. Casey was born in Sendai, Japan, during the time the Allied had occupation of Japan. His father, George W. Casey Sr., was also a general who served in the wars which led Casey Jr. to be a... read full bio

George Will

Book George Will for your next event.

George Will is a Pulitzer Prize-winning libertarian-conservative author and commentator known for his expertise on foreign policy and national security. He was at the forefront of the conversation when it came to the war with Afghanistan. George is the recipient of many honorary awards, including the Headliner Award of consistently outstanding feature columns, Finalist for National Magazines Award, two Silurian... read full bio

Glenn Carle

Book Glenn Carle for your next event.

Glenn Carle is an American author and former CIA Deputy National Intelligence Officer. Carle grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and he earned his B.A. in government at Harvard before going on to earn his M.A. in European Studies and International Economics from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. He went on to begin working in field operations for... read full bio

Governor Chris

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Governer Christopher James Christie is a politician, and former federal prosecutor. He was also a lawyer for several years. Christie went to college at University of Delaware and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in political science in 1984. Christie has served as Governor of New Jersey from 2010 until 2018. He started his political career by volunteering in Thomas... read full bio

Graca Machel

Book Graca Machel for your next event.

Graca Machel is a Mozambican politician and humanitarian who is best known for previously being the First Lady of South Africa during the time Nelson Mandela was President. Machel was born in Incadine, Mozambique, and she studied German at the University of Lisbon where she also began gaining a love for independence issues. While growing up, Machel learned how to... read full bio

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