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Jay Som

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Melina Duterte from Oakland, California has dubbed her musical project Jay Som. Merlina began playing instruments at a young age, playing the trumpet as a child. While she was set to join a conservatory program for jazz music, she decided against it to focus on her love for songwriting. She studied music production and recording at her local community college,... read full bio

Jawan Harris

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It was only a matter of time the world would learn about Jawans talents as Jawan immediately grabbed the attention of his listening audience. After an executive from a record label stumbled upon his YouTube video performance, Jawan auditioned in New York and was quickly signed to ByStorm/Jive Records by ByStorm CEO Mark Pitts when he was still just 11... read full bio

Jason Gray

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Jason Gray is a contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, currently signed to Centricity Music. He has worked with artists including Sara Grobes, Andrew Peterson, Joel Hanson (frontman for 90s Christian rock band PFR), Andy Gullahorn, Randall Goodgame, Jason Ingram, Thad Cockrell, Andy Osenga (of Caedmons all) and more. Gray has performed with some of the biggest names in Christian music, such as... read full bio

Jamie Lawson

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Jamie Lawson was the first artist to be signed by Ed Sheerans new record label, Gingerbread Man Records. He is most well known for his hit single is Wasnt Expecting That and his self-titled album, which took the No. 1 spot on the UK Albums Chart. Lawson released two studio albums, Last Night Stars and The Pull of the Moon,... read full bio

James TW

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James TW is a British singer-songwriter who entered the music world by posting covers and originals songs on his YouTube channel, which he started when he was only twelve. He caught the attention of Shawn Mendes, who recommended him to his record label, Island Records. James signed a contract with Island soon after, and released his debut EP First Impressions... read full bio

James Hersey

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Electro pop artist James Herseys newest single, Miss You, was certified Gold in Italy and listened to over 850,000 times on YouTube. Hersey was nominated for the FM4 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, which honors the most successful artists in Austria. He gained even more popularity with the single How Hard I Try, with producer Filous.... read full bio

Jacob Collier

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Jacob Collier is a Grammy Award-winning jazz/funk/soul artist from London. He rose to fame with his viral covers of hit songs like Stevie Wonders Dont You Worry bout a Thing. Collier racked up a massive global fan base and tens of millions of views throughout various social media platforms. He recorded, arranged, performed and produced his debut album, In My... read full bio

Jace Everett

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Country music was built on Saturday night sinning and Sunday morning redemption. And Jace Everett wouldn't have it any other way. I can definitely say this is an honest record from top to bottom," says Jace of his self-titled debut album. With hell-raising rockers and soul-baring ballads, the record is a musical biography of an entertainer who's paid his dues... read full bio

Ingvar Estrada

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Ingvar Estrada is gifted Italian born singer-tenor with the ability to sing in several languages including French, Spanish and German. He was educated in the United States and has developed a passion for music of different styles and people. Ingvar has performed a wide array of styles, spanning from Classical, Pop, Blues and Jazz. Ingvars parents were both musically talented.... read full bio

Hunter Hunted

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Named by Billboard and MTV as an Artist to Watch, Hunter Hunted is a genre-bending indie pop duo, based out of Los Angeles. Their song Keep Together first began receiving radio airplay from college stations. The attention led to the pairs first live date, at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, which sold out a week in advance. Their performance was... read full bio

Hotel California

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Hotel California: A Salute to the Eagles", was founded with the intent of filling the void left by the demise of The Eagles in 1982. By blending their extraordinary vocal and musical talents, Hotel California faithfully and accurately reproduces the sound of the Eagles studio recordings while recreating a classic sound which undeniably transcends the boundaries of Rock, R&B, and... read full bio

Hericane Alice

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Hericane Alice is a glam metal band from Minneapolis, who gained major popularity in the 80s. The band originally consisted of Leni Dimancari (guitar and vocals), Scott Werner (bass) and Rusty Miller (drums), later adding Bruce Naumann as the lead vocalist. Hericane Alices fan base began to grow, and they drew interest from Atlantic Records. The three original instrumentalists left... read full bio

Hannah Georgas

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Hannah Georgas is an indie-pop artist, who gained popularity with her very first EP, The Beat Stuff. The EP was heard on CBC Radio 3, who also named Georgas Best New Artist at their Bucky Awards. Shortly after, Wal-Mart selected her to write a song for their fall campaign; Youve Got a Place Called Home was born. The original version... read full bio

Hailey Knox

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Hailey Knox is a rising pop singer-songwriter from New York, who gained legions of fans with her acoustic covers of pop hits like A Great Big Worlds Say Something. Some of her supporters include the biggest names in music, such as pop star Meghan Trainor. Her skilled guitar-and-loop-pedal meditations on hits by artists like Adele, the Weeknd, Justin Bieber and... read full bio

Guthrie Brown

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Guthrie Brown is emerging from the pool of young musicians in Nashville, Tennessee. Coming from Montana, his music paints a visual of wild western skies and vibrant love stories. Brown is constantly refining his songwriting, as well as the sound of his band The Family Tree, in which there is a clear dynamic between Guthrie and his back up singer/sister,... read full bio

Green River Ordinance

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Green River Ordinance began their career opening for bands like Flickerstick, Collective Soul, Eisley and Mutemath. Their major label album, Out of My Hands (Virgin Records), had critics likening the band to iconic 90s rock artists like Sister Hazel, Third Eye Blind and Matchbox 20, as well as newer bands like Augustana and The Fray. Over the next two years,... read full bio


Book Goldroom for your next event.

The rock and pop of the 80s meets the electro-pop dance beats of today in one exceptional artist: Goldroom. Initially comprised of just one member, Josh Legg, Legg has since added two more members: Mereki Beach as a vocalist and nick Sandler as drummer. Goldroom is a skilled creator of groovy, disco-type electrobeats, and his passion for adding a... read full bio

Glen Phillips

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Glen Phillips is a songwriter, lyricist, singer and guitarist best known as the singer and songwriter of 1990s alternative rock group Toad the Wet Sprocket. Toad the Wet Sprocket signed with Columbia Records and disbanded after recording six albums and playing many major tours. Following the breakup of Toad, Phillips released his first solo album, Abulum. This was followed up... read full bio

Ginny Owens

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Ginny Owens is a Christian music singer who has been blind since the age of two. She had three different albums on the Billboard charts. Her most popular song to date is If You Want Me To". Ginny has performed at the Sundance Film Festival, which was a prize given to her after she won the Nashville "Lilith Fair '99... read full bio

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